Friday, December 1, 2006

Tucson Missing Greyhounds Investigation Continues

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Rick Favreau who hauled 100 to 200 greyhounds away most likely to their death was supposed to be at the AZ Dept of Racing hearing (via phone) on November 29. He didn't show and his phone has been disconnected. What a surprise!

According to the two most recent articles this week in the Arizona Daily Star and the AZ Republic, the AZ Department of Racing has 20 days to make their final ruling. I hope Geoffrey Gonsher fines him $5,000 (the maximum fine) and suspends his license in which case Colorado will most likely follow suit. However, I wonder if either state will ever collect their money? Can they put a lien on his farm?

But at the very minimum, it might send a message to anyone else greedy enough to haul dogs away. Perhaps TGP hired him and paid him handsomely to boot expressly for that very reason. There are still medical schools and plenty of pharmaceutical companies that do animal testing.

What I consider the best news is that AZ Department of Racing is going to look into the Tucson Greyhound Park because they knew of Favreau's previous reputation of hauling hundreds of dogs to their death to research labs in 1998. Most other greyhound tracks work with adoption groups. The Phoenix track provides support for its local adoption groups, gives them onsite kennel space, and provides tours for prospective adopters at kennel space on the track. The local media cannot even interview TGP personnel much less get a tour.

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