Friday, October 27, 2006

The Case of Tucson Greyhound Park's Missing Greyhounds

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Hauler Rick Favreau got paid $150/dog (at least 3x more than any adoption group ever gets for picking up dogs at the track, if they get any money at all). According to the AZ Department of Racing, 158 dogs are documented as missing. Do the math and it's $23,900. The usual going rate for hauling dogs to adoption groups is $60/dog.

The Department of Racing fined Favreau $1,000 and suspended his license for 60 days. Divide 158 greyhounds into $1,000 and that's $6.32 per dog. You can't even buy a sandwich and a soda at Baggins' for that price.

If 158 golden retrievers disappeared, the legal wheels would be churning.

What's wrong with this picture?

Favreau claims that the dogs are fine but yet he can only provide documentation for eight dogs as to their whereabouts.

There are many reports about this greyhound holocaust but oddly enough only one in Tucson.

Read about them and/or watch the videos in Denver, in Chicago, and on channel 13, KOLD.

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