Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MySpace Over Death!

Posted By on Tue, Jul 25, 2006 at 2:07 PM

This Agence France-Presse story, about the havoc caused by this nationwide heat wave, is not funny on first glance.

But let's analyze a bit. Here's the lede:

Americans are sweating through a searing heat wave that has caused major power meltdowns from coast to coast and knocked out the country's most popular website MySpace.

After some paragraphs about power outages, we get to this, in paragraph No. 7:

The Los Angeles Times reported 13 heat-related deaths in the California Central Valley and four in southern California. State authorities also were investigating the death of a 79-year-old woman in Stockton, the Sacramento Bee reported.

In other words, MySpace's temporary disruption is top news, with multiple deaths being mentioned six freakin' paragraphs later.


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