Monday, July 17, 2006


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Len Munsil scares me.

I think liberals/Dems/moderates/etc. would be very, very smart to take his campaign very, very seriously. He's showing a lot of smarts with his gubernatorial campaign, and while I'd still bet on Gov. Janet Napolitano to win in November, it would not surprise me if Munsil made it a race. And it's not too far-fatched to think the right-wing homophobe could pull an upset; after all, this is a red state.

Case in point: Earlier today, I blogged this AP story that discussed two of Munsil's not-a-chance-in-hell primary opponents taking Napolitano to task for (gasp!) being unmarried and childless (read: they're accusing her of being a lesbian without actually saying that).

Well, Munsil just issued a press release (a short version of the release can be found here) in which Munsil chides his candidates for going there.

It's brilliant. He can claim he's taking the high road here, whereas he's actually giving the story—and its accusations—more legs. Very shrewd.

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