Wednesday, July 5, 2006

My Organs Weren't Harvested on the Fourth of July

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Last night, I watched the A Mountain fireworks show from the top level of the Tyndall Avenue Garage at the University of Arizona. The last time I attempted to view the fireworks was a couple of years ago from the midtown roof of my friend's mother's house. We drank beers and made fun of each other, but there wasn't much in the way of fireworks to see from that distance. As a youngster, I never got up close to any of the A Mountain shows, either, so I guess I had a preconception that yesterday's show would be humdrum.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, by how cool it was. Sure, it didn't compare to the Boston show I saw on TV at a dive bar I went to after our local show had finished—but it was definitely better than expected. And the Tyndall Avenue Garage was the perfect spot for viewing; the fireworks showered downtown with color as lightning flickered in the distance. I highly recommend this venue for viewing the show next year.

In addition, my fireworks experience was enhanced by a pair of lovely women who were handing out eegee's frozen fruit drinks to perfect strangers. I never asked why they were giving away the refreshments, because I was too busy sparring about politics with one of my friends. Were they good-natured Christians? Were they part of a secret society that hands out frosty treats at patriotic gatherings? I hesitated a bit before I accepted their offer; I guess years of "stranger-danger" conditioning as a young'un made me ask myself if this eegee's might contain a sedative, causing me to wake up in a ditch somewhere, with both of my kidneys missing.

But everything turned out fine; I'm still here, and so are my internal organs. I want to thank these women again for their random act of generosity. You made my Fourth of July.

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