Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Anyone have $2,100?

Posted By on Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 6:23 PM

'Cause that's how much www.impeachthepresident.com is allegedly selling for. Impeachthepresident.org is also available, for who knows how much. Figures.

But the interesting thing is, impeachthepresident.com was first registered Nov. 2, 2000, but the .org domain name wasn't created until December 2005. And even more interesting: Who registered these domain names, and why hasn't anything been done with them? I mean, what comes up when you type in http://www.impeachthepresident.com is one of those search-engine fronts poorly disguised as a political page—note the links on the sidebar on the left: It starts out with "President," but then quickly turns to "Cheap Airfare" and "Meet Singles." I also love the picture of the girl holding what looks like a naked credit card and lots of cash. The heading says, "Fundraising." Even funnier: You click on it, and it gives you links to fundraising ideas, like selling first-aid kits or coupons called "Scratch and Help."

What the (*^)& is wrong with us?

Unless anyone wants to go in on a Scratch and Help fundraiser to raise $2,100 ...

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