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The Skinny


Police Dispatch

That Guy Has an "Arrest Wish"

Editors Note

Celebrate Brian Smith. I know many of us go away for a while. Leave Tucson for love or work, or a need to escape.

Police Dispatch

A University of Arizona student experienced the epitome of luck when he not only rec ouped his lost wallet—with everything apparently still inside—but also avoided jail despite the fact that everything was apparently still inside...

Nixon Divided

Longtime Washington journalist Evan Thomas is the author of Being Nixon: A Man Divided, a biography of former president Richard Nixon that was named one of the 10 best nonfiction books of the year by Time Magazine and was praised as a “fully rounded portrait” by the New York Times Book Review.

Ask a Mexican!

Dear Mexican: The other day, I witnessed a young gordita retrieve a bag of Fritos, open it, then walk over to the chili station and pump in two steaming piles of 7-11 chili into the bag.

Guest Opinion

Then, because they are owned by the gun lobby, they oppose common-sense gun safety legislation that helps keep firearms out of dangerous hands.

The Grand Prix: An Excerpt From Spent Saints

His foot clipped into the pedal and the pedal was connected to the crank and his leg pushed down and perspiration stung razor burns on the tops of his shins.

MMJ Briefs

Veterans in Arizona are pushing back against the UA's medical marijuana ban.

Editors Note

A free press isn't free

Police Dispatch

Honey, I'm Going to My Whore Meeting

Police Dispatch

A woman's live-in adult son got suddenly, strangely angry after possibly scoring drugs at an auto-parts shop

Dust Devil

I opened the door to the freezing rain, We haven't seen sun since the autumn came.

Dignity for Desconocidos

A white-haired man pulls a cart full of crosses.

The Skinny

Ducey is delighted, McSally is carefully reading, Grijalva and O’Halleran say no way


Forty or so years ago, Rocky became the first sports movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

Eat This, Tucson

Although some may say it's old news Tucson was recognized as an UNESCO-designated City of Gastronomy, others say food and drink in this desert town should always be celebrated along with its food-loving entrepreneurs.

Police Dispatch

Much Ado About Something

Editors Note

Watching Tucson Unified School District implode again and again hurts

Police Dispatch

A woman who'd been evicted from an apartment complex was accused of using lipstick- not once, but three times

So Long Sánchez

Tucson’s largest school district accepted Superintendent H.T. Sanchez’s resignation at the governing board’s Feb. 28 meeting after two highly contentious weeks.

Writing Community

Author Hernandez solves the mystery of the unknown deportees lauded in famous Woody Guthrie song

The Skinny

Ask a Mexican!

Dear Mexican: A Mexican man recently broke up with me. We had great sex, but a somewhat distant relationship.

Tucson Salvage

When Beyoncé pimps your work on her socials and when Apple appropriates your imagery, you’re into a heightened cultural pop lexicon.

You Can’t Make History Alone

Award-winning poet, professor and children’s book author Juan Felipe Herrera is the first Latino U.S. Poet Laureate. His work addresses the multidimensional plight of migrants, of class and of language.

Hemp is Hot

It looks like Arizona will have new industrial opportunities as a bill to legalize the manufacturing and sale of hemp rolls through the state legislature without much opposition.

Editors Note

There are two events going on this month that deserve a bit of your attention and worth mentioning in this space.

Police Dispatch

In an incident involving a bathtub and meth—but not necessarily "bathtub meth"— a man was arrested after screaming at a motel employee in his underwear upon learning he owed $600 for damaging his room, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Dust Devil

Tucson politicians who attend the prayer breakfasts need to ask "where did all these alternative facts' come from?"

Police Dispatch

A man tried, quite unsuccessfully, to smuggle four bottles of booze out of a Walmart store—in his pants, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Political Acts

With President Donald Trump and his allies in the GOP Congress looking for ways to block the ability of low-income women and men to turn to Planned Parenthood for their sexual health concerns, the organization is bracing for a rough year ahead.

The Skinny

You have to hand it to U.S. Rep. Martha McSally: Faced with the possibility that she would look cowardly for refusing to hold an open-topic town hall

Creative Soul

Today, in 2017, it seems we are damn near obligated to focus on our collective future since a certain someone in Washington is hell-bent on dismantling it Tweet by 140-character Tweet.

Ask a Mexican!

Dear Mexican: I work at a Mexican restaurant where the majority of the workers are, you guessed it, Mexican.

Weed worries

Several states are poised to go toe-to-toe with the federal government if the new administration makes any moves to curb recreational marijuana efforts.

Editors Note

Let's get to the good right away, because right now, we can all use some good news.

Police Dispatch

Someone smeared excrement (human or animal, we’ll never know) on the door handle of someone’s car

Modern Slavery

The stories that Jill tells are horrifying.

Larger Than Life

Martin Bacal died at age 84 on February 14 of an apparent heart attack.

Dust Devil

Sporting fringed buckskin tight fitting jeans...

Police Dispatch

Two women escaped punishment for a conspicuous tiff in a grocery-store parking after their cars got a little too close on the road

Tucson Hip-Hop Fest is more than dope flow and strident rhymes

Tucson's hip-hop scene is growing, and the main players know that it's not just about the music.

Barely budding

The next underdog marijuana legalization initiative is out of the gate as the group Safer Arizona filed their vision

Ask a Mexican!

Mexican illegals don’t just apply for citizenship instead of coming here illegally

The Pleasure Activist

It’s difficult to announce this, but life has pulled me in another direction and so Jellywink Boutique’s last day will be this Saturday, Feb. 25.

Editors Note

One reader sent an email not happy that I referred to our president as the Mook, writing that in order to convince the other side we have a true mook for president, we probably should refrain from name-calling.

Police Dispatch

When a woman told her adult stepson he couldn't take dresser drawers full of clothing out of her house, he obeyed and left her drawers—but emptied an entire can full of garbage on the hood of her car, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Taking Initiative

Republican state lawmakers are once again taking aim at the initiative process this year.

Ask a Mexican!

Dear Mexican: My parents were born in Mexico. I was born in Dallas, Texas.


It is the toothless hillbilly matriarch of all clichés to complain about traffic.

Veteran Volunteers

Sue Sisley’s research on the efficacy of medical marijuana treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans has finally begun.

Dust Devil

The suede shifts from a time of condescension towards completion

Cultivating Community

Sock footed in the Islamic Center of Tucson’s prayer room, more than 30 people of various religious and cultural backgrounds

Rural Resistance

I pull into Gadsden Coffee Co. on the outskirts of Arivaca, a rural town, 11 miles from the Mexico border.

Police Dispatch

A man stole a very large number of lottery tickets and then went (almost) directly to jail, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.


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