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Re: “Let's Talk Weed in Indian Country

Beer drinkers are the largest, most lethal, terror group in America. They destroy over 10,000 innocent lives each year and over 88,000 will perish of alcohol related problems. One person is killed every half-hour in the US due to drunk driving. Each year over 16,000 are killed in alcohol related crashes. Alcohol is a factor in about half of all traffic fatalities. Every 2-3 minutes someone is seriously injured in an alcohol related crash. An estimated 20 million cases of beer are sold to Americans for consumption on a typical Super Bowl game day. Some of these people will end up driving drunk. There will be accidents. There will be deaths. There will be fights and domestic violence. There will be people puking, people passed out, and many folks will end up doing things they will really regret the next morning. Some people will die from an alcohol overdose. The narcotic, cancer-causing DRUG, ethanol found in beer, wine and liquor is the leading cause of fatalities for ages 16-20 according to National Institute of Health statistics and the leading cause of date rapes on college campuses across America. Cannabis... none of the above.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation just completed one of the most comprehensive studies ever made of marijuana and driving to date. They found that cannabis consumption was not associated with an increased probability of getting into an accident. Which is safer? The answer is obvious. No one in the recorded history of man has ever died of an overdose of cannabis. Our best evidence indicates that cannabis is not associated with an increase in traffic accidents! Cannabis is far safer than alcohol and provides a variety of medical benefits.

Legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol in 2016. This is the right thing to do for Arizonans and especially for our kids who are exposed to black tar heroin and meth by cartel dealers.


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Posted by Dave K, Phoenix, Az on 05/13/2015 at 6:08 PM

Re: “Marijuana Policy Project Files Weed Legalization Initiative with State

Compared to other recreational drugs -- including alcohol -- marijuana may be even safer than previously thought. And researchers may be systematically underestimating risks associated with alcohol use. Those are the findings of recent research published in the journal Scientific Reports, a subsidiary of Nature. Researchers sought to quantify the risk of death associated with the use of a variety of commonly-used substances. They found that at the level of individual use, alcohol was the deadliest substance, followed by heroin and cocaine.

At the bottom of the list? Marijuana -- roughly 114 times less deadly than booze, according to the authors, who ran calculations that compared lethal doses of a given substance with the amount that a typical person uses.

Drug warriors report that the adverse effects of marijuana are associated with early adolescent use. This is the type of use that regulation of marijuana can reduce by asking for ID’s from our kids. We are all better off to have marijuana sold in a local and legal retail market that asks for ID’s, sells only marijuana, pays taxes, and settle their disputes in our courts. A visible legal company allows far more societal control than a hidden underground criminal enterprise with no government controls that settle their disputes with guns on our streets and in our neighborhoods.

The DEA's own administrative law judge, Francis Young, concluded after an exhaustive review of the evidence:

"Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man."

Legalize and regulate like alcohol in Arizona in 2016. This is the right thing to do for our citizens and especially for our children who may seek marijuana but are offered black tar heroin by cartel dealers.

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Posted by Dave K, Phoenix, Az on 04/23/2015 at 10:43 AM

Re: “Marijuana Policy Project Files Weed Legalization Initiative with State

A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests medical marijuana may be an antidote for the scourge of fatal overdoses caused by prescription pain medication. Medical marijuana patients have reported for many years that they use fewer prescribed pain medications when medical marijuana is available. Research, reported in the JAMA Internal Medicine (Aug 2014), finds that deaths associated with the use of opiate drugs fell in 13 states after they legalized medical marijuana. Compared to states with no formal access to marijuana, those that allowed patients legal access to cannabis saw a steady drop in opiate-related overdoses that reached 33%, on average, six years after the state's medical marijuana laws took effect. Although many of our Right Wing Nut Jobs focus on what they perceive will be costs associated with marijuana few or none focus on the positive aspects or public health benefits of ending prohibition. Prescription drug overdoses have surpassed traffic accidents as a cause of death in Arizona. The legalization and regulation of cannabis will have long term benefits and improve the health of those who would otherwise die of opiate drugs. Legalize and regulate this effective natural herbal medicine like alcohol in 2016.

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Posted by Dave K, Phoenix, Az on 04/23/2015 at 10:32 AM

Re: “Sue Sisley's Medical Marijuana for PTSD Research Officially Rejected by 3 State Universities

It's too bad that our politicians would rather spend Arizona tax money to Police for Profit from Arizona citizens rather than to find a way to help our returning veterans. I can't say I am surprised as Arizona republicans also don't like kids, the elderly, the mentally ill, women, or those who speak Spanish. Arizona politicians made sure that we rank very close to the bottom in the treatment of mental health problems and our kids have the lowest per pupil expenditures for education of any state in the country. Since the first retail marijuana stores opened on January 1st, 2014, the state of Colorado has benefitted from a decrease in crime rates, a decrease in traffic fatalities, an increase in tax revenue and economic output from retail marijuana sales, an increase in jobs, and their actions have reduced deaths from opiate overdoses there. Colorado’s state economy is reported to be the fastest growing in the nation. Last year they collected close to 70 million dollars in medical and recreational taxes from legal, regulated marijuana. They plan to use this for their schools and to repair their failing infrastructure. In Colorado, not a single zombie has been seen piloting planes out of Denver’s airports nor are they seen driving their buses.

Arizona legislators and prosecutors advocate that we continue a broken and failed system that benefits only the Mexican drug cartels and our Right Wing Nut Jobs who Police for Profit from the citizens of Arizona. This approach to the “marijuana problem” has resulted in cheaper drugs, more potent drugs, and easier access for our children than when we began the War on Drugs but our politicians who invested in Policing for Profit from our citizens continue to get rich off their scheme. Under our current system marijuana became our number one cash crop, surpassing both wheat and corn combined. In 1937 Harry Anslinger (our first drug czar) testified before congress that 100,000 people had used marijuana just before the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act. Today it is estimated that 100,000,000 of our citizens, including our last three presidents have used it. Marijuana prohibition has resulted in a thousandfold increase in use. As taxpayers, we paid between 1 and 1.5 TRILLION dollars to have this done to us! Keep our kids safe! Legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol in Arizona in 2016!

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Posted by Dave K, Phoenix, Az on 02/24/2015 at 10:24 PM

Re: “State Health Director Will Humble Leaving Office Next Month

Sheila Polk is the county attorney in Yavapai county. I think that Will was caught between patients and higher ups that encouraged him to do things that violated Arizona law. Middle management is a tough position to hold comfortably. If Doug Ducey is smart he will put someone there who believes in the medical marijuana program. This would placate medical marijuana patients who can be a rowdy group to mess with. Any of the individuals that you mention would bring lots of publicity. That would also put legalization and regulation in the spotlight. The more attention that is brought to bear on marijuana, the greater the chance of legalization and regulation in 2016. I do hope that he chooses carefully. I predict that he will put someone in that is relatively unknown. That would allow the governor more control over that position.

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Posted by Dave K, Phoenix, Az on 02/15/2015 at 11:28 PM

Re: “Still Suppressing

Yee, Kavanagh, Polk, and Montgomery are all intolerant and rabid prohibitionists. Yee would give a clearer indication of her real intentions by burning books. You would think if these people were really worried about this plant that they would want to know more about it. This clearly is not the case. Yee is the head of the Arizona senate education committee. She does not support public education, instead she supports charter schools that profit from us. Marijuana prohibition does not come from a desire to keep people in Arizona safe. It's again about profits, the citizens be damned. Yee, Kavanagh, Polk, and Montgomery want to insure that private prisons are filled with Arizona marijuana users. In Arizona, right now, more people die from prescription drug overdoses than from traffic accidents. Rather than to attack a very real problem that actually kills people here, this group continues to attack Arizonans, including children, with life threatening diseases that are treated by medical marijuana. These disingenuous people use our own tax dollars to try to overturn voter passed initiatives and they spend considerable taxpayer money losing frivolous cases that could have been settled by reading the law and getting out a dictionary to learn the meaning of the words there. They would rather imprison Arizonans than to support our public schools that are the most poorly funded in the entire nation. Kavanagh recently tried to have the state give close to a million dollars to the private prisons that was not even asked for but we don't have money for our schools. This is how this group "empowers" people in Arizona. Do you really think that these actions are meant to help Arizonans or rather to enrich a few well positioned legislators? Marijuana has never killed by overdose.

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Posted by Dave K, Phoenix, Az on 04/11/2014 at 11:35 AM

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