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Re: “Testing the Power of the NRA: Is There a Real Shift in Gun-Violence Politics?

Democrat voting areas have a 650% higher gun murder rate than Republican voting areas, why? The answer of that question holds the real solution, not just the same old kneejerk response of making another law. The Democrat voting areas have over 10,000 laws already they don't work. Gun show guns are 1.9% of the guns used in crime, but instead of 1.9% of our focus the Democrats are 100% focused on the "gun show loopholes" that have basically a statistical insignificant impact on the problem! This latest wave of gunophobia isn't doing something, it is doing the equivalent of nothing as it is the same old tact taken for political reasons that has zero impact on the real problem which is clearly why do the Democrat voting areas have 650% higher gun murder rates?

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Posted by Bill Heath on 05/30/2013 at 9:21 AM

Re: “TV Ad Hammers Flake on Background Checks

Flake voted to let the voices of the Gun control Bill be heard, instead of filibustered. I think that is what we need is both sides speaking the Obama Administration doesn’t do that, Obamacare is the result of Republicans voices being locked out, Flake didn’t do that. After hearing what the Bill stood for and how it was sold Flake voted against the Bill as any person honestly looking for a solution to gun murders should have.

The Gun Bill was sold as being the answer to Sandy Hook to the Denver massacres when in fact that was a lie, the Bill was just more of the same failed laws that has created a situation where Democrat voting areas have 650% HIGHER gun murder rates than the Republican voting areas with less restrictive gun laws. Profiling mental health is the answer, not more gun laws; we already have over 10,000 in place. Jeff Flake took a hit in the polls, why? Because his vote to allow discussion made the Gun supporters mad, as the vote was sold as his supporting the anti-gun crowd, when in fact it was just the anti-gun crowd misleading for por la causa again!

Again how do you explain why Republican voting areas have 650% lower gun murder rates than in the Democrat voting areas all while having LESS gun law? The answer to that question points us in the direction we need to be heading if we indeed want to “solve” these maddening tragedies!
Gun show guns are used in 1.8% of the gun murders; we have been focused on something that even if the Bill was 100% successful could impact only 1.8% of the gun murders! 100% of our efforts directed at solving 1.8% of the problem that is insanity mad dogs just barking for no reason!

I find it shameful how the Democrats and the other supporters of this failed effort used lies and deceptions to sell their position, but lies and deception seems to be how things are done these days right?

Proud Democrat? Why?

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Posted by Bill Heath on 05/20/2013 at 12:52 PM

Re: “The Skinny

Time will tell whether the Sandy Hook shootings were a transforming moment for the country—or if some future, horrific mass shooting has a similar effect. Bill says: How dare you and those pushing their gunophobia use the emotions of tragedy to push your snake-oil! What part of the proposed Bill would have done NOTHING to stop a Sandy Hook don't you understand? This type of dishonest reporting has the Medias popularity just below "pond scum." The lies used to garner support for this Bill have been over the top! Thank's for Jeff Flake’s being honest and not a part of the scam Bill mob, the Bill that admittedly by those who supported it did not one thing to prevent a Sandy Hook, not one thing! Let’s focus on the real issue and that is how to keep the mentally ill from killing us with whatever weapon they conjure up to use! Stop with the lies to push your Gunophobic platform. Democrat voting areas have a 650% higher gun murder rate, they also have the strictest gun laws, the answer any sane person can see isn’t more of the same, another law especially one that only focused on 1.9% of the guns used in crime! It is a NEW approach one based on profiling mental health for those who would kill! Jeff Flake called that Bill what it is, a scam politicians were using to placate a ginned up gunophobic mob who wanted anything to be done even if what was done didn’t do anything! Thanks Jeff for daring to bring that fact to light, to bad most of those who are involved are too emotional to see clearly what they are trying to do is foolish!

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Posted by Bill Heath on 05/02/2013 at 2:30 PM

Re: “Flake's Ratings Take a Dive in Wake of Background-Check Vote

70% of Arizona voters support background checks to only 26% who are opposed to them. That is a lie, a poll manipulation as dishonest as the Bill the poll supports! This whole fiasco is one lie after another. The fact is we have background checks; they don’t stop criminals, especially the criminals who commit mass murder. Not one of those supporting the “background check” Bill would make the claim that this new Law would have prevented any one of the tragedies but you all used those tragedies to sell this new law? That is dishonest.

Now I know you think you are paying homage to Gabby but shouldn't a real tribute be something that would address the crime that befell her? Isn’t politics as usual trying to placate the ginned up “mob” really an insult? It is to me. We know that the weapons used to perform mass murder are all different, from a semi-automatic weapon to farm fertilizer; the common denominator is that they were all mentally ill! Now I know you on the left that are pushing this misguided effort to stop gun murder do not want to bring attention to the mentally ill, because they make up quite a large percentage of your voting power but understand that focusing your gunophobia on those who have a statistical insignificance on what you are trying to accomplish is no more than going home after having a bad day and kicking the cat! The guns bought at gun shows are found in 1.9% of the gun crimes. That leaves after this Bill if the Bill had a 100% success in stopping that crime (the truth is the results would be closer to 0%) that would still leave 98% of the problem untouched. Now put this in you pipe and smoke it, that 98% has the very same laws that this Bill is being sold to address, another law isn’t the answer folks, placing failed laws over 1.9% of the problem and selling that as a solution is dishonest! That is what Jeff Flake is saying. McCain is a player, he will sell his soul for politics but Flake won’t I find that refreshing, we should reward that CHANGE instead of politics as usual! McCain's poll numbers has dropped also BECAUSE HE SUPPORTED THE BILL, the dishonest attempt to placate the mob who are demanding something be done, they obviously don’t care what just do something seems to be the mentality of this failed Bill’s supporters.

When doing something is WORSE than doing nothing why do we reward politicians for that effort? We need a Bill to start to PROFILE individuals for mental health issues that will lead to mass murders, the weapon is moot, and it is the mindset we need to expose!

Kudos to Jeff Flake for standing up and telling you all even though you won’t listen that this Bill was a farce and would do NOTHING to address the actual problem. We need politicians who will stand up for what is right and stare down what is wrong.

I want to pay homage to Gabby, but I say shame on her and her husband Mark Kelly for letting themselves be used to push a Bill that is not focused at all on the issue of mass murders but just playing to a lynch mob mentality ready to do "something" even if it in reality isn’t anything! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU that supported this Bill, we can do much better, it is not about the weapon of choice it is about profiling for the mind of a murderer, we can do it!

Bill Heath Local Business Owner

P.S. FACT: Democrat voting areas have a 650% HIGHER gun murder rate than Republican voting areas! Why? The answer to that question needs to be the focus of any new laws; we have a tale of two communities that has to be addressed!

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Posted by Bill Heath on 04/30/2013 at 10:49 AM

Re: “Gabby Giffords: "I Am Asking Every Reasonable American To Help Me Tell The Truth About the Cowardice These Senators Demonstrated"

Crinkster says: I wouldn't want to be your neighbor if you had any military weaponry.

Bill says: And some people say the same about homosexual neighbors, homophobia and gunophobia are both mental illnesses from the same place in the brain! What your neighbor has in their bedroom isn't of your concern and statistics show especially if you live in a Republican voting area you have little to fear from what’s in your neighbor’s bedroom unless you are in there!

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Posted by Bill Heath on 04/18/2013 at 5:02 PM

Re: “Gabby Giffords: "I Am Asking Every Reasonable American To Help Me Tell The Truth About the Cowardice These Senators Demonstrated"

ronko says: Background checks will not ban guns, but they will help to insure that the mentally disabled and violent criminal will at least not get the guns legally. It is one small step.

Bill says: What? I am reasonable if the background checks would include a mental health evaluation I might go for that but it doesn't, there are background checks now, the problem isn't private sales, that's a complete waste of time 1.9% of the gun sales, the problem is in the areas that vote Democrat they have a 650% increased gun death problem they want to solve by passing laws? If laws where the answer their communities would be the safest instead of the most violent. Allowing people with phobias to make laws that only serve to itch their phobia has this country tied into knots! You want to save “one person” let’s look at why the Democrats allow organizations (which they accept election donations from) like Planned Parenthood to locate in our cities and abort Black children at a rate 400% higher than any other ethnic group. You don’t take away our Constitutional Rights for gunophobic reasons to maybe save one child when you could save thousands by just questioning the Democrats blind support of Planned Parenthood! Don’t talk about “saving children” as a reason to take away my gun rights with a plan that is half baked and stinks as bad as the Democrats relationship with Planned Parenthood! Let’s put our experts to work developing a profile that in 50-100 questions helps weed out a mental case from buying a gun but don’t forget they have access still to stolen guns and their mother’s guns! I refuse to donate any of my Rights to a cause that isn’t worthy of my sacrifice now I know some think so little of these Rights they want to donate them for me, I say BS, hands off my Rights I will donate them if and when the cause justifies such, this Bill was a politics as usual joke and not worthy!

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Posted by Bill Heath on 04/18/2013 at 4:51 PM

Re: “Gabby Giffords: "I Am Asking Every Reasonable American To Help Me Tell The Truth About the Cowardice These Senators Demonstrated"

Drunk driving is a good example, it is against the law, people do it, and more laws will stop it? No, we take away the right to drive from those who abuse that right, we enforce laws that exist. The bombing in Boston shows clearly what I am saying, it isn't want is used to kill; it is the will to kill that we need to identify and stop. Again if an area had 650% more drunks in it would we look to export those laws from the drunken areas to areas that have 650% less drunk driving? NO! That would be like patting down old ladies at the airport to stop terrorists, ignorant. We need to profile those who would kill, not make more law that only those who obey laws will be affected by. If you want to fight drunk driving the battle is with the drunks not the cars or the other drivers! THINK!!!

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Posted by Bill Heath on 04/18/2013 at 1:58 PM

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