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Re: “Op-ed: What Part of Illegal Don't You Understand?

And right on cue, along comes trainmanswife as further evidence of the cult of fear, hatred, xenophobia and ignorance that is sweeping this country. Like clockwork, out come the ugly lies in an effort to dehumanize these poor kids- it makes it easier to hate them if you can reduce them to some sort of non-human other.

Everything in that post is a lie. These kids are thoroughly screened on the spot for infectious diseases and are given a TB test and all necessary vaccinations immediately, despite the fact that all these countries routinely give all their children the BCG vaccination (unlike the U.S.). In fact the overall vaccination rate for these countries is every bit as good as the rate for U.S. children, all of them over 90%. Mexico's rate of 98% of children vaccinated far eclipses ours at 93-94% (thanks anti vaxxer nitwits). But calling them disease ridden vermin helps people like trainmanswife rationalize their irrational hatred and sleep better at night. Two kids get sent to a hospital for a fever- out of roughly 50,000. EVERYBODY PANIC!

These children are also thoroughly screened for gang activity and/or criminal records and NO child that fails these screenings is released. The idea that ruthless Central American gang bangers are wandering the streets of America is just another vicious lie told to justify the irrational fear and hate. But the best part is, somehow the deteriorating political situation and the drug violence in Central America is all Obama's doing. He has purposely caused all this to happen (why? who knows? but if you irrationally hate the president, everything bad that happens anywhere on the planet is his doing as part of some secret plan to do something or another).

The best part is the tinfoil hat reasoning for all this. Turns out the president went down to Central America to personally convince thousands of families to send their children on a long perilous voyage across multiple countries in the blazing heat with nothing to their names other than the clothes on their back- all as a favor to help some political party half a world away win some election that has nothing to do with them. It makes perfect sense- those Honduran families aren't worrying about the coup d'état in their own country, or the gangs, or the drugs or the death squads or the rampant violence or hunger-no, their number one priority is to risk their kids' lives to vote in some foreign country ten years in the future when they're actually old enough to vote.

This is the sort of moonbat, completely crazy conspiracy theory that passes for rational thinking on the right these days. Yes, the plight of those poor refugees is nothing but a Democratic plot to flood the country with eight year old landscapers, nine year old dishwashers and hotel maids and an army of ten year old voters marching on our polling places this year to influence the mid-term elections. But hey, whatever helps you wingnuts justify your irrational hate and xenophobia, right? If you clowns had an ounce of sense you'd be ashamed of yourselves.

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Posted by Pete Hahn on 07/17/2014 at 8:04 PM

Re: “Op-ed: What Part of Illegal Don't You Understand?

Yup, facts have a liberal bias. These xenophobic clowns are all about the rule of law- except when they're not. To them, the rule of law only counts when it conveniently gives them a chance to wallow in their hatred. Keep screaming at school children, wingnuts. Show the whole world what horrible people you really are...

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Posted by Pete Hahn on 07/17/2014 at 1:22 PM

Re: “Babeu "Dialing For Dollars" Off The Oracle Incident He Created

Here's a picture of one of those "criminals" you're talking about…

That's Alejandro, age eight- quite the hardened criminal, amirite? See how he is "invading" the country, as he meekly presents his birth certificate to a Border Patrol agent? He sure looks dangerous. He's fleeing the chaos caused by a coup d'état by the Honduran military and all the human rights abuses from the interim government, as well as the death squads.

These are the children that you call criminals who are invading the U.S. You smear them, dehumanize them, call them disease ridden- anything to rationalize your hatred and xenophobia. Yes Laura, you ARE inhumane and full of irrational fear and hate, too. These children are not invading, they've been apprehended and are now being housed in accordance with the law you claim to so cherish while they are given due process before they are processed and then sent home to face more of the insane violence that they fled.

That you don't even realize that the U.S. is in fact following the law and is in the process of likely deporting Alejandro and his fellow children shows just how misinformed you are as well. That dangerous combination of irrational hatred, xenophobia and ignorance makes you the perfect mark for an unethical con man like Babeau. He milks your anger to further his political career- you're the perfect rube. Congratulations, this article is about you...

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Posted by Pete Hahn on 07/17/2014 at 12:14 PM

Re: “AZ Rep. Adam Kwasman Mistakes YMCA Campers for Migrants

Gee Harold, what a nice non answer reply. You do a wonderful job of avoiding any of my factual assertions in order to stubbornly cling to your talking points. And as a bonus, you put words in my mouth and claim I said something that I didn't say. While you're at it, maybe you can help me and show me where I ever said the GOP was responsible for a 1942 executive order or for the Japanese internment camps or for the plight of Chinese immigrants. Could you pretty please point out in any of my posts where I said those things? Please be specific and point to the words or phrase you are referring to. I'll wait...

See Harold, that is what is commonly known as a straw man argument and they are both tedious and lame, yet you chose to go that route in lieu of any sort of cogent response rebutting anything I said with facts. I also couldn't help but notice how you intentionally ignored much of what I posted about the sordid history of xenophobia in this country. BTW, I have no intention of chauffeuring you to the border. There's a much quicker and easier way to ascertain that everything I said is true. Just open a new browser tab and navigate to The Google and start querying away- it's all there in black and white. Besides, those of us in the reality based world fully understand that data trumps anecdote. If you want to head down to Nogales and stare at 10 ft section of the border fence for 20 minutes before you get back in your car and drive home to breathlessly report your experience, knock yourself out, but don't think for a second that your anecdotal experience will trump the mountains of statistical data out there. You did get one thing right though, if you think that your heap of dissembling and evasion was going to pass muster you really aren't that smart.

I can already see you feverishly erecting that next straw man, so I'll save you the trouble. I said that the border is more secure than ever and that deportations are up and overall undocumented immigrant levels are historically low. This is all true and verifiable. I did not, however, say that the border is 100% secure, so don't bother claiming I did. In fact it is not, nor will it ever be. It's quite impossible to completely 100% secure the border- even if we spent our entire national budget trying and lined up National Guard with their arms linked across the entire 3000 mile stretch. Our border is not perfect by any means, but it's more than secure enough- the very fact that we are talking about 50,000 kids apprehended rather than 50,000 kids running amok makes that fact self evident. Our problem isn't a porous border, it's an overload of detainees and lack of facilities and personnel to process them before we send them home. Besides, this whole line of argument ignores the fact that roughly 40% of our undocumented immigrants didn't actually sneak across the desert; many of them are from other parts of the world and many of them entered legally and simply overstayed their visas. But if it makes you feel better, feel free to walk around muttering "build the dang fence" like a senile old John McCain.

The reason I addressed the Tea Party is not that I think they hold some sort of a monopoly on intolerance and xenophobia, far from it- bigotry comes in all shapes and sizes and there are plenty of Dems or independents who are xenophobic. But the Tea Party represents the only real organized group of like minded people with the political clout to gum up the works and prevent any progress from being made. There's a bi-partisan Senate bill that has enough votes from a coalition of moderate Republicans and Democrats to pass the House right now, but John Boehner won't allow it on the floor because he is scared to death of the TP. These foaming at the mouth extremists refuse to compromise, refuse to negotiate, refuse to even listen. You carp about finding solutions, but it's pretty hard to have a meaningful conversation when one party stonewalls and won't engage. These people are so pumped up on a toxic stew of Fox News and AM radio hate and vitriol, that to them, anything short of tar and feathering those kids and launching them back across the border with a catapult is viewed as capitulation and surrender. How are the rest of us supposed to come up with a solution with that irrational obstruction? You can't compromise with a group that categorically rejects the very concept of compromise. You can't reach any solutions with a group of people who think it's perfectly acceptable to scream at and intimidate a busload of children as a legitimate way to fix the problem.

You seem like a moderate Republican- that's why I suggested that you enlighten them- they long ago quit listening to the rest of us. As a Republican, you are complicit in their ascension- they were useful to your party and you guys milked it for all it was worth in 2010. It was a Faustian bargain and now we're all paying the price. Sorry Dr Frankenstein, but that monster of yours ain't all that anymore, now that it's turned on you too...

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Posted by Pete Hahn on 07/16/2014 at 10:25 PM

Re: “AZ Rep. Adam Kwasman Mistakes YMCA Campers for Migrants

Actually Harold, the border is more secure than it has ever been in the history of the country. By every measure we are doing a better job of protecting our southern border than we ever have. Deportations are way up, apprehensions are way up, the number of undocumented immigrants residing in the country is at a low we haven't seen in decades. Those silly signs aren't proof of a security failure, they're the result of the 'constitution free' zone we've established across our southern borders to placate the chronically fearful who continue to fret about Jan's headless corpses. The very fact that all these kids are in Border Patrol custody rather than running amok in the streets is evidence of that.

But yes, we get it. Both sides are stupid and you're the only smart one. Congratulations. Perhaps as a Republican you could talk some sense to those TPers and explain to them the long, ugly history of hatred, intolerance and xenophobia in America for whichever group happens to be 'the new guy on the block'. It wasn't that long ago that intolerant bigots just like them were frothing at the mouth about their ancestors- carrying signs about "No Irish" or passing laws banning the Chinese or hating on the Germans, the Italians and the Poles or locking up the Japanese in internment camps, all the way back to the ugly way we treated Native Americans. This is nothing more than the age old parade of the 'Ugly American' on display and history will look back on it with the same shame and revulsion that we now look back on all those other sorry episodes. Perhaps instead of tsk tsking both sides from your holier than thou perch of false equivalence you could help enlighten these people and explain to them how many of their own great grandparents faced this very same irrational hostility that they now feel so justified in heaping on the current generation of the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free...

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Posted by Pete Hahn on 07/16/2014 at 5:45 PM

Re: “The Oracle Standoff Is Over For Now

Yes pmrb, What part of ILLEGAL is difficult to understand? These children are being legally housed and processed in accordance with standing federal law to determine their immigration status and country of origin before the majority of them are deported. Why do you advocate breaking the law?

"Spend $3.7 B proposed by Obama on needy U.S. children and needy U.S. citizens in general"

Great idea! Lets spend some money on our poor as well- if we end the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on corporate welfare and the trillions of dollars spent on endless war we'd have plenty of money to do both. But to you heartless fools, the only choice is to either screw over our poor, or someone else's poor, no other options ever seem to penetrate those tiny brains.

The trouble is though, the same screeching morons protesting those poor immigrant kids are the very same ones who time after time whine and snivel about spending any money on our own kids. They fling their feces with abandon at anyone proposing to help the poor and disadvantaged in America, but suddenly IT'S A MIRACLE! They conveniently claim to care about the very people they crap all over day in, day out the moment it becomes a useful way of rationalizing their hatred and xenophobia for a different group of people. Who are you trying to kid? if that 3.7 billion isn't spent on fixing this humanitarian crisis you clowns will be right back to incoherently protesting it being spent on anything else- all the while screaming about the deficit and Benghazi!! and whatever other stupidity oozes out of your AM radio and into your empty heads.

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Posted by Pete Hahn on 07/16/2014 at 4:20 PM

Re: “The Oracle Standoff Is Over For Now

Shurf Showboat and his merry band of xenophobes have once again made Arizona a national laughingstock with their hateful screeching at a bus load of school children from the faraway land of Marana. Way to go, nitwits- you make us all proud.

Just ask yourself WWJD?

Who would Jesus deport?

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Posted by Pete Hahn on 07/16/2014 at 4:19 PM

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