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Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

The Superintendent is responsible for implementation, and implementation was fundamentally flawed when it came to closing schools in TUSD. The Gibson Operational Efficiency Audit makes sense--it also makes more than 60 different recommendations, most of which have nothing to do with closing schools. Yes, the Audit makes a very persuasive argument that there are too many old buildings in TUSD that do not serve the students well--but that is largely because there are not enough students to fill the buildings. As such, the Audit makes clear that declining enrollment is the single biggest issue facing TUSD. The second biggest problem in TUSD, according to the Audit, is poor management, which of course results in lower enrollment.

Supt. Sanchez and his team are responsible for management. The board is only responsible as far as it has allowed the Superintendent to manage TUSD as he has, unchecked. Any member of the school board who is not alarmed by the community's cries, who does not heed our calls to better govern the Supt., needs to go. It is clear to the entire community that there are three members on the TUSD governing board who allow the Supt. to do as he pleases. They praise him for the job he has done. Now it is up to us, the community, to stand together and let them know that we disagree. We don't have to yell at them anymore--they don't seem to have been listening anyway. Note to self: They get it. Now it's time to vote.

This article, the street signs calling for the ousting of our school board members, the bad blood, its all just making TUSD worse. This comments section is evidence--this war is making people want to leave. It has to stop. Whoever is putting out the signs may claim that they care about TUSD, but their actions are hurting this district. If they really want to help the schools, they should invest their money toward spreading goodwill for a bond election so that we can increase the budget to pay for the buildings that everyone wants so badly to keep open.

No one wants to close schools. But if we don't stop this fight, families will just keep leaving, and there will be no choice. We can make this district great. But we have to work together. Tucson is a wonderful city, and TUSD has some great schools. They can all be great. We have to have faith, vote for school board candidates who will not blindly support the Superintendent, and smile! We got this.

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Posted by Rachael Sedgwick on 10/25/2016 at 8:47 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

A letter written at leisure can obviously provide more detail than a one-minute timed response at a forum, especially on an issue as complicated as school closures. It does not seem reasonable to characterize those differences as a contradiction. I have stated my views on this issue many times over the last several years, and neither the forum nor the letter contained any changes.

Posted by Mark Stegeman on 10/25/2016 at 8:37 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

David Safier,

Perhaps you should have remained a retired English teacher. Your coverage is so compromised by your web of alliances and undisclosed biases that I honestly no longer bother to read you. I just read the comments. At least they're sincere. And it wouldn't even matter, except that in this space the Weekly could actually post real reporting on these critical issues. Instead, we get, well, whatever it is that you do, on behalf of whomever you do it for.

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Posted by Off Ox on 10/25/2016 at 8:36 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

Stegeman? Wouldn't vote for him if he was the only candidate running. The district needs him to be voted out together with Juarez and Foster.

The slate with the greatest likelihood of changing the configuration of the board in a constructive way is Putnam-Hidalgo, Sedgwick -- and Rustand for lack of a better alternative. Perhaps Rustand's SALC connections will be helpful in some respects, but we certainly don't want him forming a threesome with Hicks and Stegeman on some of the issues that will come before this Board. He is a "prevent white flight by giving parents in affluent schools what they want" sort of thinker, a Fruchthendler parent, and someone who wants the Fruchthendler-Sabino direct feed created in spite of the fact that the plan has been twice rejected (and rightly so) by the desegregation authority.

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Posted by You lose credibility in promoting Stegeman. on 10/25/2016 at 8:30 PM

Re: “Hell Yes! The 2016 Tucson Weekly Endorsements

In the year 2016, no one under the age of 75 should oppose marijuana legalization. Baby boomers, Generation X-ers, and the Millennials have no excuse to believe in the reefer madness propaganda used to keep marijuana illegal, in part of a war on drugs that is authoritarian, racist, and waged unevenly against poor and working class Americans. It is overdue to end!

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Posted by Joseph Benjamin on 10/25/2016 at 7:39 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

Sinking ship, you are so correct. The current board is self serving and has their own agenda that does not include out children. As the sign says the TUSD Kids should come First. All I can say is:



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Posted by Now is the time on 10/25/2016 at 7:37 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

TUSD is like this: a sinking ship where the crew and captain (and investors with whom the crew and captain are communicating remotely) are committed to a program of concealing the conspicuous holes in the hull, with water rushing in, from the passengers, lest the passengers run for the lifeboats and demand a refund on what they paid for their tickets. The crew and captain (central admin and Board) and investors (Pima County Democrats) are hoping not to lose those fares (per pupil funding which the Board and admin allocate in part to keep the local political machine running) together with the passengers. Crew, captain, and investors could care less about the fate of the passengers. All they care about is retaining the fares.

And, as was said above, they LIE and LIE and LIE, shamelessly, relentlessly, systematically, with total abandon. I doubt new Board members will fix the problem, but some are better than others, and Putnam-Hidalgo is, in my humble opinion, the most well-informed and the toughest. She will need both of those qualities, if she has the misfortunate to be elected to that Board.

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Posted by Can a new captain save a sinking ship? on 10/25/2016 at 7:25 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

It's also important to note that public district schools are supposed to be TRANSPARENT. When they make decisions, the basis for those decisions should be made clear to the public. This apparently was not done with the last round of school closures in 2013, cf. the Three Sonorans post linked by the commenter above, and Putnam-Hidalgo's apt remark at the end of her remarks in Call to the Audience: "Whatever that information is, we need it." Indeed. That could be said on any number of topics in TUSD, where the perpetual cloud of smoke blown to conceal what is actually going on is always, on every subject, thick as tar.

What Putnam-Hidalgo said at the end of that speech could be a fine motto for the project of parent advocacy in TUSD: "Whatever that information is, we need it." The first part, "Whatever that information is" accurately reflects that TUSD tells you so little you don't even know the shape of the beast you should be looking for, and the second part, tragically, reflects the fact that what TUSD is withholding is information relevant to parents being able to make informed decisions about their children's educations, their health, and their wellbeing.

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Posted by "Whatever that information is, we need it." on 10/25/2016 at 7:23 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

Thanks, Morales, and thanks for the excellent summary with the clip of Putnam-Hidalgo speaking about school closures at a Board meeting a few years ago:\

The fact is, David Safier, when you have candidates who say one thing and then "on the basis of new information they've received since joining the Board," do another, you never know WHAT you're going to get from them. Closed schools? Yes, though they've said they're opposed to closures. Outsourcing? Yes, they outsourced subs, though if you listened to Foster's rhetoric at the end of the League of Women Voters debate, you would think outsourcing ANYTHING would be the very last thing she would think of doing. Failing to implement the Strategic Plan? You bet, in spades, though they brag of its implementation. I could sit here for much longer than I am willing to give to this comment stream, listing ways that their actions in office have been the opposite of the commitments they have very clearly SAID that they have.

They are LIARS, and YOU, David Safier, are a chronic LIAR. For three long years you have spewed out useless commentary whose Truth value, is, as they say "Less Than Zero." So how dare you use the word "dishonest" in your last sentence of this piece? People who can't manage honesty themselves or require it of the candidates they endorse have no right to call others "dishonest."

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Posted by Hard to know what they can be expected to do when they LIE on 10/25/2016 at 6:40 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

Listen to Cam supporting school closures on the Buckmaster Show here, but don't let the facts get in your way...

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Posted by Three Sonorans on 10/25/2016 at 5:43 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

Close schools and use the money to increase teachers pay. Keep the good ones toss the junk. You could also eliminate many administration level jobs that are completely unnecessary. Freeze and reduce pensions. Sell the buses and put computers in the classrooms.

TUSD is fixable, but this may be our last chance. It's headed for collapse as can be seen by the traffic jams at charter schools as the parents have fled TUSD.

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Posted by Sing Us A Song You're The Piano Man on 10/25/2016 at 4:51 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

David, there you go again. The fact is no one wants to close schools. Everyone wants their children to have a safe and desirable learning environment. Everyone wants a growing school district. However...

If the current Board Majority stays in place then there are few other choices than to be realistic. Shrinking enrollment causes major issues. Like bussing a huge amount of students to Sabino. Or trying to make sense of Santa Rita shrinking from 1200 to 500 in the past few years as parents pull their children for other schools. The fact is an empty school is closed no matter how you look at it. You are trying to mislead by making closed schools the issue but the true issue is shrinking enrollment because of the multitude of TUSD issues. We have teacher flight and kid flight...from TUSD. So again, I know it takes a bit of journalistic thought but if the Majority is reelected there will be more school closures. Why? Because parents can't deal with the discipline (distraction) issues and the lack of certified teachers (learning) in the classroom. That is a simple explanation for the past few years under the Grijalva agenda.

Now if the Change the Board (yellow sign) gang gets their way maybe hope exists. Hope that a Board made of individuals that are all different yet with a common goal of good schools can turn this boat around. So rather than march in lock step like you do with the Grijalva gang the other side has endorsed a Republican, a Democrat and an Independent. How refreshing is that? So keep spinning the yarn David but the fact of the matter is the majority of your readers (yes, you are fun) see that you are nothing but a Board Majority Troll without a unique thought of your own. But we hope...

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Posted by your friend on 10/25/2016 at 4:38 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

The southern border of Mexico has been eliminated and it has become part of Central America. AZ will join them soon.

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Posted by Ethnic Cleansing On A Worldwide Scale on 10/25/2016 at 4:37 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

With so many K-12 children still in Mexico how can we possibly close schools in TUSD?

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Posted by What, Again on 10/25/2016 at 4:32 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

Let's go to the instant replay:

Doesn't look like Mark was in a rush to get it done. He actually lobbied for more accountability and got no help from Grijalva. Could there be something in that?

The internet is your friend. As long as you don't get caught up with an agenda and limit your search.

Moved my kids out.

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Posted by Concerned Mom on 10/25/2016 at 4:32 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

This is a no brainer. The perfect candidate would support closing them all.

So why are we seeing yellow roadway signs paid for by TKF that say, "Foster + Juarez = Closed Schools," signs whose purpose is to lead voters to think if they vote for Foster and Juarez, they're likely to see more school closures?

Another no brainer. You are seeing those signs because of the "Stop Stegeman" signs.

This is a race to the bottom folks. Get your kids and run away from TUSD.

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Posted by Can Things Get Any Worse In This District on 10/25/2016 at 4:26 PM

Re: “Will Hispanics Help Elect Hillary in Arizona? 'Nah,' Said Jan Brewer, 'They don’t get out and vote.’

Hey Ratt, you oughta know all about duplication. There was a point in your posting career here at the TW site where you did that with every other comment you made. I remember it because I got tired of reading your nonsense twice all the time and I called you out on it. Don't be a hypocrite.

The likes have soared on this thing because it's been spread around on facebook. If you look right above the comment section, there are currently 12K likes on that site. Maybe if you quit paying attention to the Russians, who don't need to be singled out in your lame attempt to be clever, you would notice reality.

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Posted by AZ/DC! on 10/25/2016 at 4:17 PM

Re: “Will Hispanics Help Elect Hillary in Arizona? 'Nah,' Said Jan Brewer, 'They don’t get out and vote.’

Jan Brewer better be careful, they have rigged the election. They have been doing it for decades.

Here is the latest:

Slave labor. Including future promises.

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Posted by Al Fonso on 10/25/2016 at 3:45 PM

Re: “Best In-N-Out Substitute

The sauces at Graze are the bomb. After In N Out I graze.

Posted by Debra Holt on 10/25/2016 at 3:40 PM

Re: “Best Pho

Ha Long Bay on Tanque Verde Rd across from Udall park.

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Posted by Sip Dim Sum But not Soo Much on 10/25/2016 at 3:39 PM

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