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Re: “Brink Media's Streetcar Film Is Super Delightful

Definitely one of the dumbist films I'v ever seen. I noticed the streetcar was always empty.

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Posted by Jim Kelly on 10/14/2014 at 3:46 PM

Re: “Expect Fireworks At The TUSD Board Meeting

Brian: I doubt that Foster and Grijalva will ask for an INDEPENDENT auditor who reports to the Governing Board. They will ask for an "outside expert" (someone from somewhere in Texas) to come and examine the books and report to Sanchez. That is a waste of money. The Board needs its own internal auditor who reports only to the Governing Board. Sanchez and Grijalva will pull out all stops to prevent that from happening.

If voters are content to let Sanchez and the Grijalva cabal continue to ruin TUSD they can vote for Safier's picks....Grijalva and her good buddy Jen Darland. If voters are unhappy with TUSD's wasteful spending on administration and worthless programs instead of in TUSD's classrooms they can effect a change in leadership by voting to retain Mike Hicks...the person who did his job as a Board member and discovered the financial irregularities being done by Sanchez and enabled by Grijalva, Juarez and Foster. They could cast their second vote for Debe Campos-Fleenor or Betts Putnam-Hidalgo. These candidates are poles apart on the political spectrum, but both of them have shown a real commitment to TUSD students and both support hiring an independent auditor.

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Posted by Marty on 10/14/2014 at 3:17 PM

Re: “Expect Fireworks At The TUSD Board Meeting

Brian mentioned the article in today's ADS; here's the link:…

Read it and weep - and tune it to the board meeting. Popcorn optional.

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Posted by Rick Spanier on 10/14/2014 at 2:28 PM

Re: “Expect Fireworks At The TUSD Board Meeting

I agree that TUSD should not get one more cent, however if we would have had an independent auditor , like Stegeman has asked for repeatedly, would any of this have happened ? I see now that Stegeman and Hicks are asking for a state auditor, good move , it wont cost the district anything and it will bring all this to light for the state. I also see that Grijalva and Foster are now going to ask for an auditor, change in position ? or did Grijalva realize her support of Sanchez has lost her the election and Foster could get recalled for her blind support for Grijalva. If you haven't read the article in the star about Sanchez's e-mails do so , there very in lighting, and even show his intent to misuse deseg. funding. Wake up Tucson Sanchez and Grijalva need to go.

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Posted by Brian Sauber on 10/14/2014 at 1:47 PM

Re: “Expect Fireworks At The TUSD Board Meeting

It doesn't matter. Why would you give these people more money?

Maybe, just maybe the State was correct in withholding finances.

My parents took my allowance away when they found out I wasted money.

Where are the parents?

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Posted by Rat T on 10/14/2014 at 1:26 PM

Re: “Did Republican Budget Cuts Hurt the Fight Against Ebola?

Lingo Head. Bite me? Really? What good would that do you? Every female in my family has suffered for years with hot flashes, and not a one of them thought of hoping the government would solve that problem.

I think you would be better off getting cozy with the drug know...the ones that the government regulates and then keeps drugs off the market...

When you place unrealistic expectations on the government, you get a bureaucratic nightmare, that truth be told...has solved very little.

Very similar to what has happened to public education.

Today the school celebrates mental health.
Tomorrow is self esteem day.

It's what the loudest demanded.

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Posted by Rat T on 10/14/2014 at 12:22 PM

Re: “We Take Back Our Duval Endorsement; We're W.D. Reyes Supporters Now

Then, there's this Arizonan named JOHN LEWIS MEALER... A complete outsider, with rock solid plans for the economy. He's not a hater and believes in absolute equal opportunity, so much in fact, that the statutes our elected officials have created to protect big business/international corporation while crushing the little guy with the dream... Those laws will be banned and the politicians jailed.

Seriously now folks, is there any other choice? Do you want a governor controlled by his party in DC and the lobbyists who run the show? Arizona must run Arizona.

"We want our Liberty back. We're not asking."

Did I mention the perfect storm of economic plans and the Mealer program??

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Posted by John Lewis Mealer on 10/14/2014 at 12:12 PM

Re: “When Will the Star Get Rid of Mugshot Galleries?

Example of the Star's failure. I'm outside Sunday night trying to figure out if Columbus Day is a holiday in Tucson and whether trash will be collected. Grabbed the Sunday newspaper - nothing, nada about the holiday. Not long ago, they used to have a little box stating what was open, etc.
So I had to go inside, start up the computer and find it online deep in the City of Tucson's website.

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Posted by SonoranWinds on 10/14/2014 at 11:06 AM

Re: “The Skinny

Oh, am I tired of Martha McSally and her self-righteous claims of fighting for women's rights. The only thing she's fighting for is a big bite of Koch money and power.

I watch KOLD in Tucson of a morning while getting ready to go to work, and one of the ads that over-saturate the airwaves during this, our silly season, is McSally bragging on her fight for women- which consists of fighting the Pentagon about female soldiers wearing a hijab.

Seriously, you are trying to get the female vote by talking about HAIR? The only difference between a Kardashian and this candidate is that the Kardashian is at least sincere in her vapid shallowness. McSally is taking this tack to manipulate voters, based on agenda-driven market research.

I've been looking for a video of the ad for a while, but the clip below covers the point. The elephant in the room that she ignores of course, is the drastic changes women's economic situations undergo if they DON'T have autonomous control over their reproductive choices.

Ron Barber may pander to the right to keep military contracts here in Tucson, but at least he's not a gender-based quisling.

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Posted by Lavender on 10/14/2014 at 10:18 AM

Re: “Michael Hicks And Debe Campos-Fleenor: Bad Choices For TUSD

David, the purpose of this most recent blog Michael Hicks And Debe Campos-Fleenor: Bad Choices For TUSD:" was to trash Hicks and Campos-Fleenor not "discuss" them. Yes the internet is a wonderful thing,

"Grijalva has been an effective member of the board during her tenure. I’ve agreed with most of the positions she’s taken, sometimes voting for the status quo, sometimes voting against it. Because she’s been on the board longer than her colleagues, she has more institutional knowledge than they do, which allows her to put current district issues into the context of past events and decisions. She clearly supports the superintendent she helped choose and wants to give him a chance to exercise his leadership."

This was your endorsement framed in a discussion of the need for balance between board members assuming the role of opposition micro-managers or a rubber stamp for the superintendent (Sanchez in this case). Longevity and institutional memory can be positive traits - or as often is the case Grijalva) -an impediment to necessary change. Think of the state legislature or the past board of PCC as examples of longevity and institutional memory and you will understand my point.

Continually bashing Grijalva's opponents on blindly partisan political grounds while not providing a substantive rationale for her re-election does not support her candidacy and if these threads are an indication have done more damage than good for her bid to remain on the board.

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Posted by Rick Spanier on 10/14/2014 at 9:58 AM

Re: “Orr Asks Fellow Lawmakers to Get Creative with Marijuana

Hey guys, no hatred here, we're just confused. Cut taxes, education, services to the poor = prosperity for all; except we're not sure when that happens.
We started with Ron Reagan in the '80's and nary a trickle down yet.

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Posted by NJYD on 10/14/2014 at 8:42 AM

Re: “Orr Asks Fellow Lawmakers to Get Creative with Marijuana

It's something that should be done, but that isn't why Orr is proposing it just before an election. He's trying to grab fence-sitting independent voters by appealing to the more progressive-minded among them. He also knows this has a snowball's chance in Hell of ever getting out of committee, let alone being put into law, with the Republicans in charge of the legislature.

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Posted by Ldonyo on 10/14/2014 at 8:41 AM

Re: “Did Republican Budget Cuts Hurt the Fight Against Ebola?

Markus-jim - apparently, there really is a sucker born every minute.

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Posted by Carlos Danger on 10/14/2014 at 8:27 AM

Re: “Orr Asks Fellow Lawmakers to Get Creative with Marijuana

Ethan Orr's timing is not related to the election now underway and culminating in the official polling day three weeks from today. It couldn't possibly be. Ethan just is't that kind of politician. As quoted in the Star this morning, he knows he'll be reelected so why would he risk having Carolyn Cox, county chairwoman of his party, say his idea is dumb. As is well known in serious circles, more people listen to Carolyn Cox than to the Star's editorial writers. Also well known in serious circles: candidates who are certain they're going to win don't speak a controversial word; indeed some don't say a thing. Ethan is different. That's also known in serious circles.

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Posted by franklymydears on 10/14/2014 at 8:05 AM

Re: “Orr Asks Fellow Lawmakers to Get Creative with Marijuana

And no comments that actually have any relevance. Typical liberal hatred. The fact remains that marijuana does have medical benefits. Remember liberal whiners that your man Obama, had an obstructionist running the Department of Justice. Holder publicly stated that he would not approve legalized marijuana, then suddenly did a 180. Who ordered him to change policy? At least Orr is attempting to do what a certain percentage of citizens want, and you whiners still attack. Pathetic.

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Posted by markus_jim on 10/14/2014 at 8:03 AM

Re: “Did Republican Budget Cuts Hurt the Fight Against Ebola?

And yet those who keep blowing tax dollars (and the idiots that keep giving them more with NO oversight) for useless studies, blame the Republicans? Please tell me that that those pointing the finger are not blind? Who are they going to blame when the coffers are empty?

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Posted by markus_jim on 10/14/2014 at 7:54 AM

Re: “When Will the Star Get Rid of Mugshot Galleries?

The Red Star lost all credibility long ago. Now it seems that they report the news 24-72 hours after the event happened, or chose to cover "fluff" pieces rather than actual local news items. They chose to demand one have a Facebook account to comment on local stories (kickback from Facebook?), and that drastically cut down on comments from local citizens, now they seem to have so chosen to give one ten free pages to read before demanding one purchase a subscription, however those ten pages are not known until you get the last notification. The Red Star has gone downhill for years, I think it's on it deathbed. Pathetic excuse for a "news paper" at best.

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Posted by markus_jim on 10/14/2014 at 7:45 AM

Re: “Did Republican Budget Cuts Hurt the Fight Against Ebola?

TiredofPC...Republican Congress for the last 10 years? I'm tired of BS!

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Posted by Carlos Danger on 10/14/2014 at 7:33 AM

Re: “Did Republican Budget Cuts Hurt the Fight Against Ebola?

Budget cuts have consequences. While they may not have specifically made any difference with Ebola, cutting spending at the CDC has certainly cut into our ability to respond to disease outbreaks.

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Posted by bslap on 10/14/2014 at 7:01 AM

Re: “When Will the Star Get Rid of Mugshot Galleries?

Totally agree - shaming people for clicks with mugshots is about as low as a newspaper can go without outright lying.

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Posted by bslap on 10/14/2014 at 6:59 AM

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