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Re: “Dear Daily Star: An Unsubstantiated Claim Is Not a Citation

Trump's behavior is reflective of Mental Instability. He is a CROOK and Unfit to Serve in Public Office. These facts were recognized (prior to the Election), generally, by the Republican Leadership who did NOT support him. After the Election, they fell in line like sheep.

Let us hope that this Election was conducted fairly without Internal or External Vote Manipulations; the Former is an Act of Treason; the Latter an Act of War.

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Posted by Francis Saitta on 11/28/2016 at 3:28 PM

Re: “Dear Daily Star: An Unsubstantiated Claim Is Not a Citation

Thanks Shannon. I'm with Trump on this one because of the interview in this link:

By the way, where were the liberal elite media types when he said it?

10 likes, 38 dislikes
Posted by Roger Jensen on 11/28/2016 at 3:04 PM

Re: “Dear Daily Star: An Unsubstantiated Claim Is Not a Citation

It's nitpicking. You do it so well.

Ms Stein called for a recount citing no evidence of vote fraud. Why wasn't that the story? Then NBC says she couldn't have acted alone. In comes Hillary (the known liar) and now we see it is George Soros (Communist) that's funding and pushing this through.

Where is the media? Still licking their wounds from getting their tails kicked in the election. But, they still won't do their jobs in a non partisan way.

All of us have opinions. The media's job is to bring us facts. Not some of the facts or half of the facts but all of the facts.

Anything less, we don't need.

12 likes, 37 dislikes
Posted by Shannon Eisner on 11/28/2016 at 2:49 PM

Re: “Dear Daily Star: An Unsubstantiated Claim Is Not a Citation

Safier states in this blog that he is a "loyal critic of the [Arizona Daily Star] who wants it to be as ACCURATE and CREDIBLE as possible."

Strange, that. In light of the quality of his own commentary, if he wants the Star to be "as accurate and credible as possible," it would be better for him to call himself a "hypocritical critic" of the Star.

HYPOCRITE: someone who claims to have moral standards or beliefs to which his own behavior does not conform

30 likes, 21 dislikes
Posted by Hypocritical Criticism of the Star on 11/28/2016 at 2:48 PM

Re: “Theater Review: Some Non-Traditional Holiday Cheer in A Christmas Survival Guide.

This production is way better than what you would expect in church venue/ community theater. Broadway-quality voices, comic acting with timing and flair, flawlessly directed and rehearsed. Great five-piece band, snappy arrangements. If you appreciate quality, go see it.

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Posted by Michael Anderma on 11/26/2016 at 10:32 PM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

Well, 3 days have come and gone and once again Paul has nothing to say. He went after Dan Hyde, What, Again and yours truly with his usual fancy vocabulary that impresses no one. Remember Paulie Walnuts in the Sopranos? I call him Paulie No Nuts. Cause that's what he has, You have a lot of nasty things to say about people you don't even know. However when it comes time to back it up you're nowhere to be found. Go hide behind your stupid camera. Probably isn't film in it anyway.

5 likes, 15 dislikes
Posted by CW13 on 11/26/2016 at 2:40 PM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

And in case you thought this was a change in operating procedure from the previous administration that promised "Hope and Change," here's another quote from the same NYTimes article on Wilbur Ross:

"If confirmed by the Senate, Mr. Ross would succeed another wealthy campaign donor at the helm of an agency charged with promoting American commercial interests and trade around the world. Penny Pritzker, President Obamas commerce secretary, is a billionaire entrepreneur who was an early financial backer of Mr. Obama and is an heiress to the Hyatt Hotels fortune. Unlike Mr. Trump and Mr. Ross, Ms. Pritzker has been a leading proponent of forging new free-trade agreements. One of her top priorities was the completion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership."

Whether the economic powers are globalists or protectionists, their agenda, once they get their hands on the latest "I advertised improvements to the masses which I will not or cannot deliver" politician / front man in office, is to benefit their class. Cf. the takeover of Obama's supposedly progressive education program by the charter-backing-hedge-fund-managers and standardized-test-promoting-corporate-set. Race to the Top was no better, as federal education policy, than No Child Left Behind. What a surprise.

What is desperately needed in the media and the blog-o-sphere is honest and effective coverage of WHO BENEFITS (capital and the financial industries: those, for example, who were responsible for the 2008 financial crisis and were never held to account) and AT WHOSE EXPENSE (at the expense of those who do the labor that produces the economic value abstracted, expropriated, concentrated, and manipulated by a parasitic class of unprincipled financiers), but we won't get that from these Democratic party hacks, who are too busy covering up who really benefits from their own political party's machinations and too busy manufacturing fake characteristics supposedly distinguishing Rs from Ds. Much of the agenda of both R- and D-affiliated media outlets can be explained by the need to disguise the fact that both mainstream parties have betrayed the interests of those who work for a living in order to benefit the class that uses its obscene accumulation of abstracted and expropriated assets to fund their campaigns. This billionaire-campaign-funding class wants profits increased, taxes decreased, public services privatized, financial industries and polluting manufacturing industries deregulated, wages suppressed, and benefits / entitlements undermined, and until the American public organizes itself to use its democratic institutions to say "NO" to this exploitation of the majority of citizens in the country -- rather than to change the flavor of exploitation periodically from globalist to protectionist and back again -- that is what capital and the financial industries will continue to get, from candidates like the Clintons, or from Mr. "Hope and Change" Obama, or from candidates like the Bushes, or from Trump.

12 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by More on the Bankruptcy of this Blog (and Ds, and Rs) on 11/26/2016 at 12:03 PM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

Here you go, David Safier and Paul Stapleton-Smith: one example of a real "THREAT."

"President-elect Donald J. Trump is expected to select as commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, a billionaire investor who became known as the king of bankruptcy for buying, restructuring and selling off steel makers and other fading industrial companies, officials on the transition team said on Thursday. [...] Mr. Ross, 78, an economic adviser to Mr. Trumps campaign whose fortune is estimated by Forbes to be $2.9 billion [...] has [...] pressed for cutting the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, from 35 percent, and reducing taxes and regulations on energy companies."

But will these sorts of developments get any coverage in Safier's blog or in comments from Stapleton-Smith and his ilk? That would be about as doubtful as Safier's blog or PCDP / DGT comment stream regulars providing honest discussions of the outsourcing of subs in TUSD or ESI's donations to Foster and Juarez.

While the politicians they endorse are busy betraying those who should form their natural constituencies, they will keep creating distractions and whipping up concern over the fake "issues" they promote as news.

12 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Bankruptcy of this blog, DGT, much of PCDP, etc., ad nauseam on 11/26/2016 at 8:21 AM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

You're correct. You are not a Rancho Snob.
Just an idiot.

2 likes, 20 dislikes
Posted by CW13 on 11/25/2016 at 8:40 AM

Re: “Legal Theft III: Civil Forfeiture Victim Loses Motion for Legal Complaint Against Tucson Police

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Posted by John Sam on 11/25/2016 at 4:29 AM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

Actually Paul, you're ascribing some lofty ideals to a group that has done every dirty deal in the world to keep and maintain power over the darkies. There was a lot more angst fighting the germans than there was fighting the Japanese because the germans were so like us, people like the Drumpfs were sympathizers, afterall weren't most of their "hate laws" based on the U.S. model? Men like Jesse Owens were paraded around like sideshow exhibits, treated to toasts and then told they had to go sleep in the barn because blacks weren't allowed in the swanky places.

Don't worry, those guys and these guys will still stand idly by as Drumpf carves out a bigger chunk for himself. Actually, they'll caw about like jaybirds about how they "got their country back" as the water slowly rises and they realize they weren't invited into the boat, chained instead to their tarnished anchor called pride.

18 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Not a Rancho Snob on 11/25/2016 at 12:35 AM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Lock Harry Reid Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!

Hyperbolic trolls are still on the loose, and they are trying to take over your house, Tucson Weekly. Ok, we can/must all give Trump a chance (more than he gave opponents in both primaries and general), but let's never be afraid to show some smarts as he deals with crises - and there will be many because there always will be crises. He cannot delegate responsibility to others for everything forever, and he is bailing already on his own hyperbole. Jobs? Wall? Drain the swamp? How?

12 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Could Be Better on 11/24/2016 at 6:06 PM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

Sigh. The history books will call this period The Rising of the Trolls. Yet another pernicious side effect of Chump's "victory". (BULLETIN TO THE TROLLS: You can grab your cojones and puff up your fat, hairy bellies all you want, but he didn't really win. Despite massive voter suppression by the Republinazis, not to mention her own pathetic excuse for a campaign, Clinton got millions more votes than Chump, but thanks to an antiquated electoral system that was established precisely for the purpose of protecting wealthy white male privilege, Chump may indeed usurp the Whitey House for a few years.

But, really, Chump is not the problem--he's merely a symptom of our profoundly dysfunctional political culture. Yes, no doubt that the Clintonistas are part of the corporate political establishment that has robbed and disempowered working people of all races. And no doubt that economics were a central factor in this election, which is why Bernie Sanders--or even better, Elizabeth Warren--would have been far, far better candidates for the Dumbocrats to run in this election, with their core messages of economic inequality and proven records of challenging the obscene greed and power of Wall Street.

Sadly, voters are so desperate for change and yet so ignorant of political reality that they chose a man who by any measure is an enemy of economic equality. Even more disturbing is that the worst elements of our society--misogynist, racist, nativist, violent, assholes--will interpret this happenstance as a mandate for their oppressive agenda.

Thankfully, this is probably the last gasp of the Angry White Man. Surely, inexorably, the world will become a more egalitarian place, and fearful, hateful worldviews will die out, one cowardly old white guy at a time.

But, yeah, sure, unity, blah blah blah, so here's an olive branch for the Angry White Trolls: Happy Thanksgiving, dickweeds.

Posted by skinnyman on 11/24/2016 at 1:41 PM

Re: “Cinema Clips: Arrival

Amy Adams does good work. I am looking forward to this film.

Posted by lc69hunter on 11/24/2016 at 6:52 AM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

I'm probably late to this discussion based on comments above, but Paul, the old white democrats are losing their party to folks that promote diversity.

10 likes, 26 dislikes
Posted by Susan Hirsh on 11/23/2016 at 7:16 PM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

Already somebody is pissed because I handed Paul his lunch.

5 likes, 30 dislikes
Posted by CW13 on 11/23/2016 at 6:10 PM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

Yo Paul, haven't you learned yet not to tangle assholes with me. You know you're gonna lose. Like when you told me I was over reacting when I said how many thousands of people could die if terrorists targeted the N.Y.C. subway system. I spent 14 years riding the subway. Turns out you've never even been in N.Y.C. You never had the balls to come back me. If you can't run with the big dogs, stay off the porch.

5 likes, 28 dislikes
Posted by CW13 on 11/23/2016 at 6:01 PM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

Trump calls for unity, Safier and POS-Smith call for hate. Says it all.

The Latest: Trump Calls for Unity in Thanksgiving Address

5 likes, 30 dislikes
Posted by What, Again on 11/23/2016 at 5:39 PM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

Yeah Paul. WTH?

6 likes, 26 dislikes
Posted by Fonda Wanda on 11/23/2016 at 4:30 PM

Re: “T.H.R.E.A.T. Watch: Normalizing 'White Nationalism' Down to 'Nationalism'

POS - Smith

I'm the son of a WWII vet. My father in the lead B-29 fire bombing runs over Japan, was in the sky when Baby Boy detonated. I know exactly what he would think of you.

8 likes, 35 dislikes
Posted by What, Again on 11/23/2016 at 4:17 PM

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