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Re: “Removing TUSD Superintendent Prioritized Over Finding Replacement

Thanks for the feedback.

"Be kind?" That's what you advise, while writing a comment like that? Interesting.

The advice of people like you -- people who want to suppress informed discussion of what is ACTUALLY going on in TUSD and who aggress, in the comment streams and elsewhere, against those who bother to take the time needed to share valid information -- should be disregarded. But your opinions and advice (and insults) are definitely useful in helping us understand what is going on locally: as was highlighted nicely in the comment stream on the piece linked below, a network of bullies is hard at work in Tucson, relentlessly and systematically using every means at their disposal to make sure their lies steer public opinion. Oh, and (as above) punching anyone who dares to disagree in the face.

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Posted by Interesting. But not good advice. on 03/24/2017 at 9:27 AM

Re: “MMJ Briefs

For all their pretenses about being places of higher learning most colleges and universities still get substantial amounts of money from the federal government and as long as marijuana use is against federal law it will be illegal to use it on campus.

As for the claim to be places of learning, the only thing getting "higher" is tuitions. They are businesses that front for the largest organized slave institution known -- the NCAA -- and many graduates are forced into indentured servitude to pay back the student loans that were so easily made available.

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Posted by sgsmith on 03/24/2017 at 9:09 AM

Re: “The Skinny

Thank you sgsmith. That is exactly why voters will not approve a tax increase. And just so that you are fully informed, Regina Romero has come up with a scheme to recreate the Santa Cruz riverflow for the westside. Any wonder how it will be funded?

Grand Canyon University should have been built on the El Rio Golf Course. But instead she has visions of "urban riparian areas" dancing in her head. Will she spray the stagnant pools with DDT to kill the mosquitos?

But go ahead and get the Fire and Police Unions to beg for the money so she can take it. The constant drip drip drip of lousy leadership. This community is choking in it.

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Posted by What Happened To Common Sense? on 03/24/2017 at 9:09 AM

Re: “The Skinny

The problem with getting people to vote "yes" on taxes in Tucson is they have been burned too many times by politicians who trot out the most noble reasons for rate increases and end up spending the money raised on the most ignoble pet projects, which they could never have gotten approved by the voters, not to mention (although I'm mentioning it) the temporary taxes that Tucson has enacted in the past that just kept being assessed well past the time they were supposed to have ended -- oops.

I agree that our police and fire departments need the tools necessary to accomplish their vital missions, but if the city's political leaders pull another bait and switch it will be a long, long time before they see voter approval for anything, which means they will have to conjure up the mysterious methods they used to get the RTA approved. To this day, I haven't met ANYONE who voted yes on the RTA, yet it still passed.

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Posted by sgsmith on 03/24/2017 at 8:25 AM

Re: “The Skinny

Just in case the post above gets removed, and I imagine it will because Wrong, Again is a really sensitive guy, I'll be a little cleaner with this one.

Time to grow up and be a real Christian Wrong, Again, not the fake one you've been displaying online.

Dismiss your diaper fetish, walk up the stairs and out of mama's basement. Your constant presence is aging her well beyond her years. She figured you would've moved out like your siblings did well over 30 years ago.

Comment on websites...hell, grow some stones and establish a viewable account on TW, you know, like the one I have...but learn to be cordial. Go ahead, Google it. C-O-R-D-I-A-L. I understand, words that relate to being kind are tough for you. This is why it's time to step up.

Then, seek the therapy you so desperately need. Maybe you'll learn that the term "liberal" isn't akin to "Satan". Maybe your racism and misogyny will fade away. Maybe you'll quit referring to people as snowflakes, fruitcakes, illegals and gordas. Maybe, just maybe.

Get the help you sooo desperately need ASAP. It's never too late...until it's too late.


The Real AZ/DC! (Not some sad, twisted, pathetic conservative ewe.)

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Posted by AZ/DC! on 03/24/2017 at 8:09 AM

Re: “The Skinny

Nice try bitch.

I have an account, which everyone can click on to see my history.

Being the chicken shit you are, you will never do that.

And what is it about you and diapers Wrong, Again.

Seek therapy quickly, you're slipping down the slope harder than ever.


The Real AZ/DC! (Not some pathetic bitch.)

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Posted by AZ/DC! on 03/24/2017 at 7:32 AM

Re: “The Skinny

I'm so sorry for my last post. My diaper was full and I just couldn't think straight.

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Posted by AZ/DC on 03/24/2017 at 3:52 AM

Re: “Local Danish Bakery Serves Up Savory Desserts

It sure sounds as if they make it the right way. My mother (if she was still alive) might have given them a lot of business. She never passed up a Wienerbrd when we lived in Sweden 1962/1963. I doubt if she ever bought a so-called "Danish" from any American bakery.
(I keep trying to edit & this comment refuses to take my Swedish o with two dots over it between the r & d in Wienerbrod).

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Posted by MMP on 03/23/2017 at 7:25 PM

Re: “The Skinny

Sorry, but if you're blaming me for deleting a post, not some Australian hard blues rock band, then you must get your head out of your ass and realise 3 things:

1) The comment I posted at 9.39 am was the last time I was here to do anything besides the comment above. I never even read this deleted comment.

2) I am NOT an employee of TW. I have no power to remove commentary, which is fortunate for you. Also, I am not able to report on a comment which I never even read.

3) I will call you a racist, bigot, hypocrite and fake Christian because you're all that and so much lower. You prove it in all your hate filled posts, of which all should be removed, so it doesn't shock me that one got removed today.

If you want to be a true Christian, start now. Look in the mirror and see who you really are. Obtain some real Christian values and beliefs.
There's nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion, but when you act like a disrespectful asshole about it, you will get called out on it and possibly have your ill commentary removed. Now get back in your safe space bubble before mommy notices you're missing.

13 likes, 8 dislikes
Posted by AZ/DC! on 03/23/2017 at 5:57 PM

Re: “The Skinny

No hate or liberalism here.

Just dog tired of Wrong, Again's fake Christian hatred.


He would definitely not approve of the in(s)ane rants of a major internet troll like Wrong, Again.

12 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by AZ/DC! on 03/23/2017 at 5:30 PM

Re: “The Skinny

stalecloud - "I find it hard to believe they deleted a post that wasn't overly dubious in some way"

Mari and AC/DC are your typical hate filled liberals, dubious to them is anything they don't agree with. They routinely call those that disagree racists and bigots, trait they exhibit every time they open their mouths.

I will tell you this, I documented how Obama hates whites, how Jim Nintzel is nothing more than a white guilt liberal and that Raul Grijalva, the militant MEChA devotee is the most racist and bigoted person there could be for Nintzel to profile him as a standard calling others racists.

And I asked if Mr. Mayor has apologized when he referenced the threats against Jewish Community Centers as increasing since Trump's election and therefore his supporters were responsible. As sleaze ball a statement as when liberals accused Tea Party of being responsible for the shooting of Giffords and that he seems perfectly content with Tucson being the 5th poorest in the country.

8 likes, 19 dislikes
Posted by What, Again on 03/23/2017 at 4:01 PM

Re: “The Skinny

You are being played DRW. I would advise them to use our tax dollars that have been contributed. They may have a problem with priorities,...but I don't. TPD and TFD can't get to the action of they are stick in a rut. Just like our City Council.

7 likes, 14 dislikes
Posted by Don Evans on 03/23/2017 at 3:57 PM

Re: “The Skinny

"No tax increase. Fix the roads." Using what, Monopoly money? Your hopes and dreams? As Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr wrote, "Taxes are the price we pay for civilization."

15 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by DRW on 03/23/2017 at 3:41 PM

Re: “Local Danish Bakery Serves Up Savory Desserts

Christ! Just go over there, order a Danish and pay what they ask you for.

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Posted by Danish maven on 03/23/2017 at 3:40 PM

Re: “The Skinny

What, Again I thank you for answering but I find it hard to believe they deleted a post that wasn't overly dubious in some way. Considering the posts of yours that don't get deleted, I'm sure it was a humdinger. Maybe try again?

13 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by stalecloud on 03/23/2017 at 3:28 PM

Re: “Is Antisemitism Rising to the Threat Level?

Ok, so to update, several of these threats have been tied to a black liberal journalist, and the rest to a Jew living in Israel. When are we going to see a retraction of this piece? Shouldn't Mr. Safier apologize to Steve Bannon and Richard Spencer for suggesting that they were in some way responsible for any of this?

Might it also be time for a frank discussion about certain groups that profit, both in terms of power and money, from the perception that they are eternal victims, and the incentives that creates to engage in these sort of false flag hoaxes?

0 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by Nathan K on 03/23/2017 at 3:24 PM

Re: “Local Danish Bakery Serves Up Savory Desserts


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Posted by PickyPalate on 03/23/2017 at 3:11 PM

Re: “Local Danish Bakery Serves Up Savory Desserts

The address is in the third paragraph. The sixth paragraph says that the guy starts baking at 4 AM. You can take an educated stab at the hours of this bakery.

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Posted by Danish maven on 03/23/2017 at 3:06 PM

Re: “Does This Mean We Can Call It McSallyCare Now?

And a room full of old white men are talking about repealing maternity coverage mandates. Last I heard every white man in that room in the White House had a mother needing maternity care, and you can bet every white man in that room has a spouse needing maternity coverage. Whatever they all have for maternity coverage, should be for every person in the United States.

13 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Frances Perkins on 03/23/2017 at 2:51 PM

Re: “Guest Opinion


17 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by SonoranWinds on 03/23/2017 at 2:49 PM

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