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Re: “Best Farmers Market

While I am amused by your naiveté, I am most glad you joined the conversation, Mr. Polley. I thought this thread was dead, and I am most glad to see it still alive. Gracious Kudos to you sir, for helping in that effort. Because I would like to see it remain a living thing, a running thread, on the demise of Manish Shah and his once great empire.

I don't recognize you as a vendor. I know most of the market vendors in the Tucson market system, and your name does not ring a bell. Only possibility that remains is that you are a patron of the markets, or you are Roxanne Garcia in disguise. Truth be told, I don't really care.

As for your most recent diatribe, I thought it most entertaining. I hope you join us each evening. Nothing could give me more pleasure.

Just for fun, I'll take your first point, as a matter of discussion. "Heirloom has created the best markets in Tucson, period."

Really? Manish Shah has been fired from more markets than he has created on his own. That's simply an undeniable fact. You have to get better at doing your history before you comment.

The Manish empire is in a death spiral. For those of you from Rio Linda, that means it's going down.

Manish got fired from St. Phillip's. That is simply an undeniable fact.
He had to scramble to put something together. The race track was his only option. Not really a good option, but it was the only thing available.

He is not really on good terms with the county, something most people are not aware of. Most people don't like him. Because of his arrogance, he rubs people the wrong way.

Tell you a story. The absolute arrogance of Manish Shah and Roxanne Garcia are common knowledge in the Phoenix and Scottsdale markets. The vendors there would never come to Tucson, because of Manish and Garcia. It's a simple fact. We didn't know that until we joined the Phoenix/Scottsdale system. Now that Manish is gone, they are taking a look at St. Phillip's.

This is getting long, Pete. I'll just answer your last point, and close.

I didn't come to this forum to, "blow up this forum."

I came here because not one tenth of you even understand what Manish Shah and Roxanne Garcia represent to your business.

These are two of the most despicable people I have met in my seventy years on this planet. I want nothing to do with them in any fashion, for the remaining years I have.

You feel like worshiping these charlatans, you go right ahead.

Just one teeny tiny thing. Don't ever talk down to me like that again. My "unbridled vitriol" came from getting fired from Manish, who was trying to protect his empire. You weren't there. You know absolutely nothing of the circumstances surrounding that engagement.

I suggest you follow your own words. Grow up. I can help you with some of the background, but most of it you have to do on your own.
Let me know.

Gene White
Anna's Kitchen

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Posted by Anna White on 11/03/2014 at 6:30 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

I find it interesting that so many people are quick to bash the management at Heirloom, but won't give them credit for what they have done! They've created THE BEST farmers markets in Tucson. Period!

Some have insinuated that the Heirloom team somehow lost... Take a close look at Rillito, and it's obvious to everyone that THEY'VE WON, and along with them, the entire city of Tucson shares in their victory!

The 'new' market at Rillito has better parking, more vendors, and a greater selection of local 'restaurants on the go.' Thanks to Pima County, we have a first for Tucson... our city's ONLY dedicated farm market pavilion. A trip out to the 'new' market proves that Tucson is thankful for this great opportunity.

Yes, the vendors had a choice, and thankfully a great many chose to remain with the Heirloom team. For those who remained at St. Philips, I wish you good luck... and for those who moved to the 'new' market, I say, 'congratulations.'

As for those who feel it necessary to almost single-handedly blow up this forum, I say, 'grow up!' I don't know the circumstances surrounding your 'firing' from the St. Philips market of old, but if your unbridled vitriol is an example of your dealings with Heirloom, then it's no wonder you were, 'voted off the island' as it were. I, for one, would have gotten rid of you as well

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Posted by Pete Polley on 11/01/2014 at 7:35 PM

Re: “Best Vegetarian/ Vegan

Always slow service and mediocre food. No where near Tucson, best breakfasts or vege cuisine. I have tried this place several times over 4 decades and it never fails to disappoint. Best breakfasts are at the Eclectic Café.

Posted by agmtb on 10/30/2014 at 3:41 PM

Re: “Best Public School

What is wrong with having a superior school that attracts superior students in Tucson? I know from having a daughter who attended UHS that it also has some dedicated professional teachers that do absolutely make a difference in the achievement of these students. In fact, from many of the graduates at UHS in years going back a few decades ago to present have said that UHS was superior to their experience in college classes! It is the combination of student, family and staff dedication that does a great school make.

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Posted by Diana Tolton on 10/29/2014 at 8:01 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

Some of you might wonder why we talk about the Phoenix and Scottsdale markets as being different. Well, it's simply because they are.

To begin with, the market promoters themselves are professional, and they don't tolerate vendors who are not of the same mindset.

The Tucson Markets often struggle with that concept. The reason for that often lies with the vendors themselves. We have a lot of whiners in the Tucson markets. The Phoenix and Scottsdale markets don't have that problem. Because they simply don't tolerate whiners.

Effective today, we just began our new season in the Phoenix/Scottsdale markets.

What a breathe of fresh air. No Manish. No Garcia, and no whiners.

Five months of absolute bliss.

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Posted by Anna White on 10/25/2014 at 7:35 PM

Re: “Best Outdoor Seating

And La Cocina now has two bars: the Cantina and the Dusty Monk Pub.

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Posted by Donald Murray on 10/23/2014 at 4:46 PM

Re: “Best Place to Eat Lunch Downtown

Café 54.

Posted by Erin Rose O'Haver on 10/23/2014 at 3:16 PM

Re: “Best Place to Buy a New/Used Car

Mr. Jim Click epitomizes what being a successful business person is all about: being generous and a commitment to viable organizations in the community.

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Posted by Maricela Teran Martinez-Whitmore on 10/23/2014 at 2:06 PM

Re: “Welcome to the 26th Best of Tucson

Reader: Best Sporting Goods is here:…

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Posted by Dan Gibson on 10/22/2014 at 4:04 PM

Re: “Welcome to the 26th Best of Tucson

Alan: It's right here:…

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Posted by Dan Gibson on 10/22/2014 at 4:03 PM

Re: “Best Public School

There is some truth in all of the above posts. Not all students who attend are technically gifted - some are students with average intelligence who work very hard to learn content and obtain good grades. There are some gifted students who have a level of intelligence above average. While some of them may find learning the content easier, most of them also work hard to learn as much as they can. Some of the students come from very enriched homes and have had the luxury of being exposed to life experiences that have contributed to their education. Some come from average homes and have had less experiences with travel, private music lessons, educational camps, and a wealth of media and materials that have contributed to the content of their learning. I have known a few students who are truly remarkable for their efforts at UHS. These students have overcome huge obstacles such as coming from a country and culture that is very different than the U.S. They have had the additional challenges of learning English, living in very financially unstable conditions, and having to navigate the social (and sometimes political) aspects of living and learning in a new country.

What is also true is that UHS does NOT have the students who are academically average. These are students who perform in the average range for a variety of reasons (range of intelligence, motivation, opportunity, life experiences). They also have very few students who have severe challenges to learning that would qualify them as a person with a disability. They do not admit any students who academically average or below average.

I would agree that there are very dedicated teachers at UHS, some of whom are alumni. I am sure that it is very enriching to experience that level of success with their students. The other TUSD high schools also have very dedicated teachers. Some of these teachers continue their efforts despite the fact that their students may make slow growth, struggle to get to school from desperate situations at home, and often have no other resources and support other than what they receive at school. I am not sure that anyone could measure which teacher is more dedicated.

Some of these students who struggle at other schools could be as gifted as their peers at UHS -- in fact, some could be intellectually more advanced and may be more mature as they have had to problem solve "real life" issues on a daily basis. Readers need to be reminded that there are intellectually gifted and academically gifted students at all high schools. Graduates from all schools will move on to Ivy League colleges as well as 2nd and 3rd tier public universities. Some will make major contributions to our society, some will not.

The issues are too complex to summarily designate school A as "good" and school B as "bad". Let's just try to focus on helping ALL students learn and achieve their potential regardless of their intelligence, race, socio-economic status or neighborhood. It's tough, but some of us do it every day.

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Posted by ellegelle on 10/22/2014 at 1:11 PM

Re: “Welcome to the 26th Best of Tucson

Best Bagel is in the print edition but not on the website. Would be nice to have it here.

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Posted by Alan on 10/22/2014 at 9:54 AM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

That is so sad people like you would enjoy trashing the St. Phillips Farmers Market it's not about who's at who's market. You have vendors trying to make a living supporting families to put food on the table and trying to pay bills, they are busting their butts to bring you and others a damn good products. What you and others at Heirloom need to do is to stop being childish and move on. Just remember what goes around comes around. God don't like ugly and my he has mercy on your souls. it's a shame you have innocent vendors are getting mixed up in Heirloom out to get and ruin St. Phillips Farmers Market. GROW UP AND MOVE ON.

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Posted by Shandeka Tinsley on 10/21/2014 at 9:24 AM

Re: “Best Public School

UHS is not just a collection of the brightest kids in Tucson. It is a high school filled with students who MAKE themselves better throughout their four years there. It is a school with faculty who are dedicated to the mission and spend hours of their own time to make the school better. It is a collection of alumni who are giving back to the school that made a profound difference in their lives. It's really easy to say that UHS's success is only because of the it's admissions policy. But getting into UHS is only the first of many accomplishments that students have - they have to work really hard in order to graduate from the school. If you were to take the same students and put them at their home schools or other charters/private schools - they would not leave high the same as if they attend UHS. As previously mentioned, UHS gets no additional funding and has to compete with private schools that get much more than they do. This school is one of the few bright spots of our state's public education system - not part of the problem.

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Posted by UHS Alumnus on 10/19/2014 at 4:34 PM

Re: “Best Vegetarian/ Vegan

All: Feel free to vote for something else next year. Not sure what to tell you, otherwise.

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Posted by Dan Gibson on 10/19/2014 at 4:18 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

This is SO WRONG! People are voting with their feet in droves. Any Sunday, drop by St. Phillips and see how pathetic it looks, with small crowds, and empty spots between vendors. Then check out Heritage at Rillito and see the throngs that are there because the vendors are the best and getting better all the time. Food in Root did NOT "Take over the collection of vendors"--the majority moved to Rillito, and more move each week. (Just noticed this morning that the knife sharpener guy is now at Rillito--Yay!) Plus food trucks. Plus featured local restaurants--different one each week. Plus loads of parking. I was loyal to St. Phillips until the change, but now Rillito is my destination every Sunday.

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Posted by VeraMarie on 10/19/2014 at 11:09 AM

Re: “Welcome to the 26th Best of Tucson

Where's The Best Sporting Goods Store? I've seen it in the past and always look for this issue to see who it is this year.

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Posted by Reader on 10/19/2014 at 12:04 AM

Re: “Best Place to Sing Karaoke

Thank you Tucson for voting us #1. We love our Karaoke friends and a big hug for all our fantastic KJ's from Y Not Entertainment. If you haven't been here yet...we hope you'll come out and play with us on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights from 9pm - 2am. You guys rock!

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Posted by Royal Sun on 10/18/2014 at 11:51 AM

Re: “Best Signature Cocktail

You might want to order in some copies of the novel, Ghost Orchid by D. K. Christi with a beautiful picture of a ghost orchid on the cover and the mystery of ghost orchids within.

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Posted by dkchristi on 10/18/2014 at 10:55 AM

Re: “Best Public School

UHS has no campus of it's own, it has equipment and books that are frequently outdated (it took until October for the School Board to okay an AP text that was being used in a class they had already approved), they get no additional money or fancy anything, unlike Cat Foothills which looks like a swank JC, and Tucson High which has a huge foundation. But what UHS offers is sanctuary for kids who have been taunted and often bullied for most of their lives in other "normal" schools—because they actually really love learning. Almost every kid I know at UHS, and I know quite a few, has horrific tales to tell of how kids and sometimes even teachers treated them at their feeder "normal" schools. UHS is a school for special education because gifted kids learn differently and they need more and deeper learning strategies. If UHS did not exist, those kids would not be going back to their neighborhood schools. A large number of them would probably go to Basis as the next best choice to get an education that challenges them.

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Posted by KimE on 10/18/2014 at 9:02 AM

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