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Re: “Best Farmers Market

One thing is for sure. Food in Root will survive. Because Food in Root has good venues for their markets, they have good management, a good staff, and they spend money on advertising.

They just keep getting better, by focusing on the things that really matter. Food in Root is concentrating on producing a better market.
Heirloom is is concentrating on convincing you that they already have a better market. There lies the difference.

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Posted by Anna White on 11/06/2014 at 7:49 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

With no further comments, it is apparent that none of you have further motivation to continue this. It is what I assumed from the beginning. I knew in the beginning, there would finally be an end to this.

Here is the real reason. Not one of you, is sure of his future. You're gambling, and you know it. You don't have the guts to say you made the wrong choice. You're simply afraid you made the wrong choice, and perhaps you did. Only time will tell.

You left a guaranteed income with St. Phillip's. I guess that took some guts on your part. Only time will tell, how that plays out.

I hope it all works out well for everyone. Perhaps it will. You just never know.

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Posted by Anna White on 11/06/2014 at 7:29 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

It is amazing that Manish would even do something like that. It is said that he is good with computers. Then he must know that anything he generates on his computer can be traced back to his URL.

It appears the man is becoming desperate. Other than that, I have no explanation for his odd behavior.

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Posted by Anna White on 11/05/2014 at 7:20 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

So apparently, even identity theft is not beyond the operating parameters of Manish Shah.

Are any of you loyal Manish supporters watching this? I certainly hope so.

When he is finally put out of business, you will be glad to come back to St. Phillip's.

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Posted by Anna White on 11/05/2014 at 7:10 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

I have told you people more than once, that Manish Shah is a worthless human being. Dittos for the fat Mexican.

These two individuals believe they own the Farmer's Markets in Tucson. I can understand their sentiments in that regard, because for at least the last twelve years, they have. But the landscape has changed. There are a few new players on the field. Food in Root being the number one irritant to their enterprise.

Food in Root is eating their lunch, and they don't like it.

i am enjoying it immensely.

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Posted by Anna White on 11/05/2014 at 6:53 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

By the way, these comments on behalf of Anna's Kitchen are made by me, not my wife. She just happened to sign up with Tuscon Weekly before I became aware of it.

Gene White
Anna's Kitchen

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Posted by Anna White on 11/05/2014 at 6:28 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

Well Pete, I just got home and read the above comments. I must say I am not surprised. This has all the earmarks of Manish Shah and Roxanne Garcia all over it.

Perhaps you and others are just now beginning to understand what I have been trying to tell you all along. These people are snakes, and they are most dangerous when they are opposed.

Getting fired from the Maynard's Market was an insult to Manish, but he put a good face on it, and moved on.

Getting fired from St. Phillip's was a little more serious. Manish operated that market for twelve plus years. In all that time he payed not a dime in rent. Do the math. An average of seventy-five vendors, more or less. Forty bucks each. Three thousand dollars a week. Twelve thousand dollars a month. One hundred forty four thousand a year.

Not a dime in rent.

When the daughter of the owner began to take over the operation of St. Phillip's, she was probably amazed by that.

I could go into all the details of what took place, but I don't want to bore you. Basically, she told him, "you need to pay rent to continue using the Plaza as a venue." In his arrogance, which is part of his general nature, he basically refused.

There is a lot more to the story, but that was basically it. He lost St. Phillip's because of his arrogance. He could have easily reached an agreement with the management at St. Phillip's, and had he done that, he would still be in control of the market at that location.

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Posted by Anna White on 11/05/2014 at 6:26 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

Please note that I disavow the above posting. I'm not sure why, but somehow my name got ascribed to the above post that I DID NOT CREATE!

I tried contacting the TW to see if they could correct the issue, and I apologize for any misunderstanding. For the record, I still prefer the 'new' market at Rillito, but I would never stoop so low as to try making a point in such a manner.

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Posted by Pete Polley on 11/05/2014 at 5:13 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

Sounds like its Mr. White that needs to mature. 70? You cry more like you're 7! According to the news reports, Mr. Shah's contract was unanimously approved by the county supervisors, directly contradicting your belief that he has few friends at the county.

Have you been out to Rillito Park... probably not, since you're too busy wallowing in your hatred for Mr. Shah to open your eyes to reality. What heirloom has at Rillito Park is hardly a crumbling empire.

And as for your dislike at being talked down to, I suggest you take a long hard look at your's and Ms. White's posts and see who is talking down to whom. The two of you appear to be desperately trying to convince yourselves, as much as anybody else, that yours' is the side of goodness and light whereas I see it differently.

In my opinion, you are nothing more than petty, bitter, self-centered nobodies who refuse to see the faults in themselves, but would rather blame others for your own failures. Go to Phoenix and Scottsdale all you wish, but kindly leave ALL of Tucson's markets alone. I'm sure we'll all be the better for it.

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Posted by Pete Polley on 11/04/2014 at 8:34 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

Just a message to all of you. As long as you want to continue this, I will be right there right beside you. Do your best.

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Posted by Anna White on 11/04/2014 at 6:06 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

Richard, you're absolutely right. This forum is about The Best in Tucson, and according to Tuscon Weekly, the best Farmer's Market in Tucson is Sunday St. Phillip's. Number two was the Thursday market, the one we know as Santa Cruz. Number three was Broadway Village, on Fridays. A market run by Ed Dubis, a good promoter in his own right. We've had our differences, but we are friends. I'm glad he was in the running.

Curiously, there was no mention of the Rillito market you seem to be so proud of. So, if this particular thread is supposed to be about The Best in Tucson, why are we even talking about a market that was not even mentioned, except in passing?

I'm sure you see the significance of my comment. If this forum is indeed about The Best in Tucson, why are we even talking about the dust bowl we call Rillito? You started this comparison, not me.

As for going elsewhere, I don't really have to do that. You don't like me being here, then don't read or respond to my comments. It's as simple as that.

As for you buying our products, I sincerely doubt it. I don't think you have ever been in our booth. You're simply a Manish plant, Richard. You know it, and I know it.

It amuses me how so many Manish supporters come out of the wood works when anyone bashes their Prince. And yet, any number of derogatory comments and untruths can be published about Food in Root and Clayton Kammerer, and you think that is absolutely okay.

little bit of a contrast there, but I understand completely.

For the record, I don't represent Food in Root, or Food in Root's CEO.
He is doing a good job by himself. My comments on this forum represent my own thoughts and beliefs. While I do think he is doing a great job bringing new energy to the Tucson Farmer's Markets that was sorely needed, because of the vacuum created by Shah and Garcia, he is doing it on his own, without any help from me.

Here's the real deal. You like these people you claim to love? Then follow them. The two promoters themselves are on two different paths. Food in Root is on their way up, and Heirloom is on their way down. It's your choice really, and most of you seem to have already made that choice. You know, that's the great thing about America. You have a choice. But even in America, you sometimes have to live with the choice you make. Never was that statement more true, than in this case.

By the way Richard, you don't have to be so formal. I'm Gene, my wife is Anna. That is the way most of our friends know us.

Maybe coming out of this war, we'll get to meet you somewhere down the road. You seem to be a decent human being. I am as sorry for all of this as you are, but I didn't start it. That person would be Manish.

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Posted by Anna White on 11/04/2014 at 5:57 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

I'm quite amazed at how the pot claims to be so high-and-mighty, yet continues calling the kettle black! While I was disappointed by the changes at St. Philips, I was happy to see several new and former vendors at the re-launched market, Anna's Kitchen among them. However...

If you have an axe to grind, go elsewhere! This forum is about The Best of Tucson, NOT about settling old scores. I have happily been buying from Anna's Kitchen over the past several weeks, but after seeing your true colors, I feel I can do without. Furthermore, my other favorite stop, The Soup Sisters, are now at Rillito, so I see no need to frequent a 'farmers market' that is increasingly turning into a craft fair, turning away from being what it once was, presumably under the old management. That, being the city's premier link between local food producers and the community.

I will now be voting with my feet, as VeraMarie put it, and heading up to Rillito. There, they have LOCAL food producers, not folks coming in from Scottsdale and Phoenix. There they have the U of A students selling plants... THATS COMMUNITY! There they have no construction bottlenecks. What are they missing?

No arts and crafts, no parking hang-ups, and NO WHINING COMPLAINERS! Mr. and Mrs. White, I fully expect you to lash out at me just as you have done to Mr. Polly and VeraMarie before me. In fact, after reading your posts, I feel that I will be in good company... or at the very least, better company than yours. Is this juvenile of me to say? Certainly, but consider it a taste of your own medicine. Good day!

Richard Largo
Tucson, AZ

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Posted by Richard Largo on 11/04/2014 at 8:47 AM

Re: “Best Public School

The opinion of one current UHS parent who wishes he had enrolled his excelling student elsewhere:

UHS is a disastrously underfunded school crippled by the incompetent TUSD administrators forced into leadership positions against the will of the (by-in-large) high performing and talented faculty. TUSD essentially freeloads on the effort invested in UHS by highly concerned and supportive parents and high performing students and teachers, taking credit for the school's rankings when the credit does not belong to them. What successes the school has it has IN SPITE OF the district's unbelievable incompetence.

How does this incompetence manifest itself? Well, for example, in repeated failures to supply text books in a prompt fashion (one instance of this was mentioned by current parent and UHS Site Council member "KimE" above), in the complete failure to properly maintain the site -- including failing to keep the building where most classes take place (in the basement!) free of rodents and failing to properly maintain its electrical system. This building has been evacuated repeatedly because of fire alarms generated by the ancient electrical system shorting out and producing smoke and burning smells in the classrooms.

When the school studied the issue of whether or not to charter (and thereby lift itself OUT of TUSD) a few years ago, those on the committee made the wrong decision because of their desire to maintain the UHS admissions system and its faculty benefits program, which could not be maintained in a charter setting. UHS's continued existence within this nightmare of a district will eventually be the end of it. The changes forced this year alone by TUSD administrators in the AP science curriculum are enough to motivate parents to think better of enrolling students here: according to information we received at the first P.A. Board meeting this fall, these changes have taken the failing rates of UHS students taking the AP chemistry exam from19% in 2010 to 66% in spring of 2014.

Kudos to you, TUSD. Keep up the good work.

Tuscon Weekly staff: if you are looking for a poster child for excellence in public education, look elsewhere -- and before honoring UHS again, make sure you inspect the basement of the "U building" and talk to a representative sampling of current parents, students, and faculty (NOT parents, students and faculty whose names have been given to you by TUSD administrators). Your choice for "best public school" shows about as much intelligence as your endorsement of Jen Darland for the TUSD school board (i.e. no intelligence whatsoever; try again; you FLUNKED.)

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Posted by UHS Parent on 11/03/2014 at 8:33 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

While I am amused by your naiveté, I am most glad you joined the conversation, Mr. Polley. I thought this thread was dead, and I am most glad to see it still alive. Gracious Kudos to you sir, for helping in that effort. Because I would like to see it remain a living thing, a running thread, on the demise of Manish Shah and his once great empire.

I don't recognize you as a vendor. I know most of the market vendors in the Tucson market system, and your name does not ring a bell. Only possibility that remains is that you are a patron of the markets, or you are Roxanne Garcia in disguise. Truth be told, I don't really care.

As for your most recent diatribe, I thought it most entertaining. I hope you join us each evening. Nothing could give me more pleasure.

Just for fun, I'll take your first point, as a matter of discussion. "Heirloom has created the best markets in Tucson, period."

Really? Manish Shah has been fired from more markets than he has created on his own. That's simply an undeniable fact. You have to get better at doing your history before you comment.

The Manish empire is in a death spiral. For those of you from Rio Linda, that means it's going down.

Manish got fired from St. Phillip's. That is simply an undeniable fact.
He had to scramble to put something together. The race track was his only option. Not really a good option, but it was the only thing available.

He is not really on good terms with the county, something most people are not aware of. Most people don't like him. Because of his arrogance, he rubs people the wrong way.

Tell you a story. The absolute arrogance of Manish Shah and Roxanne Garcia are common knowledge in the Phoenix and Scottsdale markets. The vendors there would never come to Tucson, because of Manish and Garcia. It's a simple fact. We didn't know that until we joined the Phoenix/Scottsdale system. Now that Manish is gone, they are taking a look at St. Phillip's.

This is getting long, Pete. I'll just answer your last point, and close.

I didn't come to this forum to, "blow up this forum."

I came here because not one tenth of you even understand what Manish Shah and Roxanne Garcia represent to your business.

These are two of the most despicable people I have met in my seventy years on this planet. I want nothing to do with them in any fashion, for the remaining years I have.

You feel like worshiping these charlatans, you go right ahead.

Just one teeny tiny thing. Don't ever talk down to me like that again. My "unbridled vitriol" came from getting fired from Manish, who was trying to protect his empire. You weren't there. You know absolutely nothing of the circumstances surrounding that engagement.

I suggest you follow your own words. Grow up. I can help you with some of the background, but most of it you have to do on your own.
Let me know.

Gene White
Anna's Kitchen

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Posted by Anna White on 11/03/2014 at 6:30 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

I find it interesting that so many people are quick to bash the management at Heirloom, but won't give them credit for what they have done! They've created THE BEST farmers markets in Tucson. Period!

Some have insinuated that the Heirloom team somehow lost... Take a close look at Rillito, and it's obvious to everyone that THEY'VE WON, and along with them, the entire city of Tucson shares in their victory!

The 'new' market at Rillito has better parking, more vendors, and a greater selection of local 'restaurants on the go.' Thanks to Pima County, we have a first for Tucson... our city's ONLY dedicated farm market pavilion. A trip out to the 'new' market proves that Tucson is thankful for this great opportunity.

Yes, the vendors had a choice, and thankfully a great many chose to remain with the Heirloom team. For those who remained at St. Philips, I wish you good luck... and for those who moved to the 'new' market, I say, 'congratulations.'

As for those who feel it necessary to almost single-handedly blow up this forum, I say, 'grow up!' I don't know the circumstances surrounding your 'firing' from the St. Philips market of old, but if your unbridled vitriol is an example of your dealings with Heirloom, then it's no wonder you were, 'voted off the island' as it were. I, for one, would have gotten rid of you as well

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Posted by Pete Polley on 11/01/2014 at 7:35 PM

Re: “Best Vegetarian/ Vegan

Always slow service and mediocre food. No where near Tucson, best breakfasts or vege cuisine. I have tried this place several times over 4 decades and it never fails to disappoint. Best breakfasts are at the Eclectic Café.

Posted by agmtb on 10/30/2014 at 3:41 PM

Re: “Best Public School

What is wrong with having a superior school that attracts superior students in Tucson? I know from having a daughter who attended UHS that it also has some dedicated professional teachers that do absolutely make a difference in the achievement of these students. In fact, from many of the graduates at UHS in years going back a few decades ago to present have said that UHS was superior to their experience in college classes! It is the combination of student, family and staff dedication that does a great school make.

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Posted by Diana Tolton on 10/29/2014 at 8:01 PM

Re: “Best Farmers Market

Some of you might wonder why we talk about the Phoenix and Scottsdale markets as being different. Well, it's simply because they are.

To begin with, the market promoters themselves are professional, and they don't tolerate vendors who are not of the same mindset.

The Tucson Markets often struggle with that concept. The reason for that often lies with the vendors themselves. We have a lot of whiners in the Tucson markets. The Phoenix and Scottsdale markets don't have that problem. Because they simply don't tolerate whiners.

Effective today, we just began our new season in the Phoenix/Scottsdale markets.

What a breathe of fresh air. No Manish. No Garcia, and no whiners.

Five months of absolute bliss.

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Posted by Anna White on 10/25/2014 at 7:35 PM

Re: “Best Outdoor Seating

And La Cocina now has two bars: the Cantina and the Dusty Monk Pub.

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Posted by Donald Murray on 10/23/2014 at 4:46 PM

Re: “Best Place to Eat Lunch Downtown

Café 54.

Posted by Erin Rose O'Haver on 10/23/2014 at 3:16 PM

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