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Re: “The Desert Goddess of Glen Canyon

You had me at "America became grate."

45 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by Grate American on 04/30/2015 at 3:01 PM

Re: “Shining a Light on Rosemont Copper's "Good Citizen" Gambit

After reading these comments, and those mentioned in other AZ media, I'm left with the impression that Hudbay Company (Ltd.), Rosemont's owner, needs to employ a higher quality of shills.

Also, while most of Canada is still a pretty nice place, AZ residents might want to consider Manitoba, the home base for this environmental predator, as off limits until the province's predators relent and leave Arizona alone. A boycott of Winnipeg, Lake Winnipeg resorts, and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights -- what an irony! -- would be a more effective rejoinder than trading words online or in The Weekly, which earns Hudbay no penalty for promoting falsehoods. Combine it with a boycott of Alberta and Lake Louise if you feel equally strongly against the Keystone Pipeline outrage.

We should always remember to share our hurt with the many Manitobans and other Canadian snowbirds who come here for the nice environment each winter. It's their fellow-Canadian gangsters who are threatening to trash all that they so enjoy.

11 likes, 8 dislikes
Posted by Jake on 04/30/2015 at 2:59 PM

Re: “The Head of BASIS Tucson North Responds

I read through the entire controversy, articles and comments and such, and was impressed by how few parents want to take responsibility for their kids' education and cultural upbringing other than sticking them in this school or that. Oh sure, they're helicoptering around, justifying their laxness -- but that's not creating the home environment or the out-of-doors adventures a family takes to widen a student's perspectives. The issue isn't BASIS per se, but how people use it to excuse themselves from the most important class of all: how to educate their kids to have a good life in a changing, challenging world. That's what gets the shortest shrift.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Jake on 04/30/2015 at 2:41 PM

Re: “Arizona DREAMers Rally at UA: We Deserve In-State Tuition

Some of the Chuys Restaurants are a great example of cash payment under the table, unreported taxes and jobs for Americans lost.

Now they want us to subsidize their college?

5 likes, 7 dislikes
Posted by Rat T on 04/30/2015 at 2:27 PM

Re: “Shining a Light on Rosemont Copper's "Good Citizen" Gambit

"Since Rosemont does not intend to back fill the pit after mining ceases, a lake will form at the bottom of the massive hole." -from Save the Scenic Santa Ritas

How sweet would that be? We have needed a recreational lake near Tucson to store the CAP water. That would be perfect.

8 likes, 10 dislikes
Posted by Rat T on 04/30/2015 at 2:23 PM

Re: “Shining a Light on Rosemont Copper's "Good Citizen" Gambit

Mr. Safier: instead of just making a correction to your article, why don't you also apologize to Rosemont Copper and the citizens of Tucson for the crude remark you made in the final paragraph of the article.

9 likes, 13 dislikes
Posted by Chris Horquilla on 04/30/2015 at 1:19 PM

Re: “Shining a Light on Rosemont Copper's "Good Citizen" Gambit

Too bad Rosemont can only afford Bisbee boy. John McCain is your man if you want a mine in AZ.

10 likes, 7 dislikes
Posted by Cascabel on 04/30/2015 at 12:51 PM

Re: “Arizona DREAMers Rally at UA: We Deserve In-State Tuition

Funny how the American people have become so stupid. These Illegal DREAMERS are here because of their illegal parents that took American jobs get paid under the table and receive tax payer supplements like food stamps and rental assistance and send their money back to their country. They broke the law and all should be deported along with anybody that helped them.

6 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by Clifford Breidenfeld on 04/30/2015 at 12:48 PM

Re: “The Desert Goddess of Glen Canyon

More anti-development junk!! Where would we be if these lunatics were loose 100 years ago? Sacrifices must be made for the mutual good of the country and sometimes these sacrifices are difficult, but in the end we all benefit.

America became grate because the balance between what must be done to provide for the needs of many and the desire of a few to save something. In the past, reason prevailed, today passion prevails and important projects are stopped. Future generations will suffer because of this shortsightedness, not the crazies that halted needed progress.

They will, I hope, be sharing eco-stories in infernal Hell, which they will have earned for their foul deeds on earth. They are not heroes!

8 likes, 59 dislikes
Posted by Bisbee boy on 04/30/2015 at 12:26 PM

Re: “Arizona DREAMers Rally at UA: We Deserve In-State Tuition

We have to assume that these people lived in homes somewhere and paid rent, meaning that they do effectively pay property tax indirectly like most people who rent in Arizona. They pay sales tax every time they buy something, just like me and you. Almost all of the studies that are done on income tax rates paid by undocumented workers show that more than half are paying income and social security taxes. The tax argument is tired and doesn't hold up.

Let's find a way to allow hard working young men and women to participate in our economy, attain high levels of education, a path to citizenship and eventually help them become a middle to upper income tax payer!

If you are are anti immigrant you are anti american. Period.

9 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by HumanBean on 04/30/2015 at 12:11 PM

Re: “Mother Hubbard's Recognized as One of the Top 12 Diners in the U.S.

Error in the times at the end.

5 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by mel1 on 04/30/2015 at 11:42 AM

Re: “The Fox Theatre Was Vandalized This Weekend

Ok, something I've noticed a lot of you don't have straight. There is a difference between tagging, and art. This, is tagging. No artistic aspect to it. Graffiti, is art, this however isn't art. This is just defacing your city instead of making it better. There is a point however, brought up by Ghost Buster and I quote "They all are retarded and actually post their job as graffiti. Next start with known crews. TSK. they all know each other and have pictures and posts of their stuff . Their friends list will consist of all the taggers and their names true or not and crimes. Their are pictures of them doing drugs and everything.". This is not always true. TSK, isn't a crew, as all his tags stay consistant with style and hand writing. Second, not all taggers know each other. It is true that some do, and yes, I will agree that most taggers are morons, but most of them aren't stupid enough to brag about spraying something up online. And even if they do, they're at least going to be smart enough not to have pictures of their faces, much less of them doing drugs. One last thing about this, the drugs aspect. Not all taggers/artists do drugs. It is true that a fair few of them do, but they are a minority in terms of the community of artists and taggers. It is incidents like these, and people who aren't educated on the community, like Ghost Buster, that give the real artists a bad name.

2 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Markov on 04/30/2015 at 11:25 AM

Re: “Shining a Light on Rosemont Copper's "Good Citizen" Gambit

Great points Bisbee boy. It's a lot like listening to what the rioters THINK happened in Baltimore. Once they decided the truth can be damned. They aren't listening. Hillary Clinton peddled more international access to the American economy for contributions than we may ever know.

Has anybody found her emails or did they get mixed up with Lois Lerner's from the IRS?

So this is open and transparent? huh.

8 likes, 12 dislikes
Posted by Rat T on 04/30/2015 at 11:25 AM

Re: “4th Ave's Lit Home Casa Libre Moving Out of Its Venue As State Budget Cuts to Arts Begin to Trickle Down

@Old Pueblo Independent, @Corduval

Casa Libre is FULLY inclusive. Nobody is excluded for any reason. I'm not sure what Independent is talking about, but it's not about actually being excluded from Casa Libre or any of its events. Unless there was some specific event for which a literary work authored by Independent was specifically rejected? I could see that.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Linda Ray 64 on 04/30/2015 at 11:22 AM

Re: “4th Ave's Lit Home Casa Libre Moving Out of Its Venue As State Budget Cuts to Arts Begin to Trickle Down

TC and Kristen are the kindest, most wonderful, and hardest working people in the Tucson arts community. I was lucky enough to read at CL several times and to work with them on a reading series and other projects. Couldn't love them more, and I know they'll persevere.

2 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Bill Wetzel on 04/30/2015 at 11:13 AM

Re: “4th Ave's Lit Home Casa Libre Moving Out of Its Venue As State Budget Cuts to Arts Begin to Trickle Down

Mr. Independent ..continued:
It sounds like you might be bitter about being excluded from an arts organization. I too would like to see publically funded groups be held to total inclusion in who they intend to serve. But I realize that these days money is always limited, and it's necessary for groups have to narrow their good intentions to what they can actually get funding for. Some would-be participants are excluded when their interests differ, or are beyond what the group offers, determined by the amount of funding they have.

It's a sad day when Arizona cuts back funding for the Arts, which are part of the very allure the state has held for over 75 years. Investors are drawn to communities who are 'open for business' and that offer good quality of life to their families.

Posted by Corduval on 04/30/2015 at 11:05 AM

Re: “4th Ave's Lit Home Casa Libre Moving Out of Its Venue As State Budget Cuts to Arts Begin to Trickle Down

Mr. Independent.
I am not sure you understood the garden metaphor the director used. She did not say 'beheading' a flower. She said 'deadheading' a flower. In gardening, you deadhead flowers after they have finished blooming and are forming seeds - in order for the plant to put it's energies into forming new flowers, rather than seeds. The practice keeps a flower plant blooming over and over during a season.

I think it was a wonderful metaphor for having to cut back expenses in order for the organization to survive. I wish them well.

2 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Corduval on 04/30/2015 at 10:35 AM

Re: “Shining a Light on Rosemont Copper's "Good Citizen" Gambit

Sure, a Canadian mining conglomerate should be permitted to mine on US national forest land, ship the ore over an Arizona scenic highway en route to Mexico for smelting and ultimately shipped to China. Problem is the Chinese don't need it and the price of copper has crashed to a five year low. Add in the AZ court decision denying the ADEQ permit because the original approval was found to be faulty, "arbitrary and capricious" and the original filing with the EPA was dismissed out of hand as one of the most incompetent submissions it had reviewed in over twenty years. What could possibly go wrong?

12 likes, 7 dislikes
Posted by Rick Spanier on 04/30/2015 at 10:17 AM

Re: “Arizona DREAMers Rally at UA: We Deserve In-State Tuition

maria_ines_t "so no "real American" tax benefits there or anywhere…"

Who do you think pays for k-12? That's $100k right there!

You don't pay state income taxes or own property and pay those taxes, do you?

6 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by What, Again on 04/30/2015 at 9:25 AM

Re: “Shining a Light on Rosemont Copper's "Good Citizen" Gambit

Rosemont is one of the very few opportunities for Pima county and Tucson to experience true growth through the responsible exploitation of natural resources. I find it exceedingly ironic when people or groups whine for more tax money to fund projects or maintain public services, but refuse to allow the very type of job creating industry that we so desperately need. The Resolution Copper project is another example.

The eco-fear mongers fill the airways and papers with half-truths, at best - totally unconstrained by reality. While the mining companies are constrained to tell the truth, which I believe they do. I have personally visited the Peruvian project of the owners of Rosemont and found it to be an outstanding example of a well-conceived and developed mine. They would do as good or better here, if we give them the chance.

All of America needs to remember that its greatness as a nation was based on its God-given natural resources, which create good, well paying jobs for many and increase the tax base for the benefit of all.

4 likes, 17 dislikes
Posted by Bisbee boy on 04/30/2015 at 9:25 AM

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