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Re: “Mark Stegeman: For or Against Closing Schools? Or Both? It's Hard to Tell

The problem with liberals like safier is they are totally closed minded. It's all their way or no way. Critical thinking, alternative perspectives not allowed. They love to be ignorant and arrogant.

Posted by What, Again on 10/28/2016 at 2:30 PM

Re: “Mark Stegeman: For or Against Closing Schools? Or Both? It's Hard to Tell

Man how do you sleep at night? What kind of journalist are you? You pig. You should be ashamed of yourself. You might as well work in Turkey, Syria, North Korea or one of the many other countries that does not have freedom of the press. You are clearly false and have the reasoning of an uneducated TUSD student. Kick rocks David and pray to God that you pay for what you are doing to our kids by justifying this behavior. Stegeman, Betts, and Rustand are my choices!

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Posted by TUSD TEACHER on 10/28/2016 at 2:02 PM

Re: “Mark Stegeman: For or Against Closing Schools? Or Both? It's Hard to Tell

David, when is it enough to simply sacrifice all of your credibility and reputation? At this point I feel like there is a little man inside of you who simply wants to commit hara-kiri.


It is about the policies of your buddies, the grihalva board, which are causing teachers and students to flee the district. And you know what happens when there are no teachers or students in a school, well it is closed. So why not for a change quit throwing BS, such as TUSD Kids Fist wants to push out kids for condos or Stegeman wants to close schools just because well he wants to close schools, and FOCUS ON THE DAMN ISSUES, FOCUS ON THE KIDS.

***Where did your Board Majority hide the 123 and 301 money THAT they took from the teachers? When are these dollars going to the teachers?
***Why did the Board hide the discipline issues and what is being done to fix these now, not next year, now?
***What is being done to handle IEPs and 504 plans which are not being adequately handled as kids slip through the cracks?
***Why do the support staff at schools get shafted financially while HT takes care of his buddies at 1010? Can we put this money back into the schools?
***Why is TUSD hiding the situation with Magnet schools and their precarious situation of losing their status? What is being done to fix this?

No, not meaningful discussions!!! For you Mr. Safier it is all about protecting the control of the $600M budget so your grijalva friends can hire their inlaws and spread the money wherever they want while destroying our public school district. I hope you are proud of yourself. Can't wait to send the Auditor Generals Report this coming year to you so you can see how good you are doing.

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Posted by your friend on 10/28/2016 at 1:57 PM

Re: “Be a Voter! (Then Vote)

Francis Patrick Saitta, Ph.D.
Candidate for the Pima Community College Board of Governors from the 5th District.

Let us Replace Martha Durkin: Appointed to the Board by the Pima County Democratic Party Establishment via a Questionable Political Selection Process. She will do to PCC what she has helped to do to the City of Tucson as Deputy City Manager: a $25.6 Million Deficit and a Crumbling City Infrastructure.

Community Education (Including the Development of a PCC High School Diploma Program) via Open Enrollment, with a Focus on Student Success and Achievement Supported by a Competent and Dedicated Faculty and Administration, and a Modern Classroom/Laboratory Infrastructure; Campus/Central Administration Evaluation/Reorganization; College Wide Entrance and Assessment Examinations so as to Ensure that Students Have and are Provided with the Academic Skills to Achieve their Career Goals; No Pima County Resident should be Denied Admission because of Financial Reasons.

45 Years of Teaching/Research Experience: from Kindergarten to Graduate Level Courses. Peace Corps Volunteer: Lesotho, Southern Africa: 1979-1981

1992-1996 Johns Hopkins University: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Immunology and Infectious Disease (HIV/AIDS)
1970-1972 University of Texas at Austin: Postdoctoral Fellow in Population Genetics
1970 Ph.D., Biological Sciences (Genetics), University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI.
1968 M.Sc., Genetics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.
1966 B.Sc., Secondary Education/Biology, Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA.
Pennsylvania: Biology and General Science; Arizona: Biology, General Science, Mathematics, CTE Biomedical Sciences, and Structures English Immersion

Adjunct Instructor; Biology/Math; Pima Community College. Courses: Introductory Biology (Biology 100); Wildlife of North America (Biology 115); Genetics, Biotechnology and Human Affairs (Biology 135), Elementary Algebra (Math 92), and Intermediate Algebra (Math 122)

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Posted by Francis Saitta on 10/28/2016 at 6:32 AM

Re: “NAACP Ratifies Resolution Calling For a Moratorium on New Charter Schools

In response to "Try getting a graduate degree in education"

You misinterpret Hume. Hume doesn't deny cause and effect. Let me assure you that Hume acknowledges that if you light a torch and put it under your finger your flesh will burn.

What Hume is referring to is false associations and education is loaded with them. For example high performing students are so closely associated with Advanced Placement that surely Advance Placement causes at least some of that high performance. But, in the NELS study where they followed thousands of students from 8th grade on into adult life and they could carefully compare high SES students, they found no impact from Advanced Placement with the exception of one Advanced Placement class: Calculus.

In the late 90's, the National Reading Panel spent $10 million analyzing 10,000 studies, the top 10,000 studies selected from prestigious journals, and found that 96% of them weren't worth the paper they were written on. Even the other 4% had significant flaws.

Education culture is a mess precisely for the issues that Hume raises in his famous discourses on cause and effect. This is why the huge longitudinal studies are so important. NELS and the ECLS are guiding lights for education policy because they meet Hume's standards for cause and effect.

Posted by on 10/28/2016 at 3:59 AM

Re: “Song of the Day: 'The Rovin' Kind' (with Tucson reference) by David Ruffin

This is dope... As great as Ruffin is, he's still underrated... He could sing its smoothly, he could shout, he could take you to church, he could hit the notes, he had power, and that thing that you can't quite quantify thing that ALL the greats have -- the ability to HIT your SOUL! There will never be another...

Posted by Music Fan on 10/27/2016 at 9:51 AM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

Off Ox -

I challenge you to look at my sources and tell me what part of Betts' "Jewish Problem" you think is crackpot.

She's stood with a dude who minimizes or denies the Holocaust, and picketed a Jewish Festival and attended events which deny Israel's right to exist.

Based on that, can she represent all students, including Jews and Christians?

You're not arguing with me, you're arguing with the AJL, Jewish Virtual Library and Alan Dershowitz.

After Trump disappears, there will still be racists, liars and fear-mongers like him - on both sides. Let's figure out how to discern some truth.

0 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by MJ on 10/26/2016 at 9:03 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

Just when I needed my crackpot fix, MJ is back! Hallelujah! After Donald Trump disappears, we're gonna need you full-time, my friend.

2 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Off Ox on 10/26/2016 at 8:53 PM

Re: “For Buckmaster Show Listeners (and Others), My TUSD Board Picks, Once Again

Safier and Buckmaster on the radio speaking into the same microphone?

I feel sorry for the mic ... and the audience (or lack thereof).

4 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by Danehick Sux on 10/26/2016 at 6:14 PM

Re: “The Weekly List: 22 Things To Do In Tucson In The Next 10 Days

If there were any rhyme or reason to this crazy universe, The Struts "Kiss This" would RULE THE AIRWAVES.

Posted by Firsttimecaller on 10/26/2016 at 5:02 PM

Re: “In the Flesh: Howe Gelb's 60th B-day Bash at the Rialto Theater

"The Worms" were a favorite for decades at the Chicago Bar on Speedway. Happy birthday Howe!

2 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by Rat T on 10/26/2016 at 3:17 PM

Re: “Justice Denied: McCain Says He'll Block Any and All of Clinton's Supreme Court Nominees

Obamacare would work if we adjusted the levels of penalty for no insurance. $50,000 per violation would make the program solvent. We would probably save $2500 per year and we could all keep our doctors if we like them.

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Posted by Hillary 2016..... for Prison on 10/26/2016 at 2:47 PM

Re: “Justice Denied: McCain Says He'll Block Any and All of Clinton's Supreme Court Nominees

This is just another case of the pot calling the kettle black. Democrats have so politicized the Supreme Court that it is now virtually a second legislative body. The Left wing members of the Court vote in lock step. They bent over backwards to push through Obamacare despite serious and major flaws with the act.

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Posted by Frank Stagg on 10/26/2016 at 2:01 PM

Re: “For Buckmaster Show Listeners (and Others), My TUSD Board Picks, Once Again

I hope any Buckmaster listeners who follow the link to your 2/3 ludicrous endorsements will also read the comment stream on the piece. (For those who may be wondering, Safier's endorsements of and excuses for the unbelievably dishonest and low-functioning Board members Foster and Juarez were the ludicrous portion of the endorsement piece he links above.)

For the past three years, David, some of the comments on your TUSD blogs have consistently been better (more informative, more honest, more persuasively argued) than your blog itself.

It's stunning that you remark on how the TUSD Board race is getting "uglier by the minute": you are one of the principal parties that has made it ugly with your smear pieces on TUSD Kids First, which were beneath contempt.

And in your most recent blog on TUSD you had the gall to call the opposite side's signs "dishonest." Your commentary on TUSD has been consistently, relentlessly dishonest or misleadingly selective for three solid years.

I hope Bill Buckmaster, who seems a pretty solid citizen, realizes what a scammer you are, talking in your elevated tone about how a race you have made ugly is "getting uglier by the minute" as though you've had no role in this.

You can take your irrelevant and dishonest commentary on this sick district where other people's children are suffering and...well, I think you know what you can do with it.

25 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by Your elevated tone is not fooling anyone, Safier. on 10/26/2016 at 1:08 PM

Re: “For Buckmaster Show Listeners (and Others), My TUSD Board Picks, Once Again

At this point I would rather do my own research. There, I'm done.

Replace Foster and Juarez. Nothing ugly about it. Except for the lies that have been tossed around.

21 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by TUSD needs to rid itself of on 10/26/2016 at 12:08 PM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

You ought to be reality based if you expect to get the best outcomes for your children. The reality is, other commenters have mentioned, no favors closing schools. However, the bleeding hasn't stopped for TUSD, it has only slowed. TUSD is still shrinking about a school a year with no end in sight. Carefully synchronizing school closures with retirements at the principal level to keep the trauma of leadership changes to a minimum is the way to go. The only way to end the bleeding is getting those excellent ratings up from the low 30's into the 70's - then, you could open some of these closed schools and help make Tucson an economic magnet.

5 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by on 10/26/2016 at 11:44 AM

Re: “Cinema Clips: A Man Called Ove

The book of the same title is also a delight. I look forward to seeing this.

Posted by Da Coach on 10/26/2016 at 7:59 AM

Re: “In the Flesh: Howe Gelb's 60th B-day Bash at the Rialto Theater

Fucking awesome. I wanted so much to go to this show, but Blofeld foiled my plans...again.

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Posted by Gonzo Sorcrachi on 10/26/2016 at 7:45 AM

Re: “Cinema Clips: A Man Called Ove

I really want to see this.

Posted by Gonzo Sorcrachi on 10/26/2016 at 7:40 AM

Re: “Which TUSD Board Candidates Favor Closing More Schools?

Betts' Jewish Problem remains. While has done many good things, she has also:

1. Publically endorsed a campaign with Holocaust-denier/Holocaust-minimizer Norman Finkelstein, the author who used his parent's survival in the Nazi Holocaust to develop the idea of a Jewish-controlled "Holocaust Industry", which David Duke regularly promotes.

"Whereas hard-core deniers posit that the Holocaust is fiction...Finkelstein accepts that the mass murders did occur, but then joins the deniers in claims that Jews are collectively abusing this history for evil purposes." - Jewish Virtual Library

2. Participated in an event using the IPMN "Steadfast Hope" curriculum. Dexter Van Zile from Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) reported extensively on the "Steadfast Hope Curriculum" as full of lies, and supportive of terror. The JCPA (nationwide umbrella organization for bi-partisan Jewish Community Relations Councils) condemned the IPMN as antisemitic. The JCPA's Ethan Felson conducted a training in Tucson showing the IPMN to regularly invoke racist, antisemitic, tropes, including attacks on President Obama as a "tool of the Jews".

3. Publically expressed solidarity with John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, authors who allege that the US government is controlled by pro-Israel lobbyists.

4. Picketed The Jewish Festival at the Tucson Jewish Community Center, demonizing Jews and Israel and frightening preschool children. (I was the staff photographer who took photos of her picketing.)

5. Self-identified as a member of Women In Black, an organization that is viewed by many as crossing the line between being anti-occupation and demonizing Israel and holding Israel disproportionately responsible for the conflict.


5 likes, 12 dislikes
Posted by MJ on 10/26/2016 at 7:21 AM

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