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Re: “420

if they don't want to legalize then re-petition for alcohol probhition !!!!!,,,,, take the law makers alcohol away and you will see how fast they legalize cannabis !!!!!!

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Posted by jammerk65 on 04/17/2015 at 7:17 AM

Re: “420

Why would I patronize if they support policing my home taking my property even in form of fines and money because they won a lottery. ?

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Posted by Carpet Bagger on 04/17/2015 at 1:01 AM

Re: “420

But is Puchi-Saavedra for or against personal cultivation in 2016?

Home brewing didn't put the breweries out of business.

!Demand No legalization w/o personal cultivation and protections for medical patients! This is bloody America. Laws written by big biz to push the citizens around are better suited to Europe.

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Posted by desertrat on 04/16/2015 at 12:02 PM

Re: “420

welcome home maryjane !!!!!,,,,, legalize 2016 !!!!!

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Posted by jammerk65 on 04/16/2015 at 9:25 AM

Re: “Calexico

Great article Linda. I'm inclined to agree with Schumacher - Bullets & Rocks is one of the best things Burns has ever written. I'm so glad that this new album is so good. The last few have felt a bit bland to me but this one's an absolute doozy.

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Posted by jh55 on 04/16/2015 at 5:13 AM

Re: “Arts District Downturn

It's Too bad, I had to seccumb to illness. I did howeever forgot in my seeminly named and aimed at attempt to quote, as always misunderstood or downplayed. What struck Me as just too funny is Tattos arent just for Sailors anf whores. It seems now 20015 I see nothing in Downtown. The Dinnerware lasted not a year I dont remember prices were rediculous. But the Downtown loop of the bis is Stoppig or Stopped, ther is so little intetest in Downtown. So The funny part is when exactly did We have a port or Sailors ealking on Congress. And to the other well I am told by many you would need to visit miracle mile-Oracle Rd. Area for whores not a tattoo shop there. Funny how closed minded People that claim to be cool and gutureistic thinkers planners act like yhere from Ozzie and Harriot or waiting for Beaver Cleaver to walk by, thT left with the 50's and so should your thinking. Arent you the hub of the hip and cool, you advertise stip clubs, yet misguote on a tricky way aim it all at me pointing to Me as villian. Now doesn't piles of newspPers and trash garbage line thode streets of Congress. When I was there I washed my sidewalk daily. Swept nonstop, since when do not Men look T women, of that were so
Not a person in Tucson would date , Marry or be Hans Wen look at men Newsflash!!!OMG imagine that. Gee since when is it unusual that Men look, I happen to hate oggleling
My word for perverts. Thats different than glancing at a cute attractive to you person. Of your single how does that correlate with the article or Tattoing. Most men in strip clubs dont have any tattoos. Food for thought. WhT YOU dont know is I. An accomplished Artist with a degree in Fine Art and a Silversmith. I didnt think it would make a bit of difference in your closed mindef 2001 Article on Hardvore Tattoo and yeah to the real art folkd at Fox for theor vomment. I want you all to know My Son Mile Ball sadly pasdef awsy a young Artist great kid,y son anf if You saw the skull with the tophat on My door, Mikey did that by hand, and I hope it is still there. I cannot do any Art any more. Hope temporary but as time goes by so it appears permantly a paralyasis of both jands I cant pick up a pint brush to do oils, much ledd anything else creative, I have lost My love, Art. Now say that Lady was not an Artist. You folks at Fox thanks for being open minded. Anf have you saw a Sailor on 4th Av? They thrive well, they know how to run a ship. All are welcome so guess what.AllCome it os jammed every day and nights it is packed with bars art tattoos and best of all shoppers people Eating ath the different Eateries, health food
Bookstores, everything for everyone. Thats why downtown is dead, so are the thinkers minds that run it, they have not had a freash idea in forever, with closed minds not hard to see why it is dead on Congress. And to the naysayers on Tattoos Dont Look!!! Next time you pretend doing an upbeat article on Something, do it! Not Murder their livelihood. Why I dont go to your publication for the cool things in town, I know what closed minds run the show and articles that slay people who advertise. How did that do for buisness, how many shops advertise now with you, i dare it wrote with a different spin, We could have people up in arms an upheaval if you will, of new cultures and buisnesses and shops with drive anf ambition. It is hard to run a buisness without the cultured so called artistic eclectic. Thats a wrap. Not a not a ghost town like Congress is Today
Helped did it, not so much. Thanks. Debi Schoenholtz, I want to thank the thousands that visited during the walks oh yeah they got tattoos!!!hate to break the news to you. and downtown Sat. Night. That was not crap it turned in to. People disappeared. When the real music dies where streets were closed off live bands everywhere people dancing buying having a blast nope said officials. So Tucson Downtown died.

Posted by Debi Schoenholtz on 04/13/2015 at 2:24 PM

Re: “Mysteries in the Mountains

Hey I grew up in between Tucson and arivaca. One night going west on Sahuarita rd when u go over the cattle guard a ghost car appeared. Me my mom and my brother saw it and as it turned on a lil rd north that runs along the pecan orchard out there it disappeared.

Posted by stephy on 04/11/2015 at 8:00 PM

Re: “The Saga of Three Points

here is it 2015. nothing has changed. there is methhead tweakers everywhere. the sherrif dept response varies...there is a known drug dealer and meth lab complete with plastic burning smells right behind our house, no one ever will do anything. every sunday at sunset, totally predictable there is automatic gunfire, grenade launchers, on state one will do anything. the roads feature swastikas made of motor oil, ATVs are illegal by the way our here, yet are on our private property every day, which is clearly marked. our property values are so low now we would never be able to get our original cost for the property back, which was purchased in the last 80s. thats right, our 60K house purchased 30 years ago is worth less because of the crime, trash, filth and total lawlessness. and forget water! the people running the water co-ops are toothless, drunken and illiterate idiots that are above the law and so lacking in any self-worth that they run the co-ops like their personal kingdoms. it is never ending. i wish i had never had any hope for this place, i believe there is no redeeming quality that matters in any way, and the place should just be leveled. it is worthless.

Posted by three points since 1985 on 04/10/2015 at 4:22 PM

Re: “Calexico

Excellent writing - an enjoyable read.

I wish they'd play their hometown more often.


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Posted by Scott85730 on 04/09/2015 at 7:54 PM

Re: “Calexico

Nice writing, Linda. The new Calexico album is so well rounded that it is like traveling, literally and emotionally, around the globe. Already branding each song into the Calexico jukebox in my mind.

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Posted by nutridawg on 04/09/2015 at 5:13 AM

Re: “Arizona Adventure

Don't you think the subtitle of this book should read "A man and woman's year long obsession with the Grand Canyon State?" It seems to me Ken's wife Karen is on this trip also.

Posted by Bureaucracy Babe on 04/06/2015 at 7:19 PM

Re: “Death by Study

These are the chosen of the very ones the bible calls his children I have studied the Environment in Tucson Arizona and it blew me off my chair when I read the Five Year Report 2013. Tucson South Side is not the only ones afflicted by a 1950s Pistol Range when elevated levels of Chromium were detected in a municipal supply well adjusted to the plant Air Force Plant 44. and residents around the Tucson International Airport complained of foul-smelling water from private water wells. according to City of Tucson, Tucson Water Spokesman MR. Fernando Molina, on via-email the site is contained, These Government cover ups are the products of our rulers of darkness we must not wrestle flesh and blood but our principalities, darkness in high places, the worst part is the controversy and fear it puts in the people However, God did not create fear it comes from the one they call in the Bible the Devil an evil spirit , It roams around tossing us to and fro like a lion seeking to see who he can devour it is a spirit that comes only to Steal, Kill, and destroy and if we are not fully armed with Gods armor we are no match to the devil. It is not Lucifer it is a bad spirit like smog it comes in through even the vents in your home it is also a plague of destruction , I never understood how powerful these principalities were until I sat in a room with them it felt as if I was sitting with the killers of my daughter . and the worst part they are being rewarded with stakeholders money to clean up there destruction all of Tucson is under construction the City, State, Government , all can not find any other way to hide the evident evil , the evil is to far from cure. it is all about money and power not about the holy one , the fruits of the spirit Jesus spoke to the woman at the well and he said woman if you drink of the water from the well it is like drinking a cup of oil . but if you drink of my living water I will bless you and all your generation I hear this over and over when I am under attack I just press on and I will keep you all up in prayer the story is far from over many times social media is there for a good story God is with us through every storm Jesus is the one who carries are cross and he is the one who took the beating we will all be ok just do not be deceived keep in mind there is real power in the name of Jesus the great I AM.

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Posted by Linda Robles on 04/03/2015 at 9:26 AM

Re: “Mysteries in the Mountains

This is so strange! I know an author (Carl Grimsman) who wrote a completely fictional book called "Apache Portal" about this area and dealing with this portal. He felt "in touch with" the "Grandfathers" during his visits to the area and his composition.

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Posted by MysticFiddler on 04/02/2015 at 11:42 AM

Re: “So I Elected an Ax Murderer

"Grandpa's cough syrup"? Hardly, since I'm already a great-grandfather. (I had to chuckle when "ksl" bragged about living here for a whole 13 months!!!!)

Since I have your short attention, I hope governments slash corporate taxes to zero. If you're not living under a bridge and on food stamps---in other words, you might actually have a job--- you probably work for a corporation, or wish you did. Even if it's a one-man landscaping company LLC. The "C" in that stands for "Corporation."

And if you have a retirement fund, or 401k, you're most likely invested in...gasp...corporations. Even Tommy works for 1013 Communications, LLC, the owner of this fishwrapper company.

So go ahead, wish for more taxes on yourself. Corporate taxes either hurt the owners (shareholders) and/or get passed onto the corporation's customers. There ain't no free lunch, despite what the liberal establishment would lead you to believe.

That's your economics lesson for today; you are dismissed, and I do mean dismissed.

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Posted by Wes S. on 03/24/2015 at 7:02 PM

Re: “So I Elected an Ax Murderer

Oh, Wes, you've been into grandpa's "cough syrup" again, haven't you. The Kroch Brothers (because they're dicks, that's why) bought and paid for Ducey and several other Republicans governors, all of whom are now slashing corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy. Why? Because that's why they were bought and put into office. Arizona will follow Kansas into an economic death spiral because of this foolishness and no amount for you rebutting with, "George Soros", is going to change that.

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Posted by Ldonyo on 03/24/2015 at 3:36 PM

Re: “So I Elected an Ax Murderer

Scarpia, B, you nailed it. What the leftie readers and writers of this rag fail to understand is that they are in the minority.

I'm stuck with dealing with the country now circling the drain because of the idiot Liar-in-Chief elected by TW writers and their ilk. Ducey is the least of our worries.

And to the dingbats that are always throwing out "The Koch Brothers" as the cause of all our troubles there is a two word retort; George Soros.

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Posted by Wes S. on 03/24/2015 at 9:35 AM

Re: “So I Elected an Ax Murderer

We have idiots that run the city of Tucson, it has a racist police chief that only chooses to enforce laws he likes, we have a king hucklberry that runs the county that pretty much gets anything he wants like the RTS being passed in a shady election, which also is rampantly wasting our tax dollars. Two miles of La Canada Rd has taken about 3 years to be widen thanks to their incompetence. (What would you expect though it is run by the local Mayors). We have so much waste and incompetence going on in Pima county and the city of Tucson, you would think our local papers would be keying on this but because they are both run by democraps and these papers hate republicans they choose to harp on the people who run our state which of course are mostly Republican.

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Posted by AZPaul on 03/23/2015 at 7:43 AM

Re: “So I Elected an Ax Murderer

Is it or is not also the responsibility of the federal government to fund schools? I'm pretty sure it is and with school systems like TUSD that spend more on administration then it's students. I can see where the blame should lie. Why are Tucson papers such Republican haters?

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Posted by AZPaul on 03/23/2015 at 6:59 AM

Re: “So I Elected an Ax Murderer

@scarface. Or of at least the 50% of the 54% that vote. What amazes me is the depth of effort to get into government by the ones who hate government the most. If all public school and charter school parents buy cars from Jim just because he vacuums his conscience with philanthropy, and don't pay attention to the thousands he spends on anti public school actions they deserve him.

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Posted by Tucson Tommy on 03/22/2015 at 6:45 PM

Re: “So I Elected an Ax Murderer

Nintz, this reminds me of when you were having second thoughts about the Clean Elections law because it generated Capt'n Al Melvin. This is what the people of AZ want. Ducey and the legislature were freely elected because the highest values of the AZ voters are smaller government and lower taxes. If a majority of the electorate valued education, paved roads, or even the social safety net more, different people would be elected. This is the way democracy works. Rather than writing about elected officials who do things you don't approve of, write about why Arizonians don't value education any more, why they are willing to put up with unpaved roads, why the state consistently votes conservative Republican. Personally I think you will find Ducey et al. represent the culture of Arizona pretty well. I figure that is why Boegle is over in Palm Springs now.

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Posted by Scarpia, B on 03/22/2015 at 1:34 PM

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