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Comment Archives: stories: News & Opinion: Medical MJ

Re: “Legal Theft, Part II

Do you want to know where you can see a video of a Tucson Medical Marijuana dispensary, i.e.. The Green Halo raided by a government SWAT team.

Watch the video it's on Y tube titled:

GHCC Raid - Medical Marijuana Collective SWAT raid 2012

Posted by Eye of the Sparrow on 05/21/2015 at 12:56 PM

Re: “Political Green

This is political hornswagle; the politicians said the same thing in the 1960’s, there is not enough research! Now that was over 50 years ago. Now if over 150,000,000 million Americans have tried and used Marijuana you would think if it was a serious health issue it would be self evident by now. Where are all the dead bodies? How many come into the Pima County Morgue every week from Marijuana poisoning? How many are on Skid Row from Marijuana poisoning?

This is just a side step to keep Marijuana illegal as the political system and powers to be have a vested interest in keeping it illegal. What would the Judges, Lawyers, Criminal Justice System and Arizona Prison System do for money if Marijuana were legal? What would happen to the Police Budgets? Marijuana is their Cash Cow.........

The rank and file Citizen is fed up with these ridiculous Marijuana laws and they need to be thrown into the trash pit were they belong. The American People are going to smoke Marijuana no matter what the government says as it is one of their favorite pastimes............ The fools in Washington can beat their fists on their desk all the want too as the rank and file Citizen has no confidence in them and does not give a damn what they think in this matter anyway.

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Posted by Eye of the Sparrow on 05/19/2015 at 7:47 AM

Re: “Cannabis and cancer

My husband Rafael was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma last July. Has undergone surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, and currently in 6th month of chemo 5 days of each month. Since radiation therapy was completed about 6 months ago the glioblastoma cancer have not gone. I was making research online on any possible solution that could help my husband and i came across CHARLOTTE'S WEB CANNABIS on how cannabis oil have helped alot of people in Colorado and outside USA to cure any kind of cancer. I was so happy and relief when i saw this website and i knew there was hope for my husband to live. I contacted the CHARLOTTE'S WEB CANNABIS via email to get the high quality THC cannabis oil for treatment and prescription guidelines on how to use the cannabis oil for treatment of glioblastoma. As i am posting this comment today, my husband grade 4 glioblastoma is completely gone and he is healthy and living fine.

Posted by Kristine on 05/19/2015 at 1:28 AM

Re: “Scottsdale Company Capitalizes on Medical Marijuana Industry

The Idea and thought that somehow medical Marijuana will solve the tax revnue short falls is a very bad BAD idea for the citizens of AZ. I have had a card since the were issued. I believe this windfall in revenue is a novelty and a flash in the pan. One major reason for the outpaced revenue more than any other state is the recluctance to implement the sysem till court ordered and then they had to purchase product from out of state. Now the market is stablizing and product to production is less volitale. So prices are dropping so now this new proposal of "REGULATE MARIJUANA RESPONSIBLY" wants to limit free market impose more license fees and taxes at wholesale and then again in retail.

the reason in my opinion that Medical Marijuana sold so much is for I dont want to be arrested for possesion and the hassle of trying to find a dealer. When Marijuana becomes legal to posess and these fantastic outrages costs atibuted to the market of them wont stop street dealing. It will only increase trade from other states. Therefore prosectuion wont deminish or civil seizures. I wont for for this as it is not legalization but market control by prosecuting those that buy from another dealer like California Colorado Oregon mail order.

It is a shame that I have to go to a dispensary like the one in Scottsdale be deluged by market driven high profit margin vap pens concentrate drinks candies tattoo art piercings and what have you. While I dont have an issue with all of that. I have a life ,i dont want to join a culture or subsulture of marketing. I use cannibis for a nerve condition not a social occasion to keep my quality of life. I will not patronize these marketing places as they DONT help with medical. I will stay with my caregiver even if made illegal reluctantly I want to be a legal taxpayng citizen but for me affording having a life is paramount. If caught for having out of state product I guess just ending itall will become a stronger option.

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Posted by Carpet Baggerrbt on 05/14/2015 at 9:08 AM

Re: “Medication Home

this guy is a thief steals your money and it'll get you arrested when you want to give me my $2500 dlls You Fucking stolen BASTARD


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Posted by James Bone on 05/13/2015 at 6:17 PM

Re: “To Pot or Not

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Posted by Morgan Anderson on 05/11/2015 at 2:41 AM

Re: “Political Green

I'm surprised that Hillary didn't say it was O.K. as long as you don't inhale.

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Posted by CW13 on 05/08/2015 at 11:50 AM

Re: “Cannabis and cancer

My name is Micheal Alex, first i like to thank God for what he done for me curing my son who have cancer of the brain for more than 10 years by sending me angel DR ELITA MARIANO who give me a medicine to cure my son cancer. at first i never believe anybody can cure cancer complete until i purchase cannabis oil from DR ELITA MARIANO it is a big surprise to me to see my son cure. for anybody who is sick of cancer or anybody who know any cancer patients to please contact Dr. Elita Mariano with this email address::


Posted by Alex Baldwin on 05/08/2015 at 1:58 AM

Re: “Political Green

I don't know about guacamole but they already spend hundreds of millions to get Niagra.

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Posted by Rat T on 05/07/2015 at 4:08 PM

Re: “Political Green

should be funny when elderly folks with glaucoma can use medicare prescription drug benefit to get some Maui Wowy

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Posted by moyla75 on 05/07/2015 at 2:59 PM

Re: “Political Green

Brian Kelly B Bizzle

I agree with your posts however I take exception with pass every Legalization proposal as a blind standard. I have read the "REGULATE MARIJUANA RESPONSIBILY" and I believe it wont past several constitutional conflicts leaving just a licensing and tax collection. Taking Medical out of the equation leaves honest neurological patients outside again. and the rules are not in just what are you voting for I vote no.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 05/07/2015 at 2:54 PM

Re: “Political Green

The "War on Marijuana" has been a complete and utter failure. It is the largest component of the broader yet equally unsuccessful "War on Drugs" that has cost our country over a trillion dollars.

Instead of The United States wasting Billions upon Billions more of our tax dollars fighting a never ending "War on Marijuana", lets generate Billions of dollars, and improve the deficit instead. It's a no brainer.

The Prohibition of Marijuana has also ruined the lives of many of our loved ones. In numbers greater than any other nation, our loved ones are being sent to jail and are being given permanent criminal records which ruin their chances of employment for the rest of their lives, and for what reason?

Marijuana is much safer to consume than alcohol. Yet do we lock people up for choosing to drink?

Even The President of the United States has used marijuana. Has it hurt his chances at succeeding in life? If he had gotten caught by the police during his college years, he may have very well still been in prison today! Beyond that, he would then be fortunate to even be able to find a minimum wage job that would consider hiring him with a permanent criminal record.Let's end this hypocrisy now!

The government should never attempt to legislate morality by creating victim-less marijuana "crimes" because it simply does not work and costs the taxpayers a fortune.

Marijuana Legalization Nationwide is an inevitable reality that's approaching much sooner than prohibitionists think and there is nothing they can do to stop it!

Legalize Nationwide! Support Each and Every Marijuana Legalization Initiative!

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Posted by Brian Kelly B Bizzle on 05/07/2015 at 9:59 AM

Re: “Political Green

In the prohibitionist's world, anybody who consumes the slightest amount of marijuana responsibly in the privacy of their own homes are "stoners" and "dopers" that need to be incarcerated in order to to protect society.

In their world, any marijuana use equates to marijuana abuse, and it is their God given duty to worry about "saving us all" from the "evils" of marijuana use.

Who are they to tell us we can't choose marijuana, the safer choice instead of alcohol for relaxation, after a long, hard day, in the privacy of our own homes?

People who use marijuana are smart, honest, hard working, educated, and successful people too, who "follow the law" also.(except for their marijuana consumption under it's current prohibition of course) .

Not the stereotypical live at home losers prohibitionists make us out to be. We are doctors, lawyers, professors, movie stars, and politicians too.

Several Presidents of The United States themselves, along with Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, and Carl Sagan have all confessed to their marijuana use. As have a long and extensive list of successful people throughout history at one point or other in their lives.

Although that doesn't mean a dam thing to people who will make comments like "dopers" and "stoners" about anybody who uses the slightest amount of Marijuana although it is way safer than alcohol.

To these people any use equals abuse, and that is really ignorant and full of hypocrisy. While our society promotes, advertises, and even glorifies alcohol consumption like it's an All American pastime.

There is nothing worse about relaxing with a little marijuana after a long hard day than having a drink or two of alcohol.

So come off those high horses of yours. Who are you to dictate to the rest of society that we can't enjoy Marijuana, the safer choice over alcohol, in the privacy of our own homes?

We've worked real hard our whole lives to provide for our loved ones. We don't appreciate prohibitionists trying to impose their will and morals upon us all.

Has a marijuana user ever forced you to use it? Probably not. So nobody has the right to force us not to either.

Don't try to impose your morality and "clean living" upon all of us with Draconian Marijuana Laws, and we won't think you're such prohibitionist hypocrites.

Legalize Nationwide! Support Each and Every Marijuana Legalization Initiative!

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Posted by Brian Kelly B Bizzle on 05/07/2015 at 9:59 AM

Re: “Political Green

In Response To Joe Smith's Comment,

Name calling and stereotyping. It's all that prohibitionists have left to offer society since virtually every piece of marijuana propaganda out there has been thoroughly debunked, and completely dismissed by a smarter than prohibitionists thought public.

Nobody can provide a real reason to continue the "War on Marijuana" because there isn't one.

You know, a little live and let live goes a real long way in ensuring a very long, stress and anger free life. If you don't like marijuana, then by all means don't use it. Allow others to make their own choices about marijuana.

The government has no business attempting to legislate morality by creating victim-less marijuana "crimes" because it simply doesn't work and has already cost the taxpayers a fortune.

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Posted by Brian Kelly B Bizzle on 05/07/2015 at 9:58 AM

Re: “Political Green

Screw those damn stoners, they all belong in prison for life, especially the sick ones who take the devil's weed for health reasons! All they want to do is sit around getting high all day, claiming they are sick. Boohoo!

Imagine the nerve of a full grown consenting adult consuming CANNABIS! The horror is beyond belief and unimaginable!!!

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Posted by Joe Smith on 05/07/2015 at 9:10 AM

Re: “Political Green

I would like to believe this ends the Federal Governments Ban on Medical Marijuana. Opens up it research as well.
This a good reason to wait on the outcome of decision before we jump off a cliff with " Regulate Marijuana Responsibly"

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 05/07/2015 at 6:42 AM

Re: “Dreams of Legalization

this is a Trojan horse promoted by the Police the ADA and Safer AZ not legalization but redefining prohibition and police powers and rouge governments immune to the elected officials. I vote no

Posted by carpet baggers on 05/01/2015 at 3:42 PM

Re: “Legal Theft, Part II

Kemper Marley this is what the people supporting the "Regulate Marijuana imitative" This was the Alcohol board as it started and who and what it became.

Do we need to do this again? This is going down the same path a well worn path of change and deceit. just changed the name of the street is all.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 05/01/2015 at 3:09 PM

Re: “Legal Theft, Part II

Lets take a minute if I can ask of a reader.
Can we take a look at law enforcement & prosecution appropriations/funding. It is very clear that Marijuana use is going to be looked at differently in the future. It is the vehicle that fuels and carries the a majority of cash flow in major ways. With out a law that mandates it use in any form a huge amount of funding will be loosened up.

So to ask myself what would I do as a manager of a income generating concern I would take precautions to protect that. So goes the multi agency tasks force huge amounts of confidential gather information and property. I would think that in it's arbitrary expenditures would be flat. The Informant base would wither up and blow away. I would guess over 50 % of police funding would go away. Less court docket faster court time mean less extensions of cases faster judicial proceeding cut in funding. this amounts to protect my income HOW?

Take arbitrary from confiscations personal relations with promises. I would romance MPP and the ADA dispensaries along with Safer AZ get rid of the medical concerns. and set us up in operations and control till 2021 by that time we will have it sewn up. really can anyone say KEMPER MARLY or BRUCE BABITT or DENNIS DeCONCINI.

Regulate Marijuana Proposal stinks of inside fuck the public Carpet Bagging marketeering. Throw the Medical needy under the bus I can grow 6 seeds

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 05/01/2015 at 1:48 PM

Re: “Legal Theft, Part II

What the Police and Prosecutor did in this case is called, “Spoliation of Evidence”. This is where the Police or the Legal system withholds, falsifies, destroys or turns aside evidence. There should be an amendment to the Arizona State Constitution that requires any Police or Prosecutor who are guilty of Spoliation of Evidence to serve the accused sentence. You lie, hide or destroy Evedence and work the system to gain a conviction, You serve the accused sentence!

Spoliation of evidence is a perversion of Justice and shows how far the Police and Prosecutor have fallen. I guess, the mantra for the Police and Prosecutor is, “Lie, lie, lie something is bound to stick or withhold and twist facts.

One time long ago in America you could trust the Police. I’m sorry to report that this is no longer true. The theory that an Internal Review Board can keep the Police honest is just a myth. There should be a Citizens Review Board to review any questionable actions by the Police Department.

If any member of the Justice system falsifies evidence or withholds evidence that would clear a defendant the individuals who are guilty of this should serve the accused sentence. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

The police who practice their black art of deceit, lies and Spoliation of Evedence are very dangerous individuals and are in fact serious criminals.

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Posted by Eye of the Sparrow on 04/30/2015 at 9:02 AM

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