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Re: “Local Media Pros Som and Krystin Lisaius Indicted on Drug-Related Child Abuse Charges

I am blown away by this. Her and I were very close friends in school and had our party years, but never would've thought this would happen with their daughter. I'm still good friends with her though it's been 10 years since seeing her. They are wonderful people and parents. This is so sad and unfortunate :(

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Posted by Jazma on 08/14/2016 at 1:10 PM

Re: “Immigration Rights Activists Have Upcoming Plans to Work with City to Issue IDs for Undocumented People

That is a pretty good rant. You should clean it up with some serious editing for typos and spellings and post it on a more recent and relevant article. This was from March 2015.

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Posted by Kali Turner on 08/14/2016 at 10:09 AM

Re: “Jan. 8 Hero Bill Badger Passes Away

Sorry -sent w/o finishing. He then declared bankruptcy and stopped payment of little guy. They went out of business and he made millions. His business was bilking others and now he sees he won't be able to bilk America - he's claiming rigged elections - a man who won overwhelming SUPPIRT by elections IS NOW CLAIMING VOTER FRAUD WITHOUT ONE VOTE CAST WHERES THE $82 million he said his campaign received in one month. I'll tell u. In trumps private account. ULL never know because he will be the first predidential candidate. WHO WONT RELEASE HIS TAX RECORDS BECAUSE IT WILL SHOW WHAT A LIAR HE IS AND HIS CONNECTION TO OUR ENEMIES. RUSSIA AND PUTIN.
I DEMAND FROM JUSTICE DEPARTMENT THAT TRUMPS TAXES BE RELEASED. ITS LIE THAT TAXES UNDER AUDIT CANNIT BE RELEASED. OK RELEASE TAX RECIRDS BACK PREVIOZS 20-30 years that are not under audit. Got yuh trump held REPUBLUCAN party hostage as if u remember he was releasing info on private RRPUBLUCAN meetings. That would have proved that the only thing trump didn't lie about was he was repeating ( racist remarks and republican platform ideas ) republican policy's they didn't want discussed. I mean how many minirities have Vern invited to party. How many LG people are in party. NOT ANYWHERE NEAR THE DEMICRSTS. TRUMP HES ONLY ONE HE KNOWS MORE THAN OUR GENERALS. AND HOW CAN U RESPECT VET GROUPS WHO ACCEOT MINEY FRIM TRUMP & hear him stating our military hadn't won and they are weak. Excuse me. Hadn't won and are depleted. We have reduced troops with weapons so advanced they need less to operate. Smart bombs vs a division of marines army etc. that's not weakening , we Amerucans are hearing more smart bombs hitting enemy and loss of our troops is "0". That's his trump lies. His military expertise and foreign policy EXPERIRNCE. From. TV SHIWS & miss universe contests So he tells u the media lies and quotes them giving him military expertise while claiming the many foreign speaking LADYS give him foreign policy expertise. Didn't know trump spoke so many foreign languages cause most don't speak English. Could the man who has small hands be saying he gets his foreign policy info the "injection with his over sized penis". His words not mine. I expect and grant him the ability to be a con man but I don't respect top party officials top conservative radio show hosts to actually look ANERUCA IN THE FACE & say u believe that he actually gets EXPERIRNCE FTOM just these two sources. They couldn't believe that he can run this country with that EXPERIENCe.
I'm calling my party to push trumps releasing Of his tax returns. AS HE HAS DEMANDED OF SS HRC and others. His trial ( while Convicted of FRAUDING 5000 students? Students!!! ) coming up AFTER THE ELECTION CANNIT Claim PREJUDUCE as his guilt or in mince won't influence the election BECSUSR results won't be released until after he's cited I.
Then the words of this con man " let them try to impeach me after I'm Presudrnt " will RING THRU TO U SELFUSH VOTERS who from primary put him into nomination. If general election rules were enforced in primary. TRUMP WOULDNT BE THE DEDTRUCTIVE PETSON HE IS. LATEST STATEMENT RESINATES THRU OUT. ". After getting millions to run he had stated " looking at his loosing the election while causing a deep LOSS to Republican Party. Simply stated. " oh well if I loose I'll just take a long restful vacation. While republican party congress and senate fight for their jobs. He isn't going to help them.
Hey. He screwed them but in reality they SUPPIRTED him and now a well known fact that some can say THD F word. Others cannot. Now the others are on their own either defending why they SUPPIRTED him or why they didn't renounce him. And Hell be no where around. Nice REPUBLUCAN. But u MINIRITYS put him in. U c I blame the party. Not Ttump. They in their zeal to ruin PRES Obama. Ruined themselves. They put their party ahead if their country. Those who renounced him may win. The REPUBLUCAN party is for the rich. The few that Sen BERNIE had been talking about for years. I followed Betnie before these 20 yr olds blindly with PREJUDUCE blamed Hillary for this Not knowing the good she did for 30 yrs plus. If Betnie hadn't put her name up with the rich AD BRING LIKE THEM , they wouldn't be objecting so ignorantly. She didn't put a gun to Wall Street for big fees,get past experience warranted that fee. How could any person in today's world tell thatvthey WOUKD have turned down a large fee. Your LISTRNING to first a book tour she wrote and then LISTRNING to a persons a women who was the First Lady fir 8 yrs. US SENATOR (overwhelmingly elected twice) FTOM ZNYORK and SecState. TAKES BALLS TO CRITICIZE and find fault with a women who keeps coming back because they had nothing in her just false accusations of a women with such a record. You bring up benghatsib tho after 4O million she was found to have no fault by REPUBLUCAN committee and no fault by FBI HEAD ABD RROUBLUCAN AND PRIOR.
NO FAULT BY PHONEY KENN STARF WHO COULDNT CONVICT HER NOW WE HAVE IN PLACE A 62 yr DEMICRAT with personal respect for a women and her PRES husband / who never made a vote while in office and who never tells the truth like his he pushed going to Iraq & LYBIA and is convicted Felon facing perjury trial. AFTEr election and presently in court being sued (300 plus cases) by the very people he brags he got jobs and SUPPIRTED. Because he's convinced you he's helped and aided the little guy , his well known business practice of building then declaring bankruptcy screwing the little guy in the process is in the courts and papers - those who choose to elect a traitor just. IGNIORE. WELL THE GENERAL ELECTION IS GOING TO SHOW THE REAL AMERICA. NOT THE WHITE COLLAR MAN WHI COMES FRIM THE THOUGHT THAT WINEN SHUD BE BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT.
Finally women are unforced enough to know that for them and this country need a women now. Not later BECSUSE if you LADYS BELIEVD that it's just Hillary their against. You've forgotten when your grandmother didn't have the right to vote nor the right to own the home they kept for the man that put THRM in the TABKE to bear their CHIKDREN. After all when the Catholic church's man made law said save the CHILD OVER THE LIFE IF THE CHILD / well if u accepted that replacement theory marriage. With YOUF ❤️❤️Husband who could replace you with another child bearing body. What we use to call " A BREEDER". Well LADYS u better tell that man if yours get up off his ass and give you the SUPPIRT she needs and gave to you while you became an attorney etc and then left you for his secretary. And that SUPPIRT. / emails or no emails ( accusations and confusion at best not AFFECTING YOU NOR THIS COUNTRYS SECURITY. ) is just the RED HERRING OF REPUBLICAN PARTY AND 3 times married with children in each including raising a child at 70!years old ( he's raising). Right!!!! Want to party away at your expense. Lies and admits it. THREATENs and gets away with. No issues. And actually tells you. I'm the only one who can help this country. While after winning primary's - he insults the guy still and brings I plan - actually says I'll make money for the rich. I'll take advantage of tax laws no matter who gets hurt and wants u to put him in the White House while he favors one of his daughters over the others with cabinet position. Why. If he knows more than all in Washington and he alone kniws all to fix 309 yrs yet DIESNT KNIW how many parts in constitution and insults the Republican Party and the disabled and the vets etc etc etc. well like he said I could kill someone and get votes. That tells me that we have people in this country who are dangerous. And can Vote while Drmocrats don't try to stop them. Who and what party do you think is the best.

Posted by usmcSSGT6067 on 08/14/2016 at 5:00 AM

Re: “Jan. 8 Hero Bill Badger Passes Away

Then why didn't u SUPPIRT his issues that's how u honor a man like this. Trump has abandon " like he will all his promises " TAKING FUNDING AND BEING OBLIGATED. & MEXICO PAYING FOR WALL. WHILE PROOF HIS BUSINESS TACTICS WERE JUST THAT. HE FACES OVER 300 cases of fraud nonpayment and raping of his first wife. His business was building a product. Golf course. Towers. Etc. he would take all moneyv

Posted by usmcSSGT6067 on 08/14/2016 at 3:21 AM

Re: “Immigration Rights Activists Have Upcoming Plans to Work with City to Issue IDs for Undocumented People

When the Republican Party instituted the Tea party so it would hurt the left the democrats , they sealed their fate as the tea party who has now turned on the republican s. They took control of primary and keotbGOOD RRPUBLUCANS from running. The primary candidates had to say and follow up on HATE TACTICS. RALLYS saw the racists ( non working uneducated RACUSTS) throw wheel chaired REPUBLUCANS out of meetings for being lazy benefit taking people. AND THIS IS HIW WE GOT TRUMPS AND FUTURE SENATOR. KKK LEADER DAVID DUKE. He's running because he has SUPPIRT of trump thinking KKK and NATZIS. Trump Won not on issues but by calling and HARRASSING fellow REPUBLUCANS. 1: Fat. Lazy sex deviate. Quiet Etc.
THEN AS EACH CANDIDATE LOST TO TRUMP AFTER BEING INSULTED , ((Ex:- dr Carson -,sex deviate Rubio - little boy who did nothing but Rudd coat tails of rich SUPPORTRR). Each candidate with no shame begged for his SUPPIRT to get s job with TRUMP. HE DEGRADED U AND U LIKE A WIMP , with no shame - endorsed u for a job Where's fat boy Christy who left his state to run itself while he like a bulldog. Begged for future ATTIRNEY General position. While he was facing I being INDITED BY THR FEDS FOR ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES WITH BRIDGE YND DISSSPEARSNCD OF BILLIONS SENT TI CHRISTY FOR HIS PEOPKE DEVASTSTED BY STORM. TRUMP DID PROVE THEY WERE WESK WITH NI CREDDNTIAKS. BUT don't believe that he defeated good republican candidates for POTUS. TRUMP EXPISED THE REPUBLUCAN PARTY FOR WHAT IT REPRESENTED AND TOOK CARE OF. 😡 THE RICH THE POwerful. how disgusting that after being insulted by trump. PAUL RYAN actually said he didn't see video of trumps remarks in killing SS HRCLINTON AND it was a joke gone bad - REALLY. do u believe that he couldn't in this age of fast communication have viewed the video of what he said. ? If speaker house COUKDNT get a video sent to him for review , how weak does it make him. With his job SECURE. RYAN STILL WOULDNT PUT TRUMP DOWN. WHILE RYANS TOP REPUBLUCANS IN PUBLIC ARE NOW VOTING FOR SS HILLARY R CLINTON, with top REPUBLUCANS resigning from party ( 2 SAVE IT) and with NATIONSL poll numbers suppirting SS HRC. PAUL RYAN GAVE THE CINGRESS AND SENATE TO THR DENOCRATIC PARTY. Hey he has his job. To hell with the others. Pause think how each Mbr lead by Rep Spkr house investigated PRES Bill Clinton for sex charges. EACH WAS CHEATING ON THEIR WIVES AND WORSE. @ 3 rep Spkr house resigned thru scandal The last speaker Dennis HASKILL was SEXUALLY ABUSING HIGH SCHOOL BOYS AND PAYING BRIBES TO SUPPRESS THIS. ALL WHILE SPENDING OUR TAX DOLLARS TO THD TUNE OF $44 million. Now u have a potential Predident who has on record cheated his voters by not paying them and leaving a CASINO BANKRUOT

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Posted by usmcSSGT6067 on 08/14/2016 at 3:13 AM

Re: “Media Watch

"Best Buy," "about 20 employees." Face it — John likes to make stuff up.

Posted by R.J. on 08/14/2016 at 2:59 AM

Re: “Khizr Khan Calls On McCain To Rebuke Trump

I've been a die hard Steeler fan since 1969. I just remember the Orange Crush as one of the many defenses that couldn't hold a candle to the Steel Curtain.

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Posted by CW13 on 08/13/2016 at 9:43 PM

Re: “NAACP Calls For a Moratorium on Charter Schools

I think you hit the head on the nail lc69. If enrollment staffing needs decrease. They only lose money they don't have a right to, because parents have been allowed to exercise some decisions regarding their child's education. Why does the left continue to try to keep these kids locked up? It wouldn't be brainwashing would it?

"Teachers, leave these kids alone."

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Posted by Alexander S on 08/13/2016 at 4:57 PM

Re: “Khizr Khan Calls On McCain To Rebuke Trump

You've got to admit the Al's was funny. I think they don't like the Broncos because theirvfan base is smoking dope.

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Posted by Fons Alo on 08/13/2016 at 4:43 PM

Re: “Khizr Khan Calls On McCain To Rebuke Trump

I make a little joke and get 4 dislikes. Al Fonso makes a similar joke and doesn't get any. I'm gonna end up with a complex!

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Posted by CW13 on 08/13/2016 at 11:24 AM

Re: “The Daughters

this is wonderful! how do we get in touch with the author to see if she'd be interested in an author's night with a arizona-based non-profit?

Posted by programsmanager on 08/12/2016 at 4:36 PM

Re: “Khizr Khan Calls On McCain To Rebuke Trump

This is the John McCain that Mr Kahn is talking about:

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Posted by Sing Us A Song You're The Piano Man on 08/12/2016 at 4:22 PM

Re: “Khizr Khan Calls On McCain To Rebuke Trump

No that was Moby Grape.

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Posted by Al Fonso on 08/12/2016 at 4:09 PM

Re: “Khizr Khan Calls On McCain To Rebuke Trump

I thought that Orange Crush was the nickname of the old Denver Broncos defense.

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Posted by CW13 on 08/12/2016 at 3:53 PM

Re: “Khizr Khan Calls On McCain To Rebuke Trump

The only thing worse than McCain is the wacko bird wanting to replace him on the Repub. ticket.
AZ, home of the wacko bird.

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Posted by Gandalf the White on 08/12/2016 at 12:26 PM

Re: “Letter to the Editor

Marty; The police into prostitution I remember the massage parlors run by Sheriff Weldon Burr in Ajo & Country Club there must have be 20. I remember the undersheriff Williams caught with a Cessna D-18 full of marijuana in Minnesota.

I remember Senator Fannin, Judge Deconcini, Tucson Mayor all drinking gambling in a Hacienda on Old Nogales Highway during prohibition and running out the backdoor onto the indian reservation to avoid being arrested it was an election year. I have the picture done by my uncle the dealer bartender of them standing on the reservation laughing.

When the County and City both dont have a general accounting method for procurement, timesheets, billing standards, they never have and they never will. Does anyone remember county ATTY Dennis Deconcini and his "MANTIS" Metropolitan Area Narcotics Interdiction Squad, turned out to be nothing more than a rip crew tooling around in a confiscated lear jet. That cost to operate took all the the monies confiscated. Then set himself up for millions on land trust acquisitions

Oh yea the Sheriff out sweating a junkie/drug felon to find others to bust allowed him to carry a gun. DEA out offering to sell looking for those that are buying so the meet was done at the Airport and a shootout and killing. Just what police and prosecutors are allowing is illegal activity just dont let it get out of hand. Police skim off the top County atty enforce with plea bargains and deals get a cut off of seizures and fines.

Or the superior court Judge that ha $300,000 in debt to a vegas Hotel and all the sudden the debt was forgiven

Why would it be business any different that what has been going on for years. Electing a puritan won't solve the problem neither will gender, sexual identification, marriage, or race will replace greed.

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Posted by Adios Pueblo on 08/12/2016 at 11:54 AM

Re: “Khizr Khan Calls On McCain To Rebuke Trump

Mr Kahn just passed the bar at age 60.

Like others applying to the program, Khan submitted a law degree from another country — Pakistan. He received his basic training at the University Law College of Punjab University in Lahore, Pakistan. The LL.B., or “bachelor of laws,” which Khan earned there is a two-year program no longer offered in the United States.

Furthermore, University Law College is a small college where courses are taught by professors trained in British as well as Sharia law, the brutally oppressive Islamic legal code that Khan, a devout Muslim, has said supersedes “all other juridical works.” In fact, Khan is a world-renowned expert on Sharia, not the Constitution.

Khan’s alma mater is run by vice chancellor Mujahid Kamran, an anti-Semitic 9/11 denier who in 2013 published a book that blames the Saudi-sponsored 9/11 attacks by al-Qaida on “Zionists,” and trashes the U.S. as a complete dictatorship. His book, 9/11 and the New World Order, was published by the University of Punjab.

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Posted by Come on Hillary We Want The Truth on 08/12/2016 at 11:24 AM

Re: “Letter to the Editor

Blight happens everywhere. We say urban renewal gift huge chunk of monies but nothing but to lift existing conditions.

None of the monies here ever went to infrastructure master plan. Mostly fought by a bunch of NIMBYs with short side opinions on what they dont like. With each new decade new NIMBYs,

Gone is a master plan but for the bike paths completed. Tucson Electric's main office was bought 20 years ago for the tie between the Aviation Corridor and I-10. Then a new police chief thought as a enforcement control device dropped the speed limit down to 35. The second year law student researched and AZDOT had to remind the city all speed limits were set by the state parameters. That Aviation Corridor was set at 45 so thousand of tickets had to be thrown out. Where was the city Atty and streets on that, so we are paying retirement for the best and brightest

None of this would be possible with a master plan but the county wants to be mayor and council all-in-one thats why some city council members live in phoenix. This is going quickly to a sleepy college town cost to start and keep a business is to much. County sups have long given up on continuing education for the workforce. Question can the city hang on long enough to meet it's retirement obligations? The infrastructure is shrinking and going fast. Just drive around the commercial and industrial areas see much improvement since the last year or the last 5? we have a new outlet I am proud

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Posted by adios pueblo on 08/12/2016 at 11:19 AM

Re: “The Real Madness

And if we legalize drugs, border crossers will vanish. Home invasions will stop and fewer jobs will be needed.

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Posted by Long Term Plan on 08/12/2016 at 10:47 AM

Re: “Khizr Khan Calls On McCain To Rebuke Trump

Orange Crush. Hilarious!

Too bad Chump doesn't have a spine though.

(My apologies to R.E.M.)

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Posted by AZ/DC! on 08/12/2016 at 10:36 AM

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