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Re: “Ducey 'Next Step' Watch: Day 123: "Changing the Trend Line" Edition

Let my people go. Fund education with lottery profits. Or is that too close to the political slush fund for all politicians?

You want to increase education funding? Sell more tickets. North Carolina is doing well with that.

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Posted by Rat T on 09/20/2016 at 9:28 AM

Re: “Ducey 'Next Step' Watch: Day 123: "Changing the Trend Line" Edition

Nice analysis of the reality behind Ducey's claims of increased funding to education. Let's hope people pay attention. Unfortunately, the "trend line" in the electorate is to lose the hope that motivates people to continue paying attention and trying to make a difference.

And noted frequently in these comment streams is the fact that part of the cynicism and disengagement in the Southern Arizona electorate is based on an accurate perception of dishonesty and quid-pro-quo dealings in local government.

Think about it, David: when voters see something like the scandal surrounding Foster and Juarez accepting $5,000 campaign donations from the wife of an executive in the company recently awarded a more-than-$20 million contract to handle the management of outsourced subs in TUSD, how can you expect voters to believe that what goes on in public school districts like TUSD is about benefiting needy students and protecting the rights of labor -- two things that "progressive" politicians are supposed to stand up for when the electorate entrusts them with public office? How can you expect voters to advocate for giving more money to a district where it's the managers of low-entitlement, under-professionalized, outsourced labor that are benefiting from tax dollars invested, rather than the many needy students in the district, whose classrooms are staffed by underpaid subs "managed" by this company, one of whose employees gave such generous contributions to two incumbent candidates who voted in support of it?

Both Three Sonorans and the Arizona Daily Star wrote about this significant episode in the field of Southern Arizona public education and electoral politics. But David Safier remained silent. What a surprise.

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Posted by Report on reasons for voter cynicism: bipartisan edition on 09/20/2016 at 9:16 AM

Re: “Ducey 'Next Step' Watch: Day 123: "Changing the Trend Line" Edition

Years ago I was teaching at a religious affiliated high school. The administration wanted to increase enrollment. The teachers were all for that. Of course they wanted more kids and no more teachers. In a meeting with the teachers, the chief administrator stated, "If you just have love in your hearts, you can teach 50 or 100 students in a class." I hereby offer that solution to our creative governor for his use on any public education issue at anytime, "If you have love in your hearts you will be able to teach on the pittance we give you."

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Posted by Frances Perkins on 09/20/2016 at 9:07 AM

Re: “Ducey 'Next Step' Watch: Day 123: "Changing the Trend Line" Edition

Perhaps Ducey's "plan" is to help banks advertise student loans to vulnerable high school students who don't know what they're getting into when they load themselves up with debt in pursuit of a college degree that may or may not help them secure decent-paying, meaningful work.

Whatever his "plan" may be, it should be noted that increasing college grads or those with career training certificates from 42% to 60% under the current tuition expense and funding system without creating more government funded tuition grants will mean a whole lot more money, in the form of interest payments on loans, flowing into the coffers of the malfeasant banking system whose unsound, self-serving practices cratered our economy in 2008.

More college educated middle class workers = more indentured servants with tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars of undismissable loan debt, bound to work work work at whatever jobs the economy offers up, not to buy themselves a home or invest, but to pay back the loans that underwrote the inflated "cost" of the work they did to earn a degree.

I'm sure the employer-class does want a larger pool of workers entering the work force every year in this prostrate position. It's a group with sadly reduced financial security and entitlements that's very easy to exploit.

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Posted by Who benefits from the creation of more indentured servants? on 09/20/2016 at 7:08 AM

Re: “Ducey 'Next Step' Watch: Day 123: "Changing the Trend Line" Edition

Just having a college degree is meaningless. We need to increase interest in STEM. 4 year degrees in English and Sociology just won't cut it anymore.

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Posted by BobV on 09/20/2016 at 5:23 AM

Re: “Ducey 'Next Step' Watch: Day 123: "Changing the Trend Line" Edition

OK, let’s make this easy…
All liars are not politicians, but all politicians are liars.
Ducey is a politician, therefore he is a liar.

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Posted by sgsmith on 09/20/2016 at 4:13 AM

Re: “Cannabis and cancer

In January 2016, I started having pains in my abdomen I just assumed it was nerves left over. I saw my doctor and finally h suggested I get a c-scan. I did that and they thought it was a cyst on my ovary. I set up an appointment with a surgeon and made a date for me to get it taken care off. My A125 was at 350 at that point. The surgeon told me I had stage 4 ovarian cancer and I less than a year to live if I did nothing. As I lay in my hospital bed thinking about being dead in some months, my mind went blank. It took me three days to accept the facts and three seconds to know I could do nothing about it but God could. My family doctor called me and reveal a secret about using cannabis oil alternative and that i could live again with cannabis oil medication for treatment and that moment my heart lifted for joy. I went ahead to do research on the cannabis oil and I found a lot of hopeful information and how many patients have cured various kinds of cancer with cannabis oil. I wrote to Cancer Centre London through email and I was provided information on how to get the cannabis oil for treatment. I got the cannabis oil and I started taking it as directed. Now my ovarian cancer has been cured and I am a member for support cannabis campaign.

Posted by Sarah Darwin on 09/20/2016 at 2:03 AM
Posted by CW13 on 09/19/2016 at 3:58 PM

Re: “'Drawing Dicks on the Tucson Weekly' Might Be My New Favorite Facebook Group [NSFW]

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Posted by Rashid Karan on 09/19/2016 at 10:56 AM

Re: “Cinema Clips: Eight Days a Week

A good review of their meteoric rise and touring life. And a touch of their studio-musician careers. But the genius part of the film is showing their very last public performance together on top of the building housing their recording studio. Their performance is unbelievably good and a testament to how skilled and talented they had become. And, back to the film, don't miss the footage of their Met Stadium performance--it follows all of the film credits as a kind of fun but unnecessary add-on.

Posted by dougtucson on 09/19/2016 at 10:55 AM

Re: “Cinema Clips: White Girl

Thoughtful, well written review (sic) must have attended the U of A ..... (or still do)....

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Posted by Danehick Sux on 09/19/2016 at 10:20 AM

Re: “Ask a Mexican!

And 'greaser' has not always referred to anyone of a specific ethnic heritage. In S.E. Hintons wonderful 1967 book 'The Outsiders,' the "Greasers' were the group of lower economic class kids who wore grease in their hair, motorcycle jackets, etc. It had less to do with ethnicity/race and more to do with a class of people or subculture. Of course S.E. Hinton is referencing the greaser sub culture that existed across American throughout the 40's, 50's, 60's and also had nothing to do with race, it was a sub culture that revolved around music, cars and a rejection of their parents culture, no different than later youth movements like the hippies, the punks, etc.

Words are powerful things and it always amazes me that two people can use the same word and interpret it in very different ways. Instead of assuming the context, just ask about it and seek understanding. We can live in a better world!

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Posted by HumanBean on 09/19/2016 at 10:08 AM

Re: “Media Watch

wow, glad I caught this column - just want to say thanks for your efforts to cover the turmoil at kxci a few years ago.

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Posted by Kali Turner on 09/19/2016 at 9:57 AM

Re: “Cinema Clips: Eight Days a Week

The movie is available to watch on HULU. I watched it last night... enjoyed it tremendously.

Posted by Steve M on 09/19/2016 at 7:30 AM

Re: “Media Watch

I wonder where you'll end up? Could it be the hokey web site you spent the whole column plugging? As always, fantastic journalistic integrity, bub.

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Posted by Jimmy on 09/18/2016 at 10:31 PM

Re: “Youth Pot

I have a very profitable enterprise growing high quality MJ that I don't want to subject to government oversight.
I've never understood why people would buy mexican dirtweed, when they could have high quality, locally grown herb.
Support American businesses, buy local. homegrown weed!

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Posted by Juan Valdez on 09/18/2016 at 8:26 PM

Re: “Ask a Mexican!

Thank you Carlos for your insight!

Posted by Juan Valdez on 09/18/2016 at 8:06 PM

Re: “Media Watch


Hate to see you go, hope it was your decision. Your column was always so chock full of interesting info and gossip. You lasted a long time under the new regime. I wish you well in all your endeavors.

Karyn Z.

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Posted by Karyn Zoldan on 09/18/2016 at 2:46 PM

Re: “Ask a Mexican!

Y a mi me contaron que "greaser" venia de la brillantina y pomada que se usaba en el cabello en los 50;s.

Posted by Carlos Valenzuela on 09/18/2016 at 11:58 AM

Re: “Best Italian

You are correct. Caruso's is awful. But so is Tucson. So there you go. A sweltering, crime infested, pothole ridden, bleeding welfare armpit.

Posted by ChipAwayTucson on 09/18/2016 at 11:07 AM

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