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Cinema Clips: The Hollars

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Actor John Krasinski’s second directorial effort is a decent one with a first rate cast.

Krasinski stars as John Hollar, working a dead end job for a publishing company when his girlfriend (the always great Anna Kendrick) informs him his mom (a terrific Margo Martindale) is sick and he’s flying home to see her. Once there, John has to deal with his weird brother Ron (Sharlto Copley), the oddball nurse that is also his old girlfriend’s new husband (Charlie Day) and his weepy dad (Richard Jenkins).

The script goes to some familiar territories, but the performers put new spins on the situations, especially Martindale, who takes the part and really runs with it. Krasinski does a good job handling the script’s many mood swings, and the relationships in the film feel real; that strange kind of real.

The film manages to get laughs, even when the subject matter goes to dark places. It deals with the lousier side of life without getting totally depressing, something that could’ve happened easily. Krasinski makes it all work.

The supporting cast also includes Randall Park, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Josh Groban in small but memorable roles. The soundtrack is stellar, featuring Josh Ritter, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes and Wilco.

Scenes From SAACA Jazz Legends Live

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Scenes From Jazz Legends Live
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Scenes From Jazz Legends Live

By Tucson Weekly Staff

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Jazz Legends Live has brought together well-celebrated musicians from around the country to Tucson for more than a decade. This year's event featured performances from Lewis Nash, Shelly Berg, Barbara Morrison, Houston Person, Jeremy Pelt and Rodney Whitaker.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Katy Perry: Back At It Again With The Tucson Reference

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If the song "Closer" by the Chainsmokers didn't call enough attention to Tucson, Katy Perry is here to give us Tucsonans another shout out. In this video Katy Perry speaks to the fact that on Nov. 8, it doesn't matter what you are wear as long as you vote.

While making her point she gives examples: You can show up to the polls in a onesie, dressed as Sleeping Beauty or even in only an oversized shirt from your bank — but Perry didn't just show a shirt from just any bank to illustrate her point. No, she used a Bank of Tucson shirt. 

So, if we have all learned anything from this video:

1. Register to vote.

2. Remember to vote on Nov. 8.

3. Everyone loves Tucson.

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In The Flesh: B4Skin and their fetching satanic majesties at the Downtown Radio benefit.

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Who can resist the allure of a band festooned in black masquerade ball masks and biohazard red protective face shields? Or hold out against the seductiveness of spirited singers/rappers, who resemble the anarchic cheerleaders on Nirvana's “Smells LIke Teen Spirit” video, dressed in red and black skirts, tank tops and just below-the-knee triple striped tube socks who at times, when they aren't dancing au-go-go as if to satisfy their satanic majesties requests, whirl nunchucks haphazardly about then bounce frenziedly on trampolines?

Enter B4Skin, on special show benefiting Downtown Radio (KTDT 99.1 FM) last Saturday at the Lathe Cave art space on Stone Ave. They kicked alongside local support Deschtuco and New York City’s Sound of Urchin. B4Skin’s appeal is more than aesthetic. Described by one of its members as “high school musical inspired by Satan,” B4Skin are a pop band, for real.

Beneath layers of vocals, their core instrumental sound is generated by just two musicians. The face-shield wearing guitarist—whose sharp-cut guitar lines sometimes recall rhythm-master Keith Strickland work with the B-52s, then it shifts into high-gain propulsion where the tone is
aggressive, metallic and driving, like riffs nipped from a Fast and the Furious soundtrack—is all the while triggering loops and samples, laying down a foundation for B4Skin’s hard-hitting drummer to play on top of, fattening the sound and creating infectious grooves that’d
do Dr. Dre proud. The kind of ass-clapping, in-the-pocket grooves in which the use of anything more than the most bare-bones of kits—snare drum, kick drum, hi-hat, cymbal—would be superfluous.


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Festival Season Is Coming To Tucson

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There's an estimated 32 million people in the U.S. who attend music festivals each year and that number continues to rise because of popular demand from millennials around the country. And as a frequent festival-goer myself, it seems as if Tucson has officially jumped on the popular bandwagon and is now offering two major shows to kick-start festival season this October.

click image Ticketfly - ORO VALLEY MUSIC FESTIVAL
  • Oro Valley Music Festival
  • Ticketfly

To start off the month, Oro Valley Music Festival will be swinging by the Oro Valley Marketplace (955 W. Vistoso Highlands Drive) for a two-day event Oct. 1-2 and will include live performances from Billy Currington, ID Nail, Daughtry, Colbie Caillat, Simple Plan and many more.  The festival claims to be "the next best thing to hit Tucson," and with this line-up, I don't think they are messing around.  
  • Dusk Music Festival

And it doesn't end there...

To round off the month, Dusk Music Festival will be held right before Halloween weekend on Saturday, Oct. 22 at Rillito Park Race Track (4502 N. 1st Avenue), and will include performances from Matt and Kim, RL Grime, A-Trak, DJ Mustard, Danny Brown, Calexico, Wild Belle and Luna Aura. This festival has more of an "electronic feel" to it as well as more indie-based genres that will leave you feeling like a kid again.

Cinema Clips: Author: The JT LeRoy Story

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Author JT Leroy came to prominence after the release of his novels Sarah and The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. After years of staying out of the public eye, he emerged and became a phenom among celebrities like Billy Corgan, Michael Pitt, Winona Ryder and especially Gus Van Sant, who credited him as an executive producer on Elephant.

In actuality, JT Leroy was fictional, a creation of author Laura Albert. The public Leroy was Albert’s sister-in-law in a really bad blonde wig, while Albert would conduct many phone conversations in the guise of Leroy.

Watching this documentary, it’s hard to believe this many celebrities (even Bono!) were fooled by Albert, but many of them were. Asia Argento actually made a movie of Things thinking she was making Leroy’s biography.

Director Jeff Feuerzeig interviews Laura Albert for the film, and we hear many of the phone conversations her Leroy persona had with the likes of Corgan, Van Sant, and Argento. As somebody who knew little about this saga going into the movie, I found it fascinating.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Voucher-friendly 'American Federation for Children' PAC Spent $218,000 on Arizona's Primaries

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Three years ago during the 2013 legislative session, Democratic State Senator Barbara McGuire voted against an expansion of the Empowerment Scholarship Accounts—aka Education Savings Accounts, aka Vouchers of Steroids—and the bill went down to defeat. Then an odd thing happened. McGuire agreed to a motion to reconsider the bill, changed her vote from No to Yes, and it passed. The Arizona Capitol Times was confused about why she did it. Maybe it was a quid pro quo to get some of her bills passed, the reporter wrote. No, that wasn't it. The main reason: McGuire was one of 15 Arizona candidates who received backing from the pro-privatization American Federation for Children PAC in 2012, one of only two Democrats the PAC supported. AFC made what it called "an investment of $140,000" in the Arizona races, and it picked her as a good investment opportunity because she already leaned towards the pro-voucher camp. It's best for a pro-voucher Democrat like McGuire to vote against vouchers when she knows the bill will pass without her help. But when a Republican senator balked and voted No, McGuire stepped in and did her duty.

I posted about McGuire's vote and her ESA connection on Blog for Arizona where I was writing at the time, but the MSM missed the connection entirely. Now, however, it looks like people are becoming more savvy about the money that pours into our elections to support education privatization. The AZ Republic has an excellent article explaining that the AFC, which it calls "A Washington, D.C.-based school-choice advocacy group," poured $218,000 into our primary races to help elect legislators who are likely to vote to expand ESAs.
Many of those candidates — including those who were targeted and those who benefited from its spending — said they were caught off guard by the federation's efforts to influence their races.

“We support candidates who support our issue,” said Matt Frendewey, national communications director for the American Federation for Children​. "It isn’t the first time we’ve put money in Arizona, it won’t be the last time."

Continue reading »

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Charleston Needs A Home

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Hi, I'm Charleston!

I'm a 1 year old sweet boy who was found as a stray and brought into the shelter. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona doesn't know a lot about my past but what they do know is that I'm very sweet and I play well with my kennel mate!

I'm very affectionate and will do well in a home where I can get ample love and attention. If you're looking for a sweet dog to join your home come meet me today at HSSA Main Campus at 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd. and bring your current dogs too so we can do a meet and greet! Hope to see you soon!

Lots of love,
Charleston (825816)

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@ Jellywink Boutiquet Sun., Oct. 2, 6:30-8 p.m. 418 E. 7th St.

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