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Fourth Avenue Deli Raising Money for Friend in Need Saturday

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The Mensch from Fourth Avenue Deli
  • The Mensch from Fourth Avenue Deli

If you're down by Fourth Avenue on Saturday (and if you're going to the football game, you'll be close enough), stop by the Fourth Avenue Deli and grab a sandwich. A friend of the restaurant, Justin Hughes, is battling cancer, so the deli is donating 10% of sales to help the guy out.

As the Deli's Facebook post about the event says: "If you met him, you would like him, guaranteed!" That plus a delicious sandwich sounds likes a solid deal.

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Copper And Congress Debut New Video

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Set to release their brand new album Fault Line on Saturday night at the Flycatcher, Tucson's Copper And Congress have a music video for the song "Decoy."

“What I’m most grateful for in this band is this experience has helped all of us open up the gifts we have to share and it lets us shine as individuals and bring our best to the table,” says singer-guitarist-keyboarist Katie Haverly.

Read a full feature on Copper And Congress in this week's issue. The show Saturday begins at 9 p.m. Sweet Ghosts and Steff and The Articles are also on the bill.

“With this show, we want to celebrate everybody who inspires us in this community of artists. It’s not just about this record,” Haverly says. “We invited so many bands we love and we’re so proud to bring our art and creativity to a show with so many who have helped us in so many ways to bring this album forward. There’s an enormous amount of support in this community and it means the world to me.”

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There's A Whole Lot Of "I Am The Man" In Stegeman

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Read Tim Steller's column in today's Star: Tucson school board race turns partisan. Steller does a terrific job of laying out the dynamics of the TUSD board race. At the same time, he reveals the "Me"-centric world Mark Stegeman inhabits.

When Stegeman writes his constituent newsletters and his op eds, he's very careful to create an objective, scholarly persona. He comes across as someone who simply has the best interests of the school district at heart. But when he talks off the top of his head, he's not quite as adept at hiding his "Me"-centric world view. I did a first-person count of the Stegeman quotes in Steller's article. He used "I" 8 times, "Me" 4 times and "My" twice. That's at total of 14 "I/Me/My's" in 102 quoted words. More than one out of every seven words is a reference to himself.

Here's how Stegeman describes what it's like being in the voting minority on the TUSD board.

"There are a lot of things I want to do, or oppose doing, where Hicks is my only vote,” Stegeman said. “In supporting him, I’m protecting the vote I’ve got. He doesn’t vote with me all the time, but he does a lot of the time.”

It's Hicks voting "with me," not the two of them voting together. Hicks is "the vote I've got." Stegeman is the alpha male here. Hicks is a bit player, the foot soldier to Stegeman's general.

Why is Stegeman supporting Debe Campos-Fleenor?

“Debe, I think, would probably help me on almost all of those issues,” Stegeman said. “That’s my guess, so I’m going with the person who would do the most good for me.”

Again, it's all I/Me/My. His language doesn't describe Campos-Fleenor helping the district. Stegeman says she "would probably help me." She's "the person who would do the most good for me.”

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Narco News' Al Giordano's Latest Looks at Gary Webb, Hollywood and the Future of Jouralism (Must Read)

Posted By on Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 4:02 PM

In the latest The Field, an occasional column written by Narco News founder Al Giordano and published on the Narco news site, Giordano tells the story of his friendship with the late investigative journalist Gary Webb. In 1996, Webb wrote an investigative series on CIA cocaine trafficking for the San Jose Mercury News. His Dark Alliance series was a first for the Mercury News, going out of its way to post the series on the Internet, along with his interviews and notes.

From Giordano's perspective, this is the story that made Internet journalism what it is today, and I'd add that along with Giordano's work, can continue to offer a light to show us where this whole new journalism world is going and should go. It's a road map that we know is there, but often we ignore it, thinking the same old thing is going to work.

The old media's reaction to the story is what Giordano handily reexamines in his column—a push was felt by Webb's Mercury-News editors at the time. The stories were taken down and those who sought to discredit the reporter, including The New York Times, won. Webb eventually resigned from the paper and in 2004 committed suicide.

But before that, there was Giordano's own lawsuit. (Hopefully you guys and gals at the journalism department are learning about Giordano's victory in 2001 when the New York State Supreme Court dismissed the National Bank of Mexico's lawsuit against Narco News, establishing that Internet journalists have the same rights as the old boys, like at The New York Times.) Webb was a part of that victory, helping raise funds for Narco News. Then he and Giordano started the School of Authentic Journalism, a project I'm still proud I got to experience, receiving a swift journalism kick in the ass.

But look, while all this is a good history lesson—I urge you to read Giordano's entire column here — Giordano also wants us ready to be on the defensive, and not just every School of Authentic Journalism grad and past visiting professor. If you care about journalism and If Giordano's fight and Webb's fight mean anything to you, then he wants you to be ready to defend the movie "Kill the Messenger," that's coming out soon with Jeremy Renner starring as Webb. Giordano says that the old media guard is already trying to cast doubt and criticism on Webb with the movie bringing this bit of history back to life.

So there. Read the latest The Field at Yo, j-school professors, MFA teachers and the rest of academia and legal folks who purport to care about the First Amendment and the future of journalism, I hope this year you bring Giordano and Webb into your classrooms.

The future depends on it.

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StoryCorps: Marisa Grijalva Talks to Her Dad About His Parents

Posted By on Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 1:40 PM

If you haven't had a chance to listen to this StoryCorps clip from an interview Marisa Grijalva did with her father, Congressman Raul Grijalva, about school and mother, take moment.

No embed available from StoryCorps, so go here to listen.

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A Worthwhile GoFundMe Campaign for Ballet Folklórico Tapatío

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The students of Ballet Folklórico Tapatío need a new dance floor as part of a renovation the group is doing on its dance studio and yesterday they kicked off a GoFundMe campaign.

In our 2011 Heroes issue, we featured Eduardo Baca, one of those amazing parents we always hear about, who recognize the need for something for his kids and others in their South Fourth Avenue neighborhood.

Baca built the company's studio with his own hands on an empty lot adjacent to his upholstery shop:

His daughter, now grown, is a physical therapist, and his oldest son is a dentist with a practice in Phoenix. The youngest son, Jose Luis, is now the instructor for Ballet Folklórico Tapatío.

Baca says he believes his children's success was based in part on their interest in folklórico.

"When you love something, you focus on that. I love upholstery. This is what I do, and I do it because I love it," Baca says. Giving children something that they love to do "helps them be successful."

Of course, as you can see in the video above—created and narrated by Daniel Buckley—that studio and time Baca and other parents have put in since 1997 have paid off.

The campaign goal is $5,000 and right now it's at $50, so get busy Tucson.

From the GoFundMe page:

Currently, the group is under the direction of the talented young heart of Jose Luis Baca. Ballet Folklórico Tapatío is based in South Tucson and draws its membership from the local Tucson community. The mission of the group is to provide a healthy and educational environment in which children and young adults are given the opportunity to learn about Mexican culture and history through engaging in traditional regional dances. Ballet Folklórico Tapatio provides an avenue in which students can gain a sense of pride, self confidence, and increase self-esteem, while encouraging them to work within the community for positive changes. The discipline we demand within our group is the discipline that prepares our youth for their educational pursuits as well as the workforce. Our goal of a healthy, productive community is achieved through the arts.

We are currently in the process of trying to renovate our dance studio, and one of the major renovations that we need help with is with our dance floor!! We have over 135 students from ages 4 yrs to 40 yrs and all of those dancers stompimg and tapping on the floor over 17 years has finally taken its toll on our Dance Studio Floor!! Please help us raise the funds necessary so that we may be able to get our new dance floor and continue making all the magic happen on stage!! Any donation is greatly appreciated!!! From the members of Ballet Folklorico Tapatio, Thank you in advanced for your support!!!

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Sept. 30 Deadline for Tucson Pima Arts Council RFQ for Jan. 8 Memorial

Posted By on Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 12:40 PM

The deadline for Tucson Pima Arts Council's Request for Qualifications for a January 8 memorial is Sept. 30, 2014.

According to the info on TPAC's website, as part of a maser plan concept for the future of renovation of El Presidio Park, a schematic design is needed for the exterior portion of a memorial to the Jan. 8, 2011 shooting

From TPAC:

On behalf of Tucson’s January 8th Memorial Foundation, the Tucson Pima Arts Council invites designers to submit their qualifications and design interests to create a Master Plan Concept for El Presidio Park and to provide a schematic design for a January 8th Memorial.


RFQ Scope of Work Budget: $90,000 plus $5,000 stipend for each Finalist. Finalists will be reimbursed for approved travel costs of up to $5,000.

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Streetcar Driver Disciplined for Passing Bicyclist too Closely

Posted By on Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 12:28 PM

Bike journo Mike McKisson reported via Bicycle Tucson yesterday on the discipline action of a SunLink streetcar driver, who passed a cyclist too closely. Evidently, while streetcar drivers aren't bound by the same state law that requires vehicles to provide three feet for passing cyclists. However, SunLink has its own rules, which follow the state law.

McKisson posted that if you experience unsafe behavior by streetcar operators, send an email to sunlinkstreetcarcomments@tucsonaz.

From Bicycle Tucson:

In a comment posted on Bicycle Tucson, Paul Thomas, the cyclist involved in the incident, said the streetcar was within inches of him while riding west on University Boulevard.

“I encountered an extremely close collision with one of these street cars. The street car made a VERY unsafe pass, missing me by mere centimeters,” Thomas wrote.

Streetcar drivers are not bound by Arizona law to provide three feet of room when passing a cyclist because there is an exemption for vehicles that use rails. However SunLink’s own rules require drivers to provide three feet.
According to a police report, Thomas caught up to the streetcar after the operator passed him and stood on the tracks preventing the streetcar from moving until the police arrived.

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