Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Song of the Day: 'See Saw' by Don Covay

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South Carolina-born Don Covay grew up on gospel (dad was a Baptist minister), but it was Little Richard who convinced him he’d find the true light by going secular. (Richard had also helped Covey supercharge his live show—it became rife with sexual tension for girls—and even christened him “Pretty Boy.”)

By 1965, the year this ditty and its same-titled album dropped, The Stones had already tackled Covay’s sweet “Mercy Mercy” on Out of Our Heads, and Chubby Checker took his “Pony Time” to numero uno. But it was the stunning confluence of Covay, Stax studios, Booker T. & the MG’s and this tune (co-written by Steve Cropper) that set the album's tone and feel. (The album contains other Covay-Cropper killers including dirty grinder “Sookie Sookie” [huge for Steppenwolf in ’68] and northern soul raver “Iron Out the Rough Spots,” which spotlights a true soul takedown by the Memphis Horns.)  

With its injured-pride lyric 
of gender misunderstanding and a classic New Orleans-via-Allen-Toussaint bounce (that bass!), the brash “See Saw” lands hard. Its guitars stutter, its horns blip, and that frog-swallowed answer-back vocal is an hilarious hook that'd stand on its own. Covay’s lung-bursting shouts and swoons will always be a sublime showcase for a voice Jagger had always wished he’d had.

Aretha Franklin made a funked-up hit of “See Saw” in ’68.

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Pick Up Tickets to the Southwest Cannabis Conference + Expo in Phoenix

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Want to drive up with Phoenix and spend the weekend learning all about the cannabis business? We've got tickets to the Southwest Cannabis Conference + Expo where you can do just that.
SWCC Expo will be an electric environment for industry members, entrepreneurs, local leaders, companies, job seekers and curious individuals to come learn about the rapidly expanding cannabis industry and our changing culture. This years convention will focus on the potential transitions and changes coming in Arizona marijuana policy in 2016.  
The conference will be at the Phoenix Convention Center (100 N. 3rd Street). 

If you want attend, swing by our office (7225 N. Mona Lisa Road #125) and pick up some tickets. Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m.

While you're at the event, find the Tucson Weekly booth, where we'll be giving out the rest of our stash of environmentally conscious condoms.

Cinema Clips: The Greasy Strangler

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This totally bonkers film plays out like David Lynch meets John Waters.

Grouchy old man Big Ronnie (Michael St. Michaels, who once played a security guard on Diff’rent Strokes) and his weird son (Sky Elobar) conduct disco tours in which they lie to tourists about where the Bee Gees wrote their music.

In the evenings, the grouchy old man just might be the Greasy Strangler, a man who is basically what his title implies: a dude covered in grease (in part due to the greasy food he eats) who strangles people.

Things become complicated when Big Ronnie takes a liking to his son’s girlfriend, resulting in a lot of full frontal nudity from all cast participants.

First time director Jim Hosking traffics in a sort of absurdist humor that won’t be appreciated by all, but for those who like their movies weird, he’s serving up a smorgasbord with this one. It’s also really gross, with lots of grease, farts, and eyeball consumption. If you are a fan of such cult films as The Dark Backward, you will eat this up. If you don’t like your comedies weird and gross, stay far, far away.

Antigone Books Is Looking For New Owners

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Are you up for the job of leading one of Tucson's most wonderful feminist and literary sanctuaries? Antigone Books (411 N. 4th Ave.) is up for grabs.

Here's the email Antigone's subscribers received last night, in it's entirety:  
The two of us have owned Antigone Books for more than 25 years, happy to
be part of Antigone's long (43 year) history. It's been an absolutely fabulous time, surrounded as we've been by great staff, great customers, wonderful books and assorted miscellany.

It's getting to be time for us to pass the baton! Hard as it is even for us to believe, we are ready to begin a careful search for a new owner or owners
who will be a great match for the store. Might that person be you or someone you know?

There's no rush on this process. We'll be continuing with business as usual at
the store, meanwhile taking our time to look for the perfect person or persons.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

In The Flesh: Asian Fred at Club Congress

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It seems that about halfway through each decade since the 1970s, prevailing rock music trends and styles begin to run out of steam, including some of the form’s most recognizable purveyors. This happened explicitly in the ’90s, with the fallout from grunge resulting in a fragmented mess of pop-punk, ska, rap-rock and just about everybody else tentatively embracing the most obvious aspects of then-current cutting-edge electronic music. What all of these sub-sub-genres had in common was a lack of confidence, direction and relevancy.

There were some exceptions, of course, as there are now, in an era of shifting cultural norms and the dominance and creative pinnacle of R&B and hip hop. During the ’90s, there were a few notable bands that doubled down on their own rock ’n’ roll hootchie coo, and Tucson’s Asian Fred is today’s equivalent. Reaching far back into history’s stylebook and sounding like The Band or George Harrison in the immediate aftermath of The Beatles, Asian Fred­–somewhat defiantly–relies on the twin pillars of impeccable craftsmanship and studious inspiration to carry on a tradition while contributing to its canon.

With a dream of a rhythm section–nodding to Stax and even disco–Asian Fred has a deliberate, considered, monolithic style that encompasses the perfectionist technique of, say, Steely Dan, along with the eazy riding of a hundred forgotten ’70s FM heroes. And that leaves Asian Fred as one of today’s most exciting and accomplished straight rock ’n’ roll bands, and one that would stand tall in any era.  

Asian Fred live at Club Congress: 'The eazy riding of a hundred forgotten ’70s FM heroes ...' - KRISTINE PEASHOCK
  • Kristine Peashock
  • Asian Fred live at Club Congress: 'The eazy riding of a hundred forgotten ’70s FM heroes ...'

McCain Dumps Trump Ahead of Tonight's TV Debate

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AZ Sen. John McCain speaks at a town hall meeting at TRICO Electric in Marana. - JD FITZGERALD
  • JD Fitzgerald
  • AZ Sen. John McCain speaks at a town hall meeting at TRICO Electric in Marana.

Ahead of tonight's televised debate between Sen. John McCain and his Democratic challenger, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, McCain decided to dump his endorsement of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

In so doing, he has undermined on of Kirkpatrick's best attacks against McCain and eliminated any need to defend the collapsing Trump.

McCain could put up with a lot from Trump: The personal humiliation of having Trump mock his time as a prisoner of war and other tweeted insults; Trump’s repeated praise of Russian overlord Vladimir Putin; the plans to round up all the illegal immigrants in the United States; Trump’s feud with the parents of a fallen serviceman; and Trump’s obvious ignorance of the details of both domestic and international politics.

But after the “grab-them-by-the-pussy” tape emerged last week, McCain finally had a reason to withdraw his endorsement of Trump. In a statement to the press on Saturday, Oct. 8, McCain said that he “wanted to support the candidate our party nominated. He was not my choice, but as a past nominee, I thought it important I respect the fact that Donald Trump won a majority of the delegates by the rules our party set. I thought I owed his supporters that deference.

Then he lowered the boom: “But Donald Trump’s behavior this week, concluding with the disclosure of his demeaning comments about women and his boasts about sexual assaults, make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy. Cindy, with her strong background in human rights and respect for women fully agrees with me in this.”

“Cindy and I will not vote for Donald Trump,” McCain concluded. “I have never voted for a Democratic presidential candidate and we will not vote for Hillary Clinton. We will write in the name of some good conservative Republican who is qualified to be president.”

Kirkpatrick, who has built much of her campaign around McCain’s support of Trump, said McCain's decision to dump Trump comes too late.

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Gerard and Butch Need a Home

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Hi friends!

I'm Gerard and this is my big, best friend named Butch! We were brought into the shelter together and have been officially deemed a bonded pair.

I am an 8 year old poodle mix and Butch is a 3.5 year old pit bull mix.

Butch and I love to go on walks together, play together and take naps together. I have known Butch for almost his entire life and I can't imagine going to a new home without him.

We're a packaged deal, but don't worry, if you're interested in giving us a home we have a 2 for 1 adoption fee.

Contact HSSA Main Campus at 327-6088 ext. 173 to check on our availability and for more information.

Lots of love,
Gerard and Butch

More on the Financial Backers of 'TUSD Kids First'

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A few weeks ago I posted about the independent expenditure campaign, TUSD Kids First. The main takeaway was that TKF had collected a total of $35,150, most of it from five local businesspeople: Committee Chair Jimmy Lovelace, $3,334; Treasurer Kathleen Campbell, $8,170;  Cody Richie, $7,500; Jim Click, $7,500; and Tom Regina, $5,000. At the time, the TUSD board candidates and TKF had submitted their Pima County campaign finance reports listing their contributions through Aug. 18. Since then, a new set of finance reports have been filed which include contributions through Sept. 19. The only new contribution to TKF was from Jimmy Lovelace for $216.05. However, new contributions to the candidates reveal more about the priorities of the independent expenditure committee.

TDK appears to have two main objectives. The first, which has been clear since the IE began in February, is to get rid of either or both of two current board members, Cam Juarez and Kristel Foster. That would shift the balance of power to a new board majority, replacing the current majority formed by Juarez, Foster and Adelita Grijalva to one which included Mark Stegeman and Michael Hicks. The second objective, which has become clearer with the most recent financial statements, is to elect Brett Rustand as a member of the new majority. 

Three of the major TKF contributors, Ritchie, Campbell and Flake, have been active in contributing to individual board candidates. Let's go through them one by one.

We'll begin with Cody Ritchie, even though at $7,500, he's not the largest TKF contributor, nor is he one of the two people running the committee. The reason to begin with Ritchie is, he's the principal owner and president of Crest Insurance Group. Board candidate Brett Rustand is a vice president at Crest, one of more than twenty employees with that title; it's a large company. That means Ritchie is Rustand's boss and most likely would be delighted to see his employee sitting on the TUSD board. Ritchie is a generous political donor who has given over $100,000 to political candidates over the past ten years, exclusively Republican candidates, including most recently, more than $5,000 to Donald Trump. His one contribution to a 2016 TUSD board candidate was for $1,000 to Brett Rustand. He gave $1,500 to Michael Hicks' reelection campaign in 2014.

Next is Kathleen Campbell who gave $8,170 to TKF and is its treasurer. She isn't listed as giving any contributions to board candidates. However, her husband James gave $1,000 to Mark Stegeman's campaign and another $1,000 to Brett Rustand. Other than their contributions related to TUSD board races, the Campbells aren't big political donors. The only other recent contribution I found was $1,250 to Martha McSally's reelection campaign.

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